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Silver Water

The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic – Silver Water

Silver Water

A research has been made on the results and the effects of ionic silver water by an American Doctor who worked hard for many years. The research of that American Doctor came to light 11 years ago. The pharmaceutical industries have been trying to hide the truth for many years. The goal of the pharmaceutical industries was to prove that the ionic silver is not effective to use. But you will be shocked by the results that were achieved by conducting an experiment on 50,000 people.

The results achieved by the American Doctor were that bacteria, fungi and viruses are using the enzymes in their metabolism. The role of the silver catalyst is to act as a catalyst to these enzymes and thus blocking the enzymes.

These disease agents disintegrate as they come in contact with the silver water and remain there without food and oxygen. These results also indicated that silver is the only metal in this world that totally destroys staphylococcus in 100% of the cases. Similarly, same results were obtained for the meningococcal sepsis. It gives 100% healing in all the cases.

Silver has the ability to destroy all the viruses without causing any problem. It doesn’t leave any virus behind and flushes out every one of them. It has the potential to even delete the HIV virus from the body. In some cases, the HIV Virus was completely healed in a significant number by taking a huge amount of these doses. You may not know this, but Silver is the most effective one to cure about all the types of cancer. This is the most amazing fact about silver that it can help you get rid of some of the most dangerous types of diseases.

It was estimated that 100% recovery in all the types of cancer can be achieved by the adequate doses of silver water. There are only two types of cancer that cannot be cured by the silver water and these are pancreatic cancer and silver cancer. It is also observed that even the medicines doesn’t give that effective results and does not heal properly whereas the silver water is seen to have a significant recovery in all the cases.

There are millions of people who are suffering from the problem of a migraine. By taking the adequate amount of silver water, positive results and effective recovery has been seen in the patients with headaches. It solves all the problems related to headaches. Moreover, silver has the solution to all the types of allergies. In 90% of the cases of allergies, people are suffering from an unknown cause with the allergy called chronic fatigue. Silver even has the solution to the problem of chronic fatigue. It eliminates all the symptoms of allergies in the body of a human.

Among all the sterilizers that have ever been discovered, silver is the most powerful of them all. Silver has also been known as the best and strongest stimulant of the immune that have been discovered. The only problem with the ionic form of silver is that it is available at all the pharmacies and is very cheap. Thus, the recognition of the real one will be a heavy blow to the pharmaceutical industry.

There are absolutely no negative side effects of the silver. It is completely safe and healthy for the people of all the ages; from the elder to the babies. As silver is completely excreted from the body within the 24 hours of its intake, so it is totally impossible to overdose with silver. Pharmaceutical companies have invented that silver is toxic to human health so the people would not use it. They did this only to protect their own profit. While the truth is that silver has no side effect on the human body. It is only for the purpose of profit that the pharmaceutical industries fool people by saying that silver has unhealthy and negative effects on the body of a human.

The benefits and advantages of an adequate and proper amount of silver have been discussed and proven in detail by many scientific researchers and even the American Doctors. Thus, silver must be used without any confusion that it would harm your health.


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