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What is Parabolan- Features and side effects

There are many bodybuilders who may have heard about Parabolan. It came for a very short time period but has some amazing benefits due to which it became extremely popular in a very short period of time. It was made available in the market for a very short period of time but it was considered as one of the most effective and efficient anabolic steroid of that time. But manufacturers have to stop its production and removed it from the market. Why these anabolic steroids become so popular? If it was so beneficial why was it removed from the market? And many other questions like this might arise in your mind. So, let’s answer them one by one.

What is Parabolan?

It was an anabolic steroid and androgen as well. It was about five times more powerful and efficient then testosterones available in body and market. Due to its effectiveness it was liked by bodybuilders and athletes. Moreover, it also bind receptors with androgen due to which one can easily and quickly gain lean muscle mass and can bulk up. Due to it, this steroid becomes quite popular and favorite of weight lifters, bodybuilders and athletes. Apart from this, it becomes famous because it not only helps get quicker results but the results were long lasting.

Features of Parabolan:

Here are some amazing features of this anabolic steroid that helped it gain popularity in a short time period:

  • Quicker gains of muscles,
  • Long lasting muscles,
  • Can be used as a fat burner,
  • Turns proteins to muscles,
  • Can be used in bulking as well as cutting stacks,
  • And much more.

Side Effects of Parabolan:

Though it has some amazing benefits and due to them it become popular among bodybuilders, athletes and weight lifters but it is important to mention some of the serious side effects that were associated with it. The side effects are:

  • Loss of libido,
  • Sexual dysfunction,
  • Can’t be taken with steroids which have high aromatization,
  • Can cause gynecomastia.

Though these were some of the side effects of this anabolic steroid but no one knows that why Negma, manufacturer of this steroid, pulled it from the market. There are lots of imitations of these anabolic steroids available in the market but one should be very careful while buying them. You must know that they are no more present in the market and if someone is trying to sell them, they are lying and it is surely a scam. Moreover, if they add that they will sell you parabolan at low cost then it is 100% a scam and you will end up buying fake, low quality steroids that will surely affect your health.

Though Parabolan is no more available in the market but you can buy steroids that have similar features. Now you may be thinking that where to find steroids with similar features? The answer is simple and it is internet. Look for the products that have same features and can help you get same results.

This anabolic steroid came in the market only once and it is now no more available in the market. Though there are many steroids that provide similar results but Parabolan is no longer available. It may be available again in the future but we are not sure when and till then we have to use the steroids that have similar effects.

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