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Trenavar: Dosage, Results and Side Effects

Trenavar / Trendione is a prohormone that bodybuilders and weightlifters use. It can help their muscles grow, make them lose fat, and make them stronger.

But are the benefits of Trenavar worth the risks? Let’s talk about how Trenavar works, why it might be good for you, and what things might happen if you take this prohormone. Trenavar is also called trendione.

What is Trenavar / Trendione?

Trenavar is a hormone that helps people. It is not a steroid, but it is still an important thing.

It was possible to find Trenavar for sale in the United States starting in 2011, but not anymore. This is because Trenavar was discontinued in 2015. This happened because many other prohormones were banned that year.

As it is a prohormone, it is not a steroid. It comes in oral form. Once it is inside the body, it turns into a steroid called trenbolone. Trenbolone is one of the most powerful steroids in existence.

Other prohormones are also converted into Trenbolone, so why is Trenavar different?

It all depends on chemistry. Chemically, it is the same as Trenbolone.

Trendione becomes Trenbolone in the liver. The 17-ketone is the only one changed to turn Trendione into Trenbolone.

Trenbolone is a steroid that can make muscles grow. It is up to ten times more androgenic than testosterone, which means it can make muscles ten times bigger.

Trenavar / Trendione Dosage / Cycle

trenavar dosage

Trendione is used for cutting cycles. Trendione helps with lean muscle growth and fat loss.

Trendione is normally taken for four weeks. But because it can cause side effects, it is not good to take it for more than four weeks.

The normal Trendione dose is between 30 mg and 40 mg per day, but it is split into two doses. In the morning you take 15 mg or 20 mg and in the evening you take 15mg or 20mg.

If you have never used Trenavar / Trendione before, it is recommended that you start with a low dose. You can take 20 mg for your first cycle.

Here is what the typical Trenavar dosage schedule looks like:

In the morning, a beginner should take 10 mg, and experience should take 20 mg. In the evening, beginners should take 10 mg and experience can take 20 mg.

Trenavar / Trendione Results / Benefits

Trendione can be used as both a bulking and cutting supplement. It is good at not making people gain too much water weight, and it can also help them build muscles or grow stronger.

Here are some of the benefits of Trenavar:

  • Trenavar has one of the highest conversion rates of popular prohormones. This is good because it means that you will get the maximum benefit from using Trenavar. It might be because Trenavar is similar to trenbolone and only one ketone needs to change during the conversion process.
  • Studies show that Trenavar is converted into a steroidal compound called Trenbolone. Trenbolone has a rating of 500 for muscle-building potential. This is higher than testosterone, which has a rating of only 100.
  • Studies show that Trenbolone is a good way to make muscles grow. Without water bloat, it gives the bodybuilder a lean and muscular look. That’s why many people use it during bulking season.

Difference: Trenavar and Trenbolone

Trendione is a prohormone. Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid. When you take Trendione, one ketone will change the chemical properties in the liver and turn it into Trenbolone.

This is why Trenavar / Trendione was legal for several years: it’s not an actual steroid. It just makes the body turn into one.

Trenavar / Trendione Side Effects

trendione side effects

Trendione is a good way to build muscles, but it can have bad side effects that are hard to avoid.

Some common Trendione side effects are:

Increased Blood Pressure: Trendione can make your blood pressure go up. This might happen during and after the cycle. Now, this can lead to many health problems.

High Cholesterol: Trendione can increase your bad cholesterol levels. It is the kind of cholesterol that builds up in your arteries and causes them to harden. If you are not careful, it can cause heart disease or a heart attack.

Liver Health: Your liver is the place where Trendione gets converted to Trenbolone, but it is also where the waste from the compound has to be neutralized and disposed of. Trendione may increase your risk of liver damage. This is especially if you have taken it for a long time or take it many times.

Hormone Levels: Trendione is a prohormone. It makes your testosterone and luteinizing hormones go up. But once you stop taking it, the levels go down. If you don’t take PCT (post-cycle therapy), you risk long-term complications with your hormones. This could lead to low testosterone, high estrogen, loss of muscle, weight gain, mood swings, and gyno.

Trenavar / Trendione: Risky Prohormone

Trendione is a prohormone that can help people build their muscles. But it is not good for you. It can cause high blood pressure, hair loss, crashing hormone levels, and poor liver health.

We recommend using legal steroids that are based on natural ingredients. This way you can build muscle and keep it, without any side effects.

Trenavar / Trendione Alternatives

People who want the benefits of muscle-building without hair loss, low testosterone, or poor liver health should take natural legal steroids. Trenorol is a legal steroid. It has tried-and-true ingredients to help build muscles.

trendione alternative


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