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Tren Cough: All You Need to Know

Tren cough is a condition where trenbolone, an anabolic steroid, builds up in the body and causes chronic coughing. So what are trenbolone side effects? What can be done to cure tren cough? And how do you know if you have a tren cough? Keep reading for all of the answers!

What is Tren Cough?

Trenbolone is injected into your muscles. This can cause you to cough violently for a few seconds. The coughing will stop after a few minutes. Some people may experience a metallic taste in their mouth or feel tightness in their chest.

This is a short-lived side effect and it is not dangerous. Some bodybuilders have reported this happening during 15-20% of injections.

Scientists don’t know what causes tren cough. They have some ideas, but there is no one true answer.

It is thought that the high androgenic activity of this steroid can cause inflammation and vasoconstriction.

Vasoconstriction is the narrowing of blood vessels. When this happens to the muscular wall in your lungs, it triggers a cough reaction.

Although tren cough is not too common, some people do not know what it feels like.

How to Avoid Tren Cough?

Very Simple – Do not use TRENBOLONE steroids.

A better and safe option is to take Trenorol, which is a legal steroid that can replace trenbolone. This is designed to make you strong like tren but without the side effects.

Trenorol is made by Crazy Bulk, the #1 legal steroid manufacturer online. It is 100% legal and approved by the FDA.

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