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POORER: The Top Answer for Word Before In Sickness And In Health

What word comes before in sickness and in health? We found 1 word that is a possible answer. POORER is the word with the most frequency of searches, ratings and popularity for this clue.

This word can be used to describe someone who has been sick or poor for an extended period of time, which could potentially lead to death.

Answer for Word Before In Sickness And In Health

I can’t believe how many word puzzles are worded incorrectly. It’s disappointing to think that word games have become so mainstream, but the word before in sickness and in health is POORER. I’m sure you agree with me.

POORER is the word before in sickness and in health. The word POOR means to be of low quality. This word can also mean not rich enough, or unfortunate.

The word SICKNESS means an illness that affects one’s body or mind. It can also refer to a condition of being very unhappy or uncomfortable for some reason.

The word IN has multiple meanings but most relate to position relative to something else, such as time, place, state, etcetera.

HEALTH refers to the physical well-being of someone who is free from disease at this moment in time.”



word before in sickness and in health

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