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The Ultimate Guide to Building Muscles

The Ultimate Guide to Building Muscles

It is difficult to get the correct information for all the newbies who are planning to start a transformational journey towards building an amazing and hard body. Internet is filled with so many articles related to the subject of body building but you never know if any of that information is genuine and correct. Here in this article we are going to discuss all the tips and tricks of building muscles and getting the perfect bodies you want. Weight training and body building is not the easiest task for anyone and you need proper guide to get the results. Most people hire trainers, coaches and nutritionists to help them stay on their right track that could lead them towards their goal but you are going to get the ultimate guide here to get that astonishingly hard body.

Building Hard Body:

For building muscles your body needs the best combination of exercise, nutrition and recovery. Without a proper plan your body would not be able to get the results no matter how much you train or lift weights throughout the day. When you see someone on Instagram showing off their body, it seems quite simple and easy to build those muscles and have that marvelously toned body, but in actual you don’t know how much hard work they had to go through before they were able to post anything on Instagram. Proper guide is needed by every individual who is hoping and wishing to get effective results in a less amount of time. The major three components that need to be checked off while you are on your journey to bulkier muscles are discussed below.


Everyone knows how important it is to train hard for building those gorgeous muscles. Your body needs you to break those muscle fibers through weight training so that new muscle fibers can be developed in their place. It is not just the training that can get you better and bulkier muscles as anybody can train 2 to 3 hours a day but it is very important to efficiently plan your training and exercises to get the maximum results. You have to know which muscle should be targeted by compound exercises and which muscle needs isolation exercises to get bigger.

Compound Exercises:

Some people believe that compound exercises are the way to get bulkier muscles. Compound exercises help us target 2 to 3 muscles while we are doing only 1 exercise that is why most body builders are very fond of these exercises. It involves multiple joints and muscle groups. But it is important to know that we should only treat smaller muscles with compound exercises as they don’t need much emphasis to show results and you can target them all together at once with only 1 compound exercise. Now there are some important compound exercises that are every builder’s favorite:

Bench Press:

Any kind of bench press is perfect for your shoulders, triceps and majorly the chest muscles.


Everyone knows that dips are great for your triceps but they also involve the shoulders and the chest muscles.


Squats are known to be one of the best compound exercises as it not only targets 2 or 3 body muscles but instead goes for the whole body. It is said that squat involves more than 200 body muscles while you exercise. What better way to target all the muscles at once?


It is done primarily for the back muscles of your body like glutes, hamstrings and other back muscles but it is also known to involve your whole body during exercises.


It is one of the most favorite exercises for body builders because it shows results really soon. It is done primarily for your back muscles but it involves other muscles groups as well like forearms, biceps and other upper body muscles.

Isolation Exercises:

Many People believe that they should only be opting for the compound exercises as it involves more than one muscle and it helps them target many muscle groups at one time. But those people do not realize that compound exercises cannot effectively hit the bigger, the stronger muscles the way isolated exercises can do. So when you are trying to target the bigger muscles, you should be giving priority to the isolated exercises being added in your workout routines. There are some important isolation exercises that body builders love like bicep curl, leg raises, leg curl, leg extension, and calf raises. These hit important muscles like biceps, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves and produce maximum results in least amount of time.

This means you need to be really sure what muscle you are targeting or wishing to build before you start choosing your work out routines.


Everything we eat is broken down into little components in our body which is later used by our body to replace its tissues. It is a true statement that “our body is made up of what we eat”. Our body is like a machine and it keeps reinventing itself in order to maintain its functions. Now what we feed our body is very important because it is responsible for maintaining and recycling our tissues. It is a very crucial for a person to eat the right diet for whatever results they are aiming for. The recommended diet for a person who wants to lose weight would be different from the recommended diet for a person with diabetes. Likewise, the recommended diet would be different for the person aiming to gain weight. Just like that the diet for a person who is trying to build their body would be different from any other normal person. We will be discussing what components should your diet contain, your basic diet plans and some tips of eating right to build your muscles. Your diet should be consisted of the following nutritional needs for building a body.


It is the most important component in building a body. Everyone knows that you need a lot of protein in your diet while building muscles. It plays a very vital role in making your muscles bulkier. It usually repairs and build tissues in your body. Now when you are trying to build and grow your muscles, your body needs an extra amount of protein because it is working extra for growing those muscle you want. The question is how much protein does your body require for building muscles? It is said that approximately 1 to 2 grams of protein per pound of the weight of your body should be consumed per day to grow muscles. Now for some people this amount is difficult to consume or reach. If you are a newbie, start by increasing a little more in your diet and then day by day try to meet this target amount. You have to keep in mind that your protein should be coming from good quality and natural resources. Try your best to eat protein that is coming from poultry, eggs, meat, fish, and dairy products. This is the best you can do to have a wholesome diet that is full of protein.


Now most people would ask why we are fats needed while we are losing weight or building body. But keep in mind that healthy fats are as important in your diet as proteins. These healthy fats are responsible for eliminating bad fats from your body, helps you lose weight and feeds your muscles to grow. When you are not eating any amount of good fat then your body will start storing the bad fat inside which is definitely not healthy for you. Good fats come from eggs, fish oils, avocado, coconut, salmon, cottage cheese, yogurt, nuts & dry fruits etc. Every person who is trying to build body should get these fats in their diet plans to get effective results.


Any of those people who have tried to lose weight in the past must know that getting rid of carbs from your diet leads to bad results. Your body feels tired, fatigue and you don’t feel like doing anything due to lack of energy. Now your body does need carbohydrates to train and to have enough energy to work out. Carbohydrates have glycogen, which is an important component with which your body provides fuel to the muscles that we are targeting while training. If you are not having carbs in your diet then any of that high protein diet will not give you the results you are aiming for. Your body needs carbohydrates to have enough energy to get through the day. You need a specific amount of carb before and after your heavy workouts. Approximately 100 grams of carbohydrates in each meal is important to be taken along with the proteins and some healthy fats.

An Ideal diet Plan for building muscles:

This is an ideal diet plan of a day that will tell you how your meals should be. It is very important to include protein, carbs and fats in your diet to see the maximum results in least amount of time. Anyone can create their own diet plan if they know the basics of these components which is explained above. It is very important to eat enough, more is better in this situation. For those who are building muscles, they are working out pretty hard in the gym and their body needs energy and nutrients to work in order to build muscles. So a person should be eating 5 to 6 meals a day in order to fully fill their body to train. It is also crucial to hydrate your body. Muscles are made-up of water and our body is also 70% of water so it needs enough water to work and build muscles. Below mentioned is a meal plan that you can easily change or modify to your own preferences or likeness keeping in mind the general outline and idea of it.

Meal Plan:

1st Meal: It should mainly contain carbs and proteins. Have 2 to 3 eggs with some fruits. A person should also add ¼ cup of oatmeal with ½ cup of any fruits in their breakfast.

2nd Meal: It should be a protein smoothie you like, this is basically a snack. 1 scoop of protein powder with a banana, some greens and milk is perfect for snack.

3rd Meal: This meal is your lunch. Now you have many options, you can either have some ½ cup of cooked brown rice with 8 ounces of turkey or chicken with some greens and avocado as a source of healthy fats or you can have a big chicken salad with quinoa or couscous.

4rth Meal:  This is a snack, so you can either have a protein bar or a can of tuna with some greens or another smoothie works as well. If you are feeling a bit sweet tooth like then you can have some acai bowl with protein powder.

5th Meal: It is your dinner meal. Here too are so many options. You can have 7 to 8 ounces of fish with some cottage cheese as a healthy fat and some greens or you can have some beef steak of 4 to 5 ounces with brown rice and some greens.

Each of these meals are very versatile. You can change them up according to your mood and items available in the fridge. Two meals that are very important are your pre and post workout meals.

Pre workout Meal: Some source of carbs and protein is perfect as pre workout snack. It can be a bowl of ½ cup of oatmeal which is a healthy carb made with 1 scoop protein powder with some fruits. It can also be ¼ cup of brown rice with 2 to 3 grams of chicken.

Post Workout Meal: It must contain some source of protein and carbs as your body is feeling tired and needs instant energy.  Most people prefer protein shakes as their post workout meal as it is easy to make and consume while you get the instant energy. They can also be made in different flavors so people like being creative with their diet. You can also have a protein bar.


Even if you are taking the right diet and working out, there is one thing missing which can help you reach your goal even faster that is the supplements. There are some amazing legal steroids available in the market that can get you from being a skinny guy to a big guy with hard and muscular body in no time. Legal steroids are very effective without any side effects and dangers. They are completely safe for your body as they are made with natural ingredients. These are known for showing results in 2 to 3 weeks. Some of the most known legal steroids that have shown amazing results in building muscles are D-bal, Trenorol, and Anadrole. These legal supplements are very helpful in building strong and hard muscles which are difficult for newbies. They also give you strength and energy to get your ass kicked in the gym.

Recovery and Rest:

It is critical to give your body enough rest and recovery time so that it can work properly. People think that if they can train and work out 2 to 3 times a day and 7 days a week then they will be able to see results better and quicker. This is so not true. Your body needs rest to grow muscles. If your body is always on the move and your muscles are continuously breaking due to training all day long then when will it get enough time to build new muscle fibers? It will result in no growth. Training more than your body actually needs will get you hurting. Experts say that your body only needs training 4 to 5 days a week to show results. This way it gets time to recover and build new muscles. It is also very important to sleep well and get 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night. Sleep patterns does affect your workouts, hormones and in the end, your muscle growth. So you need to get enough sleep and rest to get muscles growth.


Body building sounds very intimidating but it is not that difficult if you follow some of the above mentioned guidelines. People usually require trainers, nutritionists and many more professionals to get the needed results but we compiled all the suggestions in this article for you as a guidline. We have discussed that exercise, nutrition and recovery are the most important components in building a strong, hard body. After following the tips and tricks involving these components you will need one other thing to accelerate your journey. Try taking some legal steroids and you are good to go.


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