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Increase Pheromones

Ways To Increase Pheromones

There might be different point of views of people about pheromones. You might even think if these pheromones actually exist or not. Pheromones are basically chemical messengers between different individuals of same species.

These pheromones are chemicals that produce natural smell from any animal’s body, from urine sweat or blood.

Pheromones are chemicals in the body that create a scent in the body to attract the opposite sex. It is also known as the chemical of attraction. These chemicals are produced naturally in the body. Some people have the ability to produce more of these pheromones. Increasing testosterone may be the secret of the connection between female pheromones and male testosterone.

How to increase male pheromones:

Pheromones are found in apocrine gland in humans which is located in our armpits, navel and genital areas. These glands secrete a white liquid which conveys chemical information about the identity of an individual, their reproductive state and the emotion of the sweat donor.

Olfactory system which is responsible for our sense of smell is used by pheromones too. The ancient part of mammalian brain limbic system is an extension of the olfactory system and it deals with emotions and instinctual behavior like fear, mating behavior or aggression.

Women’s sense of smell is 1000 times lower as compared to men. Some scientists say that women have such keen sense of smell because there has always been more at stake for women when choosing a sexual mate. Women not only detect these pheromones in miniscule amounts but are also measurably affected by them.

There are many supplements available to increase the pheromones level in the body. But not all these supplements are actually good for your body. They might show many side effects. Before taking any supplement, it is important that you do a complete research on it and select the supplement that is best for you. Mostly experts and physicians recommend Spartagen XT and Nexus Pheromones to their clients as they are not only the best Pheromone production supplement but also naturally increases the testosterones and pheromones in the body.

Taking pheromones naturally by consuming some food which have zinc in them is the best way. Foods never have any adverse effect. And you also won’t have to do any detailed research on them.

These are some steps that you can follow to increase the level of pheromones in your body.

Step 1:

Exercise helps in the increase of testosterone in the body. Weight bearing exercises that focus on large group of muscle helps a lot. The sweat that is excreted through pores while doing these heavy exercises spread the pheromones all over the body. Heavier weight with fewer repetitions may be more beneficial.

Step 2:

Zinc increases testosterone levels in the body and also helps in enhancing male fertility. Try to consume food high in zinc. Zinc is not produced naturally in the body; you need to take it from some food sources. Some of the foods high in zinc are:

  • Red meat
  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Oysters
  • Shellfish
  • Wheat germ

Eat low fat high protein foods.

Step 3:

Zinc is not produced naturally in the body. So, taking zinc supplements is another way of production of zinc in the body. It helps increase the testosterone level in the body. Small doses of zinc supplements have shown some incredible results. Excess of zinc can have some side effects, so make sure that you take dosage as prescribed by some doctor. Daily dosage of 11 mg daily is best suitable for men but do not increase your dosage more than 15 mg daily.

Step 4:

Maintaining good hygiene is the most important thing. Shower with hot water without the use of soap. Instead of using deodorant, use sandalwood to kill bacteria that leads to body odor. Showering less often vigorously washes off the fewer pheromones that your body has created. So, make sure that you have a good hygiene.

Step 5:

Night’s sleep is very important in many ways. But if you lose your night’s sleep the testosterone production slows down and you lose your sexual appetite.

Step 6:

Keeping cortisol level low is another way of boosting testosterone. Increase in stress is the reason of high cortisol. Stress is a vicious cycle but usually the ones who are single have the most stress if they could attract women or not.

Low testosterone is the reason of high cortisol which drops the pheromones level because of which he is unable to attract women which stresses him even more. High sugar is also responsible for the decrease in testosterone.

Step 7:

The pores on the body secrete hormones. It is important that you exfoliate very often. If you don’t exfoliate, your pores get clogged and have some difficulty in secreting pheromones.

Pheromones are released by social animals in the nature to attract the opposite sex of the same species. These pheromones convey a message about the physical and emotional state of the animal. It awakes a behavioral response among them which is mostly sexual in nature. Releaser effect is the proper word used for this chemical response shown by animals.

Are we civilized human beings also affected by these pheromones as much as animals?

Yes, we human beings are equally affected by these pheromones as much as the animals. We don’t mostly realize the effect of these chemicals on us.

Increase pheromone by boosting testosterone:

To increase pheromone you need to increase your testosterone level. Pheromones are released naturally if you have high testosterone level.

In a research women were given shirts that were worn by men for few days. These men kept the shirts safe from colognes, alcohol and cigarettes. The shirts had only the odor of men on it. Testosterone levels in the blood serum were recorded as part of the study.

The women were then asked to smell these shirts and tell which one had a pleasant smell and made them feel better. The researchers than concluded that the shirts which showed positive correlation between shirts were found to smell good and the testosterone level of the individuals who wore those.

Spartagen XT:

Spartagen XT is an amazing testosterone booster used to increase testosterone level in the body. Increased testosterone help in the increase of muscle mass, libido, and sex drive. It also helps in decreasing the body fat. Spartagen XT also helps in muscle growth and it increases your energy level too.

Spartagen XT increases your testosterone level naturally. All the ingredients used in Spartagen XT are natural and shows amazing effects on your body by increasing your testosterone level.

Spartagen XT  is not only used by body builders. It is used by some traders as well. Studies have shown that some traders used this pill and when they used it they showed amazing work results in the market. As testosterone increases your energy so, yes it helps increase your working ability too.

Spartagen XT is also used by many sports starts to increase their testosterone level and to be in shape. It helps in increasing the muscle mass and strength. It helps you feel young and vibrant.

If you take the prescribed dosage you will see incredible results.


Dr. IvankaSavic of the Karlinska Institute led a research on how smell affects our brains.

The researchers were thrilled to see that the hypothalamus a part of brain was lit up when exposed to the synthetic hormone smell, but was not affected by any other normal odors. Hypothalamus is that part of brain that is responsible in the working of endocrine system which is responsible for the production of the sex hormones.

Research on female showed that the female brain exhibited this result to male smells of testosterone and the males only responded to female pheromones.

Another research showed that androstadienone one of the chemical compounds of male sweat attracts women.

A researcher Charles J. Wysocki from University of Pennsylvania used sweat from men’s armpit on women’s lips to moisten them and were asked the question that what kind of moisture it was?  And after few hours the researchers noticed that women responded with relaxed and stressed free symptoms.

Newborns are also attracted to the smell of the breasts. And many adults can tell by the smell if someone is anxious or not.

A research by Noam Sobel a neurobiologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel stated that tears reduce men’s sexual arousal and testosterone level. Some women were shown a sad movie and when they cried their tears were collected by him and his colleagues. The sample of these were then put under men’s noses which showed that tears sent a message that romance is off table.

There are many ways in increasing pheromones level but increasing testosterone level in the body is the most important one. And more pheromones can definitely help you attract women.


Pheromones can be increased naturally as well as using supplements. There are many supplements available in the market that can be used for this purpose. Nexus Pheromones and Spartagen XT is considered the best Pheromones booster as it naturally increases the testosterone levels in the body which result in Pheromones production. Spartagen XT supplement is not only best for the bodybuilders but for individuals as well. It helps you increase your testosterone levels, Pheromones levels, energy, libido, strength and for better sex drive.


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