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Steroid Alternatives That Work

Steroid Alternatives That Work Better Than Actual Steroids

If you are a bodybuilder then I am absolutely certain that you have tried many different steroids alternatives but never found a steroid alternative that work better than steroids. There are various reasons for this. The first thing is that our bodies have gotten so used to or in other words addicted to steroids that we can’t use something else. Big pharmaceutical companies have made steroids a necessity for bodybuilders. Even if someone is not willing to use steroids, they will start using them once they see other getting muscular bodies so easily with all sorts of different steroids. Getting bodies with steroids is no doubt comfortable, but these steroids have a darker side in the form of side effects that people usually neglect.

Why Do We Need Steroid Alternatives?

Steroids were introduced for bodybuilding purposes around half a century ago. In those times things were pretty different. People used to take all sorts of medications and drugs without proper trials. As a result of this many different drugs including cocaine were once sold as medicines. People came to know about drawbacks of these medications and drugs after years when hundreds of thousands of people had already used them. Same was the case with steroids such as Dianabol, Winstrol and many others. When people started seeing the adverse effects of these steroids they started looking for steroid alternatives.

What Are The Most Famous Steroid Alternatives?

The question is pretty simple and you surely have Googled this before you reached us. At the moment Crazy Bulk products are being considered the best alternatives to all the famous steroids. Crazy bulk has introduced many different natural supplements that can easily act as alternative for the steroids. If you take a look at their online store, you will find almost all sorts of products as per your needs. The only issue that people have with these products is the selection process. People are unable to choose the best supplement for themselves. This issue can easily be resolved by their live chat as they guide you in the best possible manner.

Now we will be taking a brief look at some of the crazy bulk products to see their composition and benefits. We won’t be going into details and if we miss something you can surely find it on Crazy bulk website. So here we go.

  • D-BAL
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D-BAL is one of the most sold and most sought natural supplements online. It has been sold in really high quantities over the last few years that its sales are almost equaling those of the steroid Dianabol. Dianabol is a steroid and D-BAL is an alternate supplement that Crazy bulk has created to replace this steroid.

Dianabol at one stage in the history was the most sold and used steroid in the world until it was made a controlled substance. This rendered sales, purchase, possession and use of this steroid illegal for almost everyone. This was a positive step by the authorities as the number of people suffering from side effects caused by this steroid was increasing rapidly. Some people kept on using this steroid by obtaining it illegally. The Use of this steroid has been a huge risk in the recent times, and only D-BAL has proven to be a safe alternative for Dianabol.

D-BAL helps the bodybuilders in achieving an ideal anabolic state which is necessary for the proper growth of muscles. Reaching this state without steroids was considered almost impossible by most of the people. D-Bal was able to do this. It forces the androgen receptors to produce testosterone in high quantities so that maximum muscle mass could be generated within a short passage of time.

  • Decaduro
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Decaduro is an all in one supplement that can help almost anyone in getting a muscular body. This supplement is a replacement for the steroid DecaDurabolin. DecaDurabolin is the brand name for the steroid nandrolone. It has been sold on the market under many different names, but most of the people have known it as DecaDurabolin. As majority of the other steroids, this steroid is also a controlled substance due to the side effects.

Another issue with this steroid was that it had to be injected into the body as taking it orally wasn’t beneficial. There were huge health-related risks associated with this steroid and its use due to which a safer alternative was highly needed. This alternative was in the form of the supplement decaduro.Decaduro is a safe supplement that can easily be taken orally and there will be no chances of any possible side effects.

Decaduro can be used for losing all the extra fat that people usually get quite easily nowadays due to the junk foods. You won’t be needing any tough gym routines to lose this fat once you have started using this supplement. Apart from this it also decreases the recovery time for the muscles after workout sessions. This is a great thing as it enhances the muscle growth. If you have lost all the fat and built your muscular body, even then you can use this supplement to ensure that your muscles have the required strength. Doses for the strengthening cycles are lesser than cutting and bulking cycles so always consult an expert to keep your body in proper shape.

  • Trenorol


Trenorol is one of the strongest supplements produced by Crazy Bulk. It is made to act as a replacement of one of the strongest and most dangerous steroids that bodybuilders have used till date. This steroid is known as Trenbolone in the medical terms. Trenbolone is a steroid that is made to be used on the animals such as cows, buffaloes, and horses. It is available in injectable form, and one injection of this steroid can make any humans life miserable and cause serious side effects. The most common side effects are increased body hair growth which can make any ordinary man look like a grizzly.

So just stay away from this strong steroid and try trenorol. It is the best supplement that you can get. This supplement can kill all the extra fat, provide massive muscles and help in maintaining proper flow of blood through the body. This allows you have longer workout sessions and still feel fresh. This supplement is usually recommended to people who have already used stronger steroids in their lives. Only a powerful supplement such as Trenorol can impress such people to ditch steroids.

Beta Sitosterol is the main component in this supplement that gives it the androgenic effect. This ingredient is entirely natural and it increases the testosterone level in the body in a natural manner so that you don’t suffer from any side effects. Just try to maintain a healthy diet if you wish to get the maximum benefit.

  • Anvarol
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Anvarol is one of the most popular supplements among women nowadays. Women have all rights to stay fit and have a flawless muscular body just like men. Although women usually don’t go to extremes while building their bodies but they still need steroids. Anavar was one of the most common steroids that was recommended for women as it had slightly fewer side effects as compared to other steroids. Side effects are quite serious when it comes to women, so they usually stay away from them and just stay with their bodies.

Anvarol is a supplement that women can use to lose the excessive fat in their bodies and get in shape. During this time they will need to control their diet and take the least amount of calories. After this they can switch to a high protein diet. This diet will help them in getting visible muscles and curves. Most of the women are looking forward to getting great looking abs, and, this supplements can easily give them those abs. All they need to do is do some regular workout for the tummy, and, the abs will be appearing within a few weeks.

So all the females reading this, now you shouldn’t stay away from getting a sexier body to impress all those men and women out there. We have told you the path and once you take this route you will end up looking a million times better than your expectations with the help of anvarol.

  • Gynectrol
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Gynecomastia is one of the most common problems that majority of men around the world are suffering. This issue causes men to get bigger breasts that could resemble those of women in most of the cases. These breasts are known by many different slang names, and the most common of them all is man-boobs. This single word can shatter any man’s confidence if someone just says that you have got man boobs. These man boobs are usually caused by the growth of muscle tissues in the male breasts and fat accumulation.

Burning this fat can be pretty hard as workouts don’t usually work on the chest area. As a result of which you will need to get some external help. There are many methods of treating gynecomastia, but most of them are either useless or painful. Many men go to extremes and get surgeries to get rid of their enlarged breasts. These people could have avoided all the pain if they had tried gynectrol once before making their final decision.

Gynectrol is a product by crazy bulk that can make breasts on men shrink and turn into manly chests. This is made possible by the natural ingredients that are present in this supplement. All the ingredients in this supplement enhance the body’s metabolism to burn all the extra fat that has piled up on the chest. It also suppresses the androgenic receptors to halt the muscle growth in the breasts and shrink them in return. This is an amazing natural product that can give and a fat man with boobs all their confidence back by burning way all the excessive fat.


steroid alternatives stacks

Crazy Bulk has some special packages in the form of stacks. These packages contain a combination of different supplements that enable people to achieve different goals once they use these stacks as per the provided guidelines. At the moment we will discuss three different stacks from which you can easily choose and benefit.

Crazy Bulk cutting stack is made to help you in losing all the extra fat that your body has accumulated over the passage of time. Having bigger stronger muscles is useless if they are covered with cushions of fat. So the first step that every bodybuilder takes is to burn away all the fat that has accumulated in their body. The process is pretty hard as one will need a lot of exercise on daily basis to burn the extra fat. The cutting stack makes this process easier by increasing the fat burning process. So you should try this stack before you move on with your bodybuilding process.

Bulking stack by Crazy Bulk is for people who are aiming to build bigger muscles. To build muscles, one has to increase the rate of protein synthesis in the body and also have the maximum amount of testosterone running in the body. The bulking stack does both these things in the best possible way. You will get some amazing muscles after using one bulking stack, and once you on, you will surely be ordering more as soon as possible.

The Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack is a stack that has a mixture of cutting and bulking properties. It is a great option for people who are planning cutting and bulking cycles at the same time. This stack is also a great option for starters and those who are looking forward to get in shape. You can start with this stack on testing basis and then move on to other individual supplements once your body has become familiar with supplements and bodybuilding.

Another benefit of these stacks is that you will be getting a free guide with them. This guide is really handy if you are planning of working all on your own. So don’t miss the chance and get them before the offer ends.

These are some of the products that are sold by this company. You can find many other products on their site quite easily. So check them all out before you make any purchases. Here it is worth mentioning that you can safe some great cash nowadays if you order any of the products in counts of two, you will be getting a third one entirely free (Buy 2 Get 1 Free). For example if you buy 2 D-Bal bottles, the third will be a free gift for you. So don’t miss the chance and order now.

What Makes Crazy Bulk’s Products Different?

Crazy Bulk Products are different from everyone else in one single way. All the products that Crazy Bulk produces are strictly natural to the maximum extent. They have created products from almost all the natural ingredients that could help in people achieve their fitness goals. In order to do this, they had to work pretty hard as combining all these ingredients to get different benefits is pretty hard. It took some time and in the end it is paying off.

All the ingredients that they are using are collected from different parts of the world. Some come from the Amazonian Rainforests while some come from the Indian Himalayas. Their main strength is their method of sourcing all these natural ingredients and then turning them into supplements.

As all these products are herbal or natural to the maximum extent. It is a known fact, that herbal or natural medications, supplements or diets don’t cause any side effects or problems. So while you are using all these natural supplements by Crazy Bulk, you are keeping yourself safe from a wide variety of side effects and other health problems. There hasn’t been any reported case of people suffering from health problems after using these natural products. So if you are tired of your steroids and their side effects, it is the best time to put them away and try some natural supplements.

What Other Steroid Alternatives Do We Have?

There are many different steroid alternatives offered by various trainers and experts. These alternatives are sometimes in the form of a diet plan, at times it is a workout, sometimes it is just some herbs, sometimes it could be an exercise routine, and sometimes it could be a supplement from a company such as Crazy Bulk. We will not be taking a look at all these alternatives and stick to the natural supplements. The main reason behind this is that only natural supplements can act as substitutes to steroids.

We have seen many different people who have been selling different plans and courses at hefty prices to people, with the promise of muscular body. Only 1% of the people who spend their money on such things get some positive benefits. All other people are just giving off their money to these scammers. They try to sell one single thing to almost everyone. How can one same routine or course be beneficial for everyone? Everyone has a different body, and their needs are different. Natural supplements allow you to keep things in your hands and control things accordingly. So avoid all these scammers and spend your first dime on supplements and it will surely be well spent.

What Makes Crazy Bulk Products Natural Body Building Supplements?

Nature has the answer to all the basic needs of the human body. Building stronger and bigger muscles is one of these needs. Nature has given us countless things that can help anyone in getting the type of body they have been dreaming about. Nature can help you in losing the excessive fat, build muscles and gain ultimate strength. This seems quite simple, but it isn’t. The biggest problem with the naturally occurring herbs and other things is that they are hard to collect. Most of these things can’t be farmed and harvested. They only grow in the wild.

Finding and extracting all the natural herbs from nature is pretty hard, and you will be unable to get them all and use them to get a perfect body. So a few decades ago some companies started researching different methods to make supplements by mixing chemicals that had properties similar to various natural herbs. This was a massive failure as nothing synthetic can replace things that nature produces.

So after this failure, very few companies tried to make natural supplements that could act as steroid alternatives that work. Crazy Bulk was one of these companies, and they were able to create many different products that are considered to be stronger than some steroids. These natural supplements were different from everyone else in the market. These supplements worked pretty well as per the expectations of most of the consumers.So next time if you see someone using steroids just recommend them these steroid alternatives that work in the best possible way.

After telling so much about supplements it is necessary to tell a little bit about steroids and why they are so dangerous.

What Are Steroids?

Steroids are just simple chemical that can influence the working of the human body. Decades ago researchers saw that different chemicals had capabilities to increase the rate of muscle growth in humans. Seeing the benefits of this increased muscle growth researchers thought to try these chemicals on athletes. These athletes were able to outperform all their competitors once they had used these steroids. Soon after this these steroids were made available on the shelves so that anyone could buy them and use them.

Reign of Steroids & Side Effects

Almost everyone who had dreamt of getting a better muscular body bought these steroids and started using them. This could be seen in the movies of 60’s, 70’s, 80, and even 90’s. Actors had bodies that were extremely bulky and muscular. These bodies were the result of excessive steroid usage. At this time people started discovering the dark side of these steroids which were these severe side effects.

People started suffering from all sorts of side effects that were caused by these steroids. Ranging from minor side effects such as hair fall and increase in body hairs to heart attacks and liver failure. All these side effects were taking their toll on people, and yet they were willing to suffer from these side effects as they wanted muscular bodies so desperately.

Why Are Steroid Alternatives Needed?

If we talk about all the side effects that are caused by steroids, then you will be reading this for days or even weeks. So we will not be going into depth. We will mention some of the side effects that are familiar. To paint a better picture, we will also be adding some of the most severe side effects that anyone could get after steroid use. So take control of your mind as you might feel a bit mad at yourself for using steroids once you have gone through this small list that we have tried to compile for you.

1. Acne

Acne is one of the most common problems that almost every human suffers from at some stage of their life. The majority of people suffer from acne during puberty. After puberty in adulthood, acne could be a huge problem. It can make anyone’s look awkward. People hate acne more than anything as it spreads quite easily on the skin and person to person. It can also leave permanent marks on your face. Almost all steroids are capable of giving you acne so be prepared for this problem if you will be using steroids.

2. Skin Rashes

Steroids are responsible for increasing the muscle size in the body. They don’t increase the rate of growth of other tissues in the body. When muscles inside the body grow, they also require the skin to develop so that muscles can adjust within the skin. As steroids are not able to provide proper skin growth, it puts stress on the skin. As a result of which people can get redness and rashes on their skin due to the growing muscles under the skin.

3. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common problem, and almost everyone is suffering from this issue nowadays. Steroids can put you at an increased risk of suffering from this problem. Steroids increase the testosterone level in the body which increases metabolism and all this in return increases the heart rate. As a result of all this, the heart comes under stress, and you can suffer from high blood pressure.

4. Neurological Problems

Many different neurological problems are associated with steroids. One of the most common is insomnia. Due to a constant increase in the testosterone in the body after using steroid, people can face difficulty falling asleep at night. This testosterone keeps the body active even at night that doesn’t let your brain relax. It is not a good idea to take sleeping pills along with steroids if you are suffering from sleeplessness. This could be a lethal combination for your brain and body. Apart from this many people have undergone Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment as they started experiencing its symptoms.

5. Hair problems

Hairs are one of the most important things in any man’s body if they grow at the right place. You might have noticed that most of the bodybuilders are bald. The main reason behind their baldness is frequent steroid usage. Steroids can force the hairs on your head to fall quite quickly. At the same time, these steroids can increase the growth of the body hairs. People have experienced sudden and massive increases in their body hairs. The familiar places for the growth of these hairs are the chest, tummy, arms, legs, cheeks and almost all other parts of the body.

Bottom LineOn The Steroid Side Effects

These are just few of the side effects that we thought are worth mentioning. These side effects have been experienced by almost anyone who has been using steroids. You have the option of suffering from these steroids or avoid them by using safer steroid alternatives that we discussed earlier.

Crazy Bulk Supplements The Ultimate Killers of Steroids

Crazy Bulk supplements can be considered entirely opposite of steroids when you take side effects under consideration. All the supplements that we mentioned earlier in the post are entirely safe and no one till date has reported any side effects.

On the other hand if you talk about the benefits of these supplements than they are at par with the steroids. In some cases these benefits can even surpass those of steroids. For this you will need to get proper guidance from a professional and then you are on your way to get either a smarter, muscular, stronger or bulky body in a much safer manner with the help of Crazy Bulk Steroid Alternatives that work.




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