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Top Ten Reasons Why You Are Unable to Gain Muscles:

It looks like everyone around us is stuck in a similar cycle—the cycle of working out, controlling diet and yet not finding the appropriate and expected results.

Most of the population around us is working on their life habits and their way of living to achieve their dream bodies.

And most of the population is also complaining that no matter what they do, they do not find the results.

In this article, you will be reading about the ten main reasons you cannot build muscles.

Working on getting lean mass is never effortless in any book, but if you only knew what mistakes not to make, it could get a little simpler. Protein is not the only key to gain.

Simply exercising to build muscle mass is never enough. You need to know the right tricks and tips.

So many of my friends started with their gym memberships without knowing the full guide to muscle increase.

This mistake worked to their disadvantage because as soon as they realized building muscles was not as easy as lifting a few weights, they lost their motivation and dropped out sooner than expected.

With the right guide, anyone can glide right through the journey and achieve their desired physique.

Here are the top ten reasons why you cannot build muscle while everyone else around you finds it so easy:

1)- You do not start your work out with a warm-up session.

As written earlier, someone with not enough knowledge about gaining lean muscle mass makes a hundred mistakes and then gives up before getting corrected.

One of these mistakes is not doing a warm-up before starting your exercise session.

A simple warm-up could be anything from a cycling ride to the gym or a few minutes on the treadmill before weight lifting.

The warm-up can get your muscles warmed up and prevent injury to them and help in burning calories while lifting. This process helps in gaining only the lean muscle mass while also burning the fats.

Next time you hit the gym, do not forget to start with fifteen minutes on the cardio corner and take it slow to fast to give your muscles time to get accustomed. This step will also help you work out for a more extended time as you will not be tiring out soon.

2)- You are not resting or sleeping enough.

Our body always requires time to heal and recover. Often, we make the mistake of not to sleep enough to give it time to recover.

On average, a person looking to build muscles should be taking six to eight hours of sleep every night to provide the body with enough time to heal.

Not resting and doing exercises one after the other can slow down the muscles’ growth due to their injury.

Another reason to sleep enough is the human growth hormone (HGH).

HGH is responsible for the growth of our muscles. HGH levels in our blood are highest when we sleep. We cannot miss out on this opportunity for muscle growth by not resting enough.

reasons unable gain muscles
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3)- You are not taking enough protein.

Wouldn’t the world be a fantastic place if our body would look perfect even after eating at McDonald’s every evening?

But in reality, this does not happen.

Our body needs a specific type of nutrients for the growth of particular tissues.

Muscles need protein to increase in volume, and we cannot expect it to grow without it.

A person looking to build muscles should be taking all kinds of meat, eggs and other high protein food. Find out more >> supplements to take for gain muscles

4)- You are not consistent in your exercise routine.

Consistency is the key to achieve any goal you set in life.

Likewise, if you are not consistent enough to follow your exercise routine, you will never be able to witness the results in your body.

Lifting once a week or even twice can never be enough to grow muscle; you need to be working five days a week for proper intervals of time to change your body.

Consistency includes following the right diet, taking enough rest, and doing the lifting side by side.

Any factor excluded from your consistent pattern can eliminate the chances of muscle growth.

5)- You are not doing the right training.

The right kind of exercising and weights are essential for muscle build-up.

You cannot expect your body to get muscular and spend hours on cardio without lifting any weight.

You also cannot gain enough muscles if all you do is lift 5 pounds on both arms.

For proper muscular build-up, you need to push your body beyond the limits; only then your muscles will break and rebuild with increased volume. You also need to take help from a trainer to decide how many sets and reps of each exercise your body needs.

6)- You are lifting the wrong weights.

Hypertrophy is the increase in the volume of cells, and if those cells are in the muscles, it is called muscular growth, in simpler words. It is recommended for hypertrophy of muscles to occur; you should lift a certain amount of weight.

It can all differ from person to person as we all have different weights we can exercise with depending on our stamina. Push yourself, but do not injure your muscles.

Lifting hefty weights is not suitable for muscles as it can damage them beyond repair. But lifting a very lightweight is also not recommended as it can tire you out but not bring any changes to your body.

7)- You are not taking help from the trainers.

Many things can go wrong if you exercise without a mentor or a teacher.

Most people do not have immense sets of knowledge on training or muscle growth which can cause catastrophic damage to your whole plan of getting a bulkier body.

People start to improvise too much if they work without a trainer.

They either do an exercise for too long or change it sooner than required. In the end, they are stuck on a constant plateau of no change in the body. Set your ego aside, and take help from the trainers for maximum results.

8)- You are not patient enough.

Giving up on your body and exercise routine is one of the easiest things to do while working out. But fighting hard enough to see a transformed body, staying patient throughout the journey is the key to success.

Only the real champions follow through the whole map and achieve their goals. If you are willing to stay patient, only then embark on this journey. Follow through on each step and remain consistent.

9)- You are not spending enough time on one set of exercise.

You can be doing everything on the to-do list and still not gain weight if you do not know how to do each step correctly.

For example, lifting weights is not as simple as going up and down. You need to have a breathing pattern that follows the up and down movement.

You also need to slow down and hold to give your muscles time to adjust to each step. This slowing down can bring a change in your muscles. If you go about it in fast motion and only focus on speed, your muscles will only get tired. They will not grow as efficiently as needed.

10)- You are skipping the leg day from your exercise routine.

People usually only focus on building their biceps and skipping leg exercises altogether.

Leg days are mostly used as rest days by some. Leg muscles are a huge part of the muscles’ posterior chain, which means the rear part of your body muscles is affected if the leg muscles do not grow.

Squatting, lunges and deadlifting are just some of the great exercises for overall body muscles growth but focus mostly on legs. So next time on your leg’s day, stay more motivated.

You can build muscles quickly and get your desired physique if you stop making these little mistakes that hurdle your path towards the goal.

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