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There are hundreds of different muscle building steroids being sold all over the world. These steroids have different effects, and most of the people who are taking steroids for bodybuilding try to take the strongest steroids. The list of such steroids is quite long, and among all these steroids one will always find Trenbolone mentioned at the top. It is the single strongest steroid that is being used by athletes. It is so strong that it is not recommended to be used by humans. Rather it has been categorized as a steroid for cattle. Researchers have synthesized it and made it safe for the usage of an average person.

A few decades back when Trenbolone was first discovered, it was provided in the market for the use of cattle. It was given to different animals to increase their size and harvest as much meat as possible from them. With the passage of time, some professional bodybuilders tested and found it to be efficient in building muscles. As a result of this, usage of Trenbolone became popular among bodybuilders. It increased so much that many bodybuilders started abusing it in the hope of getting bigger and stronger muscles. Although they got such muscles, many of these bodybuilders suffered serious side effects.

Keeping all this under consideration Trenbolone was made a controlled substance and its use for humans were banned. You can get this potent steroid for your personal use quite quickly. So if you want robust and big muscles quick, then Trenbolone is the best option that you will have.

What Is Trenbolone?

Trenbolone or Trenbolone Acetate is one of the strongest steroids available for the use of bodybuilders. It is an anabolic – androgenic steroid that has no competitor present in the entire steroid market. Pure Trenbolone is not fit for the usage of the humans so it is further synthesized into Trenbolone acetate so that it can be used by the body builders. The chemical formula for Trenbolone is C18H22O2. It has been sold under many different brand names over the passage of time including finaject, parabolan, and tren.

What Makes Trenbolone Different?

Trenbolone is the steroid that provides tremendous muscle gains within a very short period of time. Using it for a very few days can increase muscle mass of anyone hugely. Apart from this another thing that makes it different are its fat burning properties. It enables overweight people in losing fat and building muscles at the same time. Most of the other steroids are not so effective at increasing the fat burning process in the body and bodybuilders have to work extra hard for that.

Trenbolone has a great affinity for the androgen receptors in the body. It has been found that its affinity with the androgen receptors is higher than that of testosterone which was once considered the strongest steroid. 200mg or Trenbolone equals the effect of almost 1000mg of testosterone. This clearly tells how strong it is and this is the very reason why most of the strongest bodybuilders have used it.

How Trenbolone is administered?

Trenbolone is available in the form of tablets and injectable liquid. Usually, bodybuilders take it in the form of tablets multiple times per day. Most of the hardcore bodybuilders take it with injections. Taking Trenbolone with needles is dangerous. By injecting one enters it directly into the blood and overdosing is quite easy. An overdose with during an injection can be harmful. It can cause extensive swelling and damage the muscle tissues. So always be careful while you are administering this steroid to yourself.

The dosage of Trenbolone varies from person to person. It has a long half-life. For ordinary people, this half-life is somewhere between two or three days. That is the reason why it is recommended that people should take two doses of Trenbolone per week. Total dosage per week should be no more than 250mg per week. Any dosage beyond this will cause serious side effects, and you should seek a physician’s guidance if you ever overdose.

Is Trenbolone Safe?

This ultimately depends on how someone is taking it and in what doses it is being taken. If you are taking it in proper form and doses, then you can rest assured that it is safe. Trenbolone is being produced by many different companies all over the world. Most of these companies are overseas companies from China and other such countries. If you are purchasing from such sources, just make sure that the product you buy is made while following safety standards.

You should avoid using the form of Trenbolone that is made for the cattle. It is not safe for the human activity. Trenbolone for humans and livestock is entirely different. Trenbolone that is for cattle can be quite dangerous and harm the people.

Trenbolone is a Schedule IV controlled substance in the US. So buying it is illegal if you don’t have a proper prescription. So be careful while you go out looking for it, you can easily get in trouble.

What Are The Side Effects of Trenbolone?

It is said that Trenbolone has all the side effects of all the other androgenic steroids in it. If not used correctly, almost anyone can become a victim of these side effects. Some of the common side effects of Trenbolone are listed below:

  • Serious mood swings
  • Oily skin, acne and skin rashes
  • Hair fall
  • Liver damage
  • Insomnia
  • Suppressed Testosterone production
  • Cough
  • Allergic reactions
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Swelling of muscles
  • Gynecomastia
  • Increased sweating
  • Kidney failure due to overdose

These are some of the known and serious side effects. If you experience any side-effects apart from these, then you should stop using it. Consult a doctor as soon as possible. If you don’t do so, these side effects can get serious and cause permanent disability.

Is Trenbolone A Legal Athletic Steroid?

Trenbolone is a prohibited substance as per the rules and regulations of almost all sporting bodies around the world. If someone is found using this, they will surely be disqualified from any event they are participating in. So be really careful if you are a professional athlete. If someone recommends you this steroid, than you should think twice before taking it as it can get you a suspension from professional sorts for a long period of time.

How To Buy Trenbolone?

You will not find it easily in the local market as its sales for the human use is strictly controlled. So you will need to go online and buy this steroid. There are many different online stores that are selling this steroid. Some of these stores are US based while many other are foreign stores. The quality of the foreign stores is not guaranteed but US companies tend to follow some strict regulations. You should consult someone who has previously purchased Trenbolone in order to get proper guidance.

Once you have purchased it online, you will get it at your doorstep. The process of buying these steroids online is quite safe and you won’t face any legal hurdles. Once you have it, you should try to use it with care. If you are even a least bit careless you can face serious consequences.


There are many legal alternatives for Trenbolone in the market today. But the most prominent is  Trenorol. It provides every benefit of Trenbolone, but it does not have any of the side effects. It is 100% effective, safe, and legal.


There is no better option than Trenbolone if you are looking for the strongest steroid in the world. It is not recommended for starters as they can have serious side effects. It is for those bodybuilders who have used steroids for a long period of time. Only such bodybuilders can withstand the strong effects of Trenbolone. Injecting Trenbolone is a risk so always stick to the tablets if you are serious about your safety. You should buy it online and start taking one single dose of around 100-150mg per week and increase it over the passage of time. Just be sure that you don’t abuse this steroid or you will need to seek medical attention for the side effects caused by this steroid.


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