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Steroids vs. Supplements

Steroids vs. Supplements

Steroids have been among the most used products in the market for almost half a century now. There are all sorts of different steroids that are being sold in the market. All these steroids that are being sold in the market nowadays are medical drugs that people use to get better muscles. Initially, when the steroids were introduced in the market, they were aimed to be used by individuals suffering from different medical conditions. As people saw that they could use these medications to get better muscles, they started using them and slowly this use spread, and at one stage almost someone in every US home was using steroids.

If you have ever watched the movies from the 70’s and 80’s you surely have seen some pretty massive muscles. All these muscles were built on the foundation of steroids. No doubt getting better muscles and body is the dream of every man and woman. Steroids are considered to be the quickest way to get ideal body. So people just take the steroidal path and get themselves in shape. These people usually neglect the fact, that steroids damage their bodies. This damage is severe, and people just don’t understand this because the media has created a dazzling image of steroids in the minds of individuals.

Media has been promoting these steroids extensively, but no one in the media has ever talked about the side effects. The reason behind this is quite simple, steroid companies wish to sell their products, and they do every possible thing to curb negative publicity. As a result of this, you won’t be seeing anything related to side effects of steroids being published on the TV or any other medium.

Some people have been made aware of these side effects and dangers by certain companies that are creating natural alternatives for different steroids. Every day more and more people are leaving steroids and turning to these supplements as they are concerned about their health. Many of these people are worried about these supplements too, as they are not sure if these steroids are natural and safe. So today we will be reviewing the natural products by one of the most popular companies manufacturing these alternative supplements.

This company goes by the name of Crazy Bulk, and we will be reviewing their products to see if they are actually what the company claims them to be or is there something fishy going on.

What Is Crazy Bulk?

Crazy Bulk is an online store or a company that is becoming popular with every passing day. They are promoting themselves at an incredible pace on all forums. We went through their website, and as per the details, they seem to be a legit company. Their site is designed professionally, and everything makes it feel authentic in every possible way.

Above all, they have the live chat feature on their website. That is the best in the industry. We talked with their representative on live chat named Jordan and she was quite excellent at her job. She guided us in every possible manner about these supplements. As per the details that we were able to analyze, the company is registered, and they are selling FDA approved supplements. Another thing that speaks for their authenticity is the support number +1 (646) 893 7753 which you can call at any moment to inquire about anything.

Apart from this to check their authenticity, we also talked with many people who have used their products, and we even ordered some of these products to check what they were. Our overall experience was quite exceptional, and we would surely recommend them to anyone who is looking for natural supplements. Our analysis won’t be ending here; we will be taking a deeper look at the authenticity of some of their products later once we have answered some more questions.

Are Crazy Bulk Supplements Legal?

In the USA the legality of all the eatables, drugs, medications and other health related products is determined by FDA (Food & Drugs Administration). It is one of the strongest bodies in the world, and they have a quite firm grasp on each and every substance that is being sold and used by consumers in the market. They can easily shut down any business that is selling products that are harmful to the health of people. They are the ones who have labeled almost all the steroids as controlled substances. They are responsible for keeping people safe from the harmful steroids.

Crazy Bulk is a company that is selling supplements that are made as per the guidelines of FDA. Any business is only able to sell their products at this scale only if they are doing it legally. If this company was doing anything wrong, then they would have been stopped by now. Overall we took a look at the ingredients of these supplements, and we found no such substance that could be harmful to the health of the users. So if you are concerned about legality than these products are legal, and you won’t be getting into any trouble for using these supplements. You can possess them and carry them around with you. No one will be asking you any questions if they saw you with this product. So buy these supplements and stay away from all the legal hassles.

Is Payment To Crazy Bulk Safe?

One of the primary concern for people, while they are shopping online, is the safety of their personal data. Almost every single person shopping has been or is prone to get scammed at some stage of their life while they are shopping online. The world of internet is filled with thousands of such sites, and people are frightened while they order something online. So we took a look at the Crazy bulk website and their payment process. We were quite satisfied with their site as SSL encryption protected it. SSL is one of the best types of security features in the online world, and while you are on the crazy bulk website, you are safe as all the data is being transmitted after it has been properly encrypted.

We also checked the checkout and payment process of the site. The payment process and the checkout process was also fully secured. As per the details that we were able to get from the representative on chat, we were told that all the data is handled safely and is not viewable by anyone. The data is only used for the payment processing, and no one at any stage can access your personal data. So you can order with full confidence as you won’t be facing any problems related to your credit/debit card or personal info.

What Products Does Crazy Bulk Offer?

No matter you are a young adult, adult, woman, professional athlete or a bodybuilder, Crazy Bulk’s arsenal is quite big and it has something for everyone. Their marketing strategy is quite great. They are introducing supplements that can act as replacement of different steroids. They try to make products that have all the positive properties of different steroids but without any side effects. This strategy has been a great success and it surely will be their strong point. We will be discussing and analyzing this all natural and side effect free claim of Crazy Bulk for some of their products now.

1. D-BAL

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D-BAL is a natural supplement or steroid alternative for the steroid Dianabol. You surely know about Dianabol if you have known steroids for some time. Dianabol is one of the oldest, most used and most popular steroids in the world. Dianabol is being used all over the world by bodybuilders to get better muscles. It is quite great at helping people to get better muscles, but at the same time, there are endless drawbacks in the form of side effects. These side effects are so strong that it has forced FDA to categorize Dianabol as a controlled substance. So it is almost impossible for anyone to get Dianabol unless or until they get it prescribed by some professional physician. Else you will be in serious trouble if you are caught while possessing this steroid.

D-BAL, on the other hand, is a supplement that has no harmful substances present in it. It is entirely natural as far as we could see. It has no harmful ingredient present in it. We first took a look at the ingredients that were shown on the Crazy Bulk website. After that, we also compared them with the ingredients that were being shipped to the customers. With the help of all these ingredients D-Bal can easily increase the muscle mass rapidly. The ingredients were exactly as mentioned on the site. Here are the main ingredients that are responsible for giving D-BAL, Dianabol like properties:

  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Leucine
  • Valine
  • Isoleucine
  • Sodium
  • Brown Rice Flour
  • Magnesium Stearate

We researched all these ingredients in depth on different online resources, and we discovered that all of them were somehow beneficial for muscle growth. Along with that, there were no serious side effects that could be caused by any of these ingredients. So rest assured, you are using an entirely safe supplement in the form of D-BAL that can indeed replace Dianabol.

We have seen around eight users of D-Bal, and all of them are satisfied with the results. The results started becoming visible after some time but these results were better and they were long lasting.

2. Decaduro

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If you ask a professional bodybuilder about the steroid Deca Durabolin, they will just ask you to forget the word. Deca-Durabolin which is known as nandrolone in medical terms is an injectable steroid. It is one of the most dangerous steroids that is only used by extreme bodybuilders. It is not recommended for average bodybuilders under any circumstances. It is so strong that the body of an average bodybuilder or athlete will suffer from extreme side effects. Limbs of many bodybuilders have been destroyed by this steroid as it is so strong that muscle tissues are unable to handle the energy surge.

By claiming Decaduro to be a replacement for this steroid, Crazy Bulk made a significant claim. We had our doubts as we never thought that natural steroids could possess such powers. So we were quite curious while we were studying this supplement. We analyzed each and every ingredient, and after that, we even consulted the experts and users of this supplement. All of them told us that this supplement was for real and it does what is claimed by Crazy Bulk. Before we proceed with this small review we would like to mention the ingredients that are present in this supplement:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Ginseng
  • Wild yam root
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • L-Citrulline
  • L-Arginine Alpha Keto Gluterate
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Sodium

You might be familiar with some of the above mentioned ingredients such as Tribulus Terrestris, Ginseng and Wild yam root. These three have been known as the best naturally occurring things that can help in muscle building. Apart from this all the other ingredients are all beneficial for the body and they can assist in quick muscle growth and strengthening. So if you have been injecting yourself with dangerous steroids, than it is time that you switch. This will be the best alternative that you can possibly find.

As per the user reviews and expert opinions we discovered that this supplement was for real. It worked but for that you will need to be a bit patent. Unlike nandrolone it doesn’t work straight away, it can take some time for it to kick in so don’t lose hope if you don’t see quick results. Use this for a few days and then you will see the magic happen as it helps you build muscles.

3. Anadrole

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Anadrole has been advertised and promoted as an alternative for the natural supplement that can replace one of the most popular androgenic steroid Anadrol. Anadrol is a very popular steroid that is being used by millions of people. The main reason behind its popularity is that it is available in almost all pharmacies and you can easily get it if you have a prescription. You can easily find a doctor who will be willing to prescribe this supplement to you if you tell them that you will be careful.

If you ever try to know about the side effects of this steroid, then you will surely not be using it again. Anadrol can hinder the natural testosterone production in the body and get you dependent on it. Apart from this, it can also affect the liver. While Crazy Bulk is safe in this aspect and doesn’t have any side effects.

Anadrole like all the other products that we have seen contains natural ingredients. The main aim for this product was to provide starters with a supplement that they can use, apart from this it is also beneficial for people who have been using supplements for quite some time now. It is not a very strong steroid, and you can use it to get muscles that are perfect for an average person. Anadrole contains the following ingredients:

  • Soy Protein Isolate
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Shilajit
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Sodium

These are the ingredients that this amazing supplement is made from. There are two things that give this supplement its properties. Soy Protein Isolate and Tribulus Terrestris are the main ingredients. The first one provides a testosterone boost in the body while the other one is there to fulfill the protein needs of the growing muscles. This supplement has almost everything that you will be needing to get your body in shape. All you will need to do is work hard in the gym and you will be having better muscles within no time.

4. Clenbutrol

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Clenbutrol is promoted as a natural supplement that can be used by women. As per the details that we were able to find on the Crazy Bulk website, it is the best alternative for the steroid clenbuterol. The names seem quite similar as Crazy Bulk is trying to tell people that these supplements are just like the first steroids and the only difference is that their supplements are safe. Most of the women were unable to use any steroids as they suffered much severe side effects as compared to men. At the same time, increased amount of testosterone due to steroids can cause severe problems. It is a known fact that steroids can give women features like men. So stay feminine and avoid steroids.

These steroids can destroy your looks, and you will surely be regretting a few months after you have stopped using these steroids. There are hundreds of such women who have seen their lives getting destroyed by steroids. So don’t be one of those women. You have the option in the form of different crazy bulk products that are a million times safer than the androgenic steroids which dangerous and illegal.

Clenbutrol is a supplement that is entirely natural and it can be used by both men and women without suffering any side effects if you are women then you need to relax as this is the ultimate supplement that can give you the sexy figure that you have been craving. This supplement will help you in burning the fat and at the same time make your well-defined muscles visible. All this is possible due to the ingredients that make up this supplement. Here is the list of all the important things that are present in this supplement:

  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract
  • Guarana Extract
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Nicotinamide

These are the main ingredients that are present in this supplement. The list is quite small, but all these ingredients are more than enough to fulfill any women’s needs. The first three ingredients are entirely natural and extracted directly from nature. They have been known to work as body enhancers for decades and even used by millions around the world. So they will not cause any side effect at all. Just take this supplement, for a few weeks, and you will get your sexiest look pretty quick.

These supplements are more than enough to make a clear image in your mind about the crazy bulk products. All these products are pretty safe. They are easy to purchase and legal to possess. So you should consider buying them and giving them a try, we are confident that you will be leaving the old steroids once you have started using these supplements. Now we will be answering a few more questions that many people have in their minds regarding these supplements.

How Are Crazy Bulk Products Shipped?

Shipping is one of the biggest concern for most of the people while they are shopping online. Most of the online sellers can’t be trusted in case of shipping. If you have frequently shopped online than you probably know that most of the products bought online are delivered weeks after they were ordered. This is a real setback. Apart from this many people have experienced their products arriving damaged. In such cases, people have to suffer as sellers don’t take returns. In such situations, people always avoid ordering online unless they have complete knowledge about shipping and returns.

So we went through the Crazy Bulk website looking for their shipping and returns policy. We were quite amazed at their working model. They are processing orders quite rapidly as compared to many other online stores. As per the details, the orders are processed and shipped out within 48-hours once you have placed your order. This can take some time if there are any issues in payment processing.

The shipping time is also fantastic, especially for the people in USA and UK where the orders are usually shipped within 3-7 business days. This pretty quick and you won’t be left hanging without knowing the whereabouts of your products. You can always get in touch with support, and they will help you out.

The return policy is pretty simple if you wish to return your order then you can send back the order in the original packaging. This return should be made within seven days after you have received your order. Once the company has received the order back, they will refund your amount or replace the product as per mutual understating with the customer. The policies are quite simple, and they have answered almost everything for their customers quite clearly.

Are Crazy Bulk Discounts Real?

Well many people think that companies that are offering great discounts are scams. Well this isn’t the case. Crazy Bulk is offering the best discounts in the market and you can really benefit from these discounts. The best thing is that these discounts are for anyone no matter you are a new customer or an old customer. Their main tagline about discounts is pretty simple “Buy 2 Get 1 Free”, this says it all. Just think about it, if you buy supplements for 2 months, you will be getting the third months’ supply entirely free. Apart from this they even have discounts on all products. You will be saving quite some bucks with these natural supplements.

Along with these products they also have special stacks available. These stacks have different products in a batch that you can purchase. These stacks are just like courses that you need to complete in order to get certain results. Overall they have total five different stacks that you can chose from. These stacks are as follows:

  1. Bulking Stack for Massive Muscle Gains
  2. Cutting Stack for Fast Weight Loss
  3. Strength Stack for Extreme Strength
  4. Growth Stack for Massive Muscle Gains
  5. Ultimate Stack for Fastest Muscle Gain & Ultimate strength

You can chose any of these stacks as per your requirements and use them. The best thing about these stacks is that you will be getting a Free Guide with each of these stacks. These guides are really helpful and you will be able to work on your body all on your own, once you have this guide. You can get further information from their support team regarding the stacks and which one of them will suite you the best.

Do These Natural Bodybuilding Supplements Have Any Side Effects?

This is a valid question because the answer to this question defines the main tagline of the company. We have researched online and consulted experts in the medical and homeopathic fields about the ingredients that are present in these supplements. All these people told us that the ingredients that crazy bulk company is using had been used for centuries by people to get better bodies. These ingredients are no doubt a bit refined by the company before inclusion in different products, but they are still natural. So when you are using these supplements, you won’t be suffering from any serious side effects.

We even talked to some rookies and professional bodybuilders who have used these products to know about the side effects. None of them reported any side effects that could have resulted from these supplements. Some of the users advised that these supplements should be taken in proper quantities. Even if these supplements are used in a bit excess they won’t be causing any side effects, all you will feel is a bit of tingling and increased metabolism. Plus using these supplements in excessive quantities won’t speed up the muscle building process, which entirely depends on how hard you are working at the gym.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should consult a doctor if you have serious heart, liver or respiratory problem before you start using these supplements. Never mix these supplements with other steroids, medications or drugs or you can suffer from severe reactions. People taking hyperactivity and ADHD medication should also avoid such supplements.

Is Prolonged Use of these Supplements Safe?

The answer to this question entirely depends on you. If you have goals such as getting fit, then you can stop using these supplements as soon as you are in shape. After that, all you will need is proper diet and exercise to stay in shape. On the other hand, if you are a professional bodybuilder then you will need these supplements regularly to maintain your extreme strength. For this, you can start with the stronger supplements, and once you have gained your muscle mass, you can start using a less potent supplement. This will stop your muscles growing bizarre and so that you have the looks and strength you want.

In most of the cases where people used steroids for an extended period, they had to suffer from different side effects. One of the biggest problems that almost all these people suffered was the suppression of testosterone production in the body. This can be a severe issue and cause problems for men. Many men have faced impotence due to extensive use of steroids. This is just one thing to mention here; there are dozens of other such problems. On the other hand, the supplements that we are discussing today are quite the opposite.

These supplements won’t be causing any harm no matter how long you are using them the only problem that could arise is that your muscles might keep on growing if you use the supplement in the same quantity for a long time. So once you have gained the muscle mass just lower the intake of supplements. So that your muscles stop growing and retain the strength. This is the best practice, but you can always get further assistance from many experts and professional trainers around you.

Our Final Verdict

If you have gone through the entire article than by this moment you surely know that Crazy Bulk supplements are entirely natural. These supplements are being produced from the most natural ingredients which have proven to be beneficial for muscle building and fat loss.

The strength of these supplements can be questioned as in certain ways they cannot compete against steroids. But if you consider your wellbeing than these supplements is million times better than the steroids. These supplements don’t have serious side effects such as the steroids, and you can use them to get muscles easily. Another benefit is that women can use these supplements too. Women can take advantage of these supplements as these supplements aren’t androgenic in nature. So all the ladies can now get some hot and sexy looks naturally if they are truly dedicated.

If you see the price factor than these supplements is way cheaper than the steroids. Most of the people obtain steroids illegally from the black markets which are dangerous and expensive. On the other hand, Crazy Bulk provides all the supplements legally which can be purchased by anyone. Above all, you can avail amazing discounts.

The time taken by these supplements to show some results can be a bit longer than the steroids. So don’t get disheartened if your muscles haven’t developed after a week’s use. Keep using the supplement for a month, and then you will surely see some changes in your body.

On the other hand, if you are switching from steroids to these supplements than the transition time could vary depending on your steroid abuse. It is recommended that you should consult an expert to determine the dosage of these supplements to fulfill your needs that were being fulfilled by steroids. The process can be a bit hard for some people, but the benefits are everlasting.

So stop hesitating and take some action if you care about yourself and your future.




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