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If you have ever been interested in bodybuilding, then you surely know about steroids. You might have seen many different jars of various supplements on display at gyms and body shops. All these jars contain different steroids. These steroids are a necessity if you are serious about body building. Getting big and strong muscles are almost impossible without all these steroids. Our bodies are unable to produce the required proteins for getting such muscles. So steroids are the only option to fulfill this deficiency of our bodies. Still, all these steroids work to a certain extent. If you even ask a gym trainer or a bodybuilder about the steroids they have used, it is most likely that they might mention Winstrol to you.

Winstrol is among the most popular steroids that is being used by thousands of bodybuilders around the world. It is an anabolic steroid that has gained quite some popularity due to its promotion on the media. It has been sold under many different names over the passage of time and yet Winstrol has become a household name for most of the bodybuilders. It is recommended for the starters and has been used by professional athletes of all calibers.

What is Winstrol?

Winstrol contains a compound or enzyme that is named Stanozolol. It was first synthesized a long time ago in the early 1960’s. The chemical formula for stanozolol is C21H32N2O. It is a purely synthetic steroid that has been synthesized from dihydrotestosterone. It has been sold in many different forms by various companies. Most of the people prefer taking it in the form of tablets. It is easier to keep track of doses while taking tablets as compared to powdered combination with proteins.

What makes Winstrol Different?

There are many things that make winstrol different from all the other steroids that people use. One of the best things is that winstrol is easily available on the market. You can easily get it from many drug stores and body shops around you. Secondly, another great property of this steroid is that it helps in burning the extra body fat. So it is utilized by many athletes to shed the excess body fat to get in shape. Many people who are working out in the gym are recommended smaller doses so that their body burns fat quickly.

Winstrol is not a adamant steroid. It can easily be used by anyone without worrying about the side effects. Another property that is often mentioned to support winstrol is that it does not convert into estrogen. Apart from this it also decreases the levels of HDL (High-Density Lipoproteins) and at the same time increase the LDL (Low-Density Lipoproteins). This is something great and only regular users of steroids can understand this. It is necessary to eat plenty of food while taking Winstrol or you can lose excessive weight. Due to all these reasons, it is one of the most sold steroids in the world.

How Winstrol is Administered?

There are many different methods of administering winstrol. It is available in three different forms that are mentioned below:

  1. Tablets

Almost all steroids are available in the form of tablets. Winstrol is usually available in the form of 50 mg tablets. For starters, the dosage is kept to just one tablet per day before working out. After some time once they have become used to the steroid they can increase the dosage to two pills per day. One in the morning after waking up and the other before working out. The best practice to know the proper dosage is by consulting a physician.

  1. Powder

In powder form winstrol is mixed with proteins. These proteins are usually combined to make protein shakes that bodybuilders usually drink during workouts. These shakes provide the body with the required proteins and the steroid at the same time. The steroid that helps the body in turning all these steroids into muscle mass. This is a great option for people who are looking for quick results.

  1. Injections

Steroid injections are just for the people who are familiar with steroids. These are not meant for starters or even those who have used steroids for a couple of months. These injections are usually water based. The worst thing about them is that they hurt like hell and the area where the liquid is injected usually swells. So never even think about it, unless or until you are sure about what you are doing.

The biological half-life of stanozolol is around 24 hours. So it is recommended that you should take one dose per day or you might overdose.

What are Side Effects of Winstrol?

The number of side effects related with Winstrol is not so large. One of the most traditional side effects that people usually debate is the joint pain that is caused by winstrol. This pain can get quite dangerous in some cases. For bodybuilders it can be a huge problem as they will have to bear the pain as they lift heavy weights. To avoid this pain many people take different supplements for joints.

Like all steroids winstrol also puts stress on the liver and kidneys. So you should use it with care and never abuse it. Abusing it will surely have a devastating effect on the kidneys and liver. These are just a few serious side effects. Apart from this people have reported about hair fall, increased heartbeat, mood swings, a decrease in appetite, nausea, vomiting, etc.

If you face any of these side effects then you should not take this steroid. If the side effects get serious then you should consult your doctor and mention about using this steroid and the amount that you received. Only then a physician will be able to help you out properly.

How To Buy Winstrol?

Buying winstrol in not hard at all. It is being sold all over the US in many pharmacies and even at gyms. In some places it is overpriced. If you wish to save some money than the best option for you is to purchase it online. Many different stores are selling winstrol or Stanozolol. The prices of the US sellers will be higher, while those of Chinese and other Asian retailers will be considerably low. If you know a good Asian seller then you should order from them or else there are some concerns about their quality.

These stores ship these steroids to your doorstep, and you can quickly order in bulk. People usually save hundreds of dollars by just purchasing their steroids and supplements online.


There are many legal alternatives for Winstrol in the market today. But the most prominent is WINSOL. It provides every benefit of Winstrol, but it does not have any of the side effects. It is 100% effective, safe, and legal.


Winstrol is one of the most used steroids in the world, and almost anyone can use it to lose weight and get strong muscles. It has quite a few side effects so you can use it without any fear. It can even be used by women if needed due to its lower potency. The best thing is that it is not a controlled substance and you won’t be getting into any trouble by purchasing this supplement online. Just try it you will surely be using it again as it is guaranteed to provide the desired results that any bodybuilder needs.


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