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how much water should i drink a day

How much water should i drink a day

Around 60 percent of your body weight is comprised of water. Water is required for each and every bodily activity. It eliminates the organs of toxins it also transports nutrients to cells, cushions joints and assists you to digest your food.

If you do not drink enough fluids, you could be dehydrated. Dehydration that is severe can lead to confusion, dizziness and seizures.

It’s essential to drink the water your body requires every day. There’s no one size fits all for every person. The amount you require will be determined by your height and how much exercising you’re doing as well as the temperature and many other factors. Your physician can help figure out what’s best for you.

How much water does your Body Need Everyday?

We’ve all heard that eight glasses of water per every day is the ideal. But the reality is that the amount of water you require depends on. But there are a few basic guidelines to follow:

For males, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) suggests a minimum of 13 cups (about 3 Liters) of water per day.

Women, for example. They recommend 9 cups (a just under 2 Liters) of water daily.
Women who are pregnant should drink around 10 cups of water per day. Breastfeeding mothers require around 12 cups.

If you’re out in the heat of the day, or engaging in an activity that causes you to sweat and you’re sweating a lot, you’ll require more fluids to keep well-hydrated. It’s the same when you’re suffering from an illness that makes you throw up and have diarrhea or experience fever.

If you’re suffering from a disease such as heart failure, or a specific kind of kidney condition, you might require limiting the amount of fluid you consume. Consult your physician about what is best for you.

The Benefits of Drinking Water Daily

Water can maintain your health in many ways. If you drink enough water drinking water, it:

It helps you eliminate the waste in your body via your stool, urine and sweat. It also helps your body maintain a normal temperature, instead of becoming overheated. It helps protect delicate tissues of your body. Keeps joints well-lubricated and cushioned.

How can I be sure I’m drinking enough water?

Are you drinking enough fluids that you don’t get thirsty? Are your stools clear and light yellow? If you’re able to say “yes” to both, you’re likely getting the fluid you require.


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