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Plyometrics – Way to Gain Muscle Mass

It has been a long time since plyometrics training has been used by athletics. This training was especially designed for athletes so that they can develop promptness and explosiveness. This training is based on jumping which helps in gaining strength and muscles. With keeping all these benefits in mind, plyometrics training have become part of the trainings of weight lifters who wanted to have rock hard muscles.

The best thing about this training session is that it can be done in a very small area with very few equipment’s. Every body part has different exercises. Boxes included in plyometric trainings vary in height, they can be from 12” to as high as you can jump. Apart from boxes, this training also contains balls, whether one or two depending upon your ease, to add extra jumps in your training and to provide you with a complete training set-up. And the last thing that you will be requiring for this training is a pair of sneakers so that you can jump without any issue.

Plyometrics training use your bodyweight as resistance but it needs your body to be moved in different motions. This training includes different jumping motions which helps provide you energy. In these jumps, you won’t require any equipment; you just need your body for it.

You start this exercise with placing your palms on the floor. Then you have to jump as high as possible while reaching up your arms. Then you have to land back on the floor with your palms flat on the floor. Repeat these jumps as many times as you want depending upon your stamina. These trainings can be done in sets like other weight lighting trainings. Apart from this, training in plyometrics includes a box. Follow the following steps:

  • Stand straight with the feet apart in front of the box
  • Jump as high as you can and land on the box
  • Again jump as high as you can and this time land on the floor but it must be quite
  • Steps need to be repeated

If you are targeting your upper body, you will be requiring a medicine ball. You can use it for sit-ups. Follow the below steps for it:

  • Lay down on the floor and put the ball on your head
  • Then sit down and pass the ball to your partner sitting at your feet
  • Get back to your starting position
  • Again sit back and get the ball from your partner and lay back
  • Repeat the steps

This training will pull your abdominals, shoulders, lats, hip flexors, intercostal and oblique. Other trainings that you can do with the medicine ball for your upper body include chest passes and overhead passes.

Plyometrics trainings are a great way to grow new muscles. Due to their explosive nature they use a large number of your muscle fibers. Your entire body is used in it due to the wide range of motions that are being performed in the training. This training can be done anywhere and at any time as it does not require excessive space and equipment. This is one of the best and intensive workouts. After this plyometrics trainings there will be rapid growth of your muscles.

Bodybuilders believe that plyometrics are only for traditional sports due to which they always neglect it but after reading this article, surely you will want to have massive and rapid muscle growth.

Along with this training if you use legal steroids supplements, you can see effective and efficient results. There are different offers that are being offered on their products and stacks from which you can save your money.


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