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specific diet plan for steroid users

Specific diet plan for steroid users

Many people have started to believe that steroids work like magic even if there is no input of effort from the user’s side. This is completely wrong. Even though steroids do work like magic on enhancing and speeding up the process of getting your muscles bulkier but it would not happen without a proper diet to go along with it. Only and only if you follow a proper diet plan will you be able to achieve the goal you have been dreaming about. It does not matter if you are doing the cutting cycle or bulking cycle, you will require the diet plan when using steroids.

The common mistake:

Most people make the mistake of following the same protein rich diet even while taking steroids which disables them to fully enjoy the benefits of steroids. Following the diet plan when using the steroid will multiply the rate by which you are getting in shape.

The two types of diet:

Both the cutting cycle and bulking cycle requires a different diet plan to make sure your body is getting all the right amount of nutrients while you are taking steroids. But then you also have the option to decide what kind of diet plan you would be using in those cycles. It could be either the dirty bulk diet or the clean bulk diet. The dirty bulk diet, as the name indicates is the diet in which you don’t look at what you are eating but just eat it. There is absolutely no restriction at what you are ingesting during the diet. You can eat pizzas, burgers, and everything you ever wanted but your nutritionist did not let you eat. It’s all about taking in enough calories while you are on steroids. The clean bulk diet on the other hand focuses on healthy and vitamin rich food. But the question is which one is better?

The dirty bulk diet: Pros and Cons

The truth is you do need to eat like a monster to become one. That means if you want to look like The Hulk you have to eat a lot. The dirty bulk diet allows you to do that as it is very easy to eat up junk food then it is to go on a cleaner path. The biggest problem with dirty bulk diet is the consumption of a huge amount of carbohydrates rather than a balanced diet which will supply us with fats and proteins as well. Risk of diabetes also increases in people taking dirty bulk diet. Human growth level and Testosterone are seen to be affected in their levels while people do dirty bulk diet. These two hormones are very important for muscle growth and definitely work against your plan of getting a bulkier body.

The clean bulk diet:

This diet as name suggests is very healthy and full of important nutrients that are needed rather than compiling on anything and just everything. This means as you are on your steroids, it helps you to focus on the nutrients that your body is needing other than those steroids to get you more muscle mass. For example, steroids increase the formation of protein in our body’s muscle cells. For protein formation, amino acids are needed which are supposed to come through the diet. If you are taking the right diet you might be able to hit all the checks on your daily requirements rather than only dosing off on carbohydrates.

This is a reason why we would be talking about clean bulk diet in both bulking and cutting cycle as it is more efficient.

The Bulking cycle diet plan:

For bulk cycle you can try this diet to ensure you are getting maximum results with your diet plan when using steroids. This will help you to gain faster and is also considered the clean bulk diet. It is important to remember that while being on bulking or cutting cycle, you have to take more than 3 meals a day to keep your body going.

  • First meal for the day comprises on 1 cup of oatmeal, 1 glass of orange juice and 3 egg whites to go with it. The meal becomes carbohydrates and protein rich with these components and provides you with enough nutrients to start up your day.
  • 8 oz of any meat of your choice should be part of your second meal. Try the meat with whole wheat bread for another bulk supply of carbohydrates. 4 oz cheese or 1 sweet potato should be taken with it.
  • Meal 3 has 8 oz of brown rice with 8 oz chicken breast piece. Try eating any vegetable with this meal like asparagus.
  • Meal 4 must have the upmost amount of proteins so you can either eat 5 whole eggs or 10 oz red meat. Salad should be added at a side in sufficient amount to make the meal better.
  • The last meal of the day should be simpler than any other. Try eating cottage cheese with apple and a cup of orange juice. You can also eat Greek yogurt mixed with some fresh fruits to make it healthy.

The Cutting cycle diet plan:

  • The first thing in the morning should be cardio work out even before you have eaten your very first meal of the day. The cardio should be followed by 6 egg whites and 1 cup of oatmeal.
  • The second meal of the day comprises upon Bear naked oats cooked, 1 cup with protein shake.
  • Meal number 3 is dependent on 1 cup of steamed green beans with 12 ounces of Flouder.
  • Meal 4 is 12 ounces of steamed Fish fillet or Salmon fillet with 1 cup of broccoli which is preferably steamed.
  • The last meal of the day has only salad made out of spinach and walnut with the olive oil dressing but this can change if you are still hungry at night. Then you can add Greek yogurt with fresh fruits in it.

A rough guide line to a better diet:

It is rather up to you to either choose the diet plan we designed for you or go with the one your nutritionist or you designed for your body. If you are designing and planning your own diet plan, you need to know the amount of nutrients you need each day to work around like that. It is your choice to complete those nutrients either by following a dirty or clean bulk diet even though it is quite obvious how difficult it would be to ingest all the required nutrients to the dirty bulk diet. For bulking cycle you will require at least 300 grams of protein, 800 grams of carbohydrates and 100 grams of fat. This can change according to your body type and size but again, this is just a rough idea. In cutting cycle, you require to cut on your calorie supply as you are trying to burn fat. Your daily calorie intake get reduce to about 2500 kcal and 50 % of these calories should be taken through proteins. Other 50% is divided on carbohydrates and fats.


No matter what steroid you are taking or what cycle you are running on, a proper diet plan is necessary for the maximum difference in your body shape and size. It is really up to you to choose and follow whichever you prefer. But try to decide a diet plan when using steroids can help you and your body the most. As we were focusing on a clean, boring diet, it might be hard to follow through the same old dull and healthy food all day and you might want to change that. To keep yourself motivated try having a cheat day after every month and let yourself believe the importance of right diet and healthier, stronger body!

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