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dianabol history and alternative


Bodybuilding and weight lifting are the oldest types of sports in the world. Body building can be considered as an essential part of the human DNA. Almost every man wishes to get a better muscular body, but some people take this as a professional. These professional bodybuilders work extra hard to get better muscles that are stronger and bigger. The natural method to do this is by lifting weights all day long in a gym which can take years to develop proper muscles. To avoid this hassle different supplements were synthesized so that bodybuilders can build their muscles with ease. Among all the supplements methandienone is one of the oldest and most famous.

Athletes have used it for more than half a century. One can easily consider methandienone to bet the strongest supplement to be made till date. It is so potent and efficient that it was labeled as a controlled substance. This doesn’t mean it is dangerous; it just means that it should be used with care under the proper supervision of a physician or a trainer. It is the first choice of millions of bodybuilders and athletes all over the world.

What is methandienone?

Methandienone is a supplement that is sold under many different brand names. The chemical formula for this supplements is C20H28O2. Some of the standard products that also contain methandienone are Dianabol, Averbol, Metanabol, &Neposim. Apart from these, methandienone is also sold under its name. It was initially synthesized in Germany but was only made available in the US market in the 1960’s. Till date, it is one of the most sold bodybuilding supplements.

How is methandienone different?

The main thing that makes methandienone different is its strong effect. It was one of the first supplements to be synthesized from testosterone. Some experts have labeled it to be testosterone which one has to take orally. If one takes a look at the chemical composition of methandienone, they will notice that it is quite similar to that of testosterone.

Many different supplements have been introduced in the market after methandienone, but none of them are as vigorous and capable as methandienone. Methandienone increases the amount of potassium in the body, and at the same time, it also increases the size of the muscles. The main benefit is that one does not need to use this supplement for a prolonged period. Using it for only 6-weeks can provide proper results for almost anyone.

How Methandienone Works?

Methandienone once it is ingested and dissolved into the blood, binds itself to the androgen receptor in the body and forcefully activates it. As a result of this, the rate of protein synthesis in the body is increased considerably. This protein in return is used to build muscles and provide them with strength.

If you wish this supplement to work properly, you will need to take proper food intake. You will need to eat food as many times as possible throughout the day. On average you will need at least 5000 calories per day while you are using this supplement. The supplement will force your body to turn all these calories into muscle mass.

How To Take Methandienone?

There are many different ways of taking this supplement depending on the form you have. It is available in powder, capsule and tablet form in the market. You will need to take extreme care about the dosage of methandienone to get maximum benefit and at the same avoid side effects.

It is recommended that people who are new to this supplement should start with small doses of 10mg and take it 3-5 times per day as per requirement. In the beginning, the dosage should be kept as low as possible so that the body can adjust to the supplement.

The adjustment period is around ten days and after this one can set the dosage as per their body’s requirement. Researches have shown that usage of this supplement above 50mg daily dosage not provide any extra benefit in building muscles. So you should always avoid abusing this supplement above this safety limit.

The best method of taking methandienone is before meals. This helps the body in avoiding most of the side effects. As a result of this practice, the food that you eat can be converted into muscle mass straight away. The daily dosage should be spread over smaller doses of 10mg as it has a short half-life.

If you are a professional, then you can take a single dose of this steroid. This single dose should be taken around 30 minutes before starting the workout. This is solid dose so starters should avoid it. You should also take as much water as possible as sweating increases when you use this steroid. Lack of water can cause serious problems such as weakness and even fainting if you are on a hard workout schedule.

Is methandienone safe?

Over the years many different scientists and experts have researched and proven that methandienone is a safe supplement. There is only one condition associated with its safety. This condition is that one should not abuse this supplement and use it in proper quantity under an expert’s supervision. The danger only arises when you are taking doses in excess of the 50mg recommended dosage. This will not provide any extra benefit but only cause side effects.

Methandienone can be considered to be the most natural supplement as it has been extracted directly from testosterone. Overall side effects of methandienone are quite less as compared to other supplements available in the market. Starters should consult professional trainers before using this steroid so that they can make a proper cycle for them. Never use this steroid for more than six weeks as that can have some permanent effects on the body that might be irreversible.

Are There Any Side Effects of Methandienone?

Yes there are few side effects of this bodybuilding supplement but they are not so serious. Even these side effects can be avoided if one takes it in proper dosage. Some of the common side effects that a person can experience are:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Tingly feeling on face and hands
  • Cholesterol imbalance
  • Hair growth on body
  • Increased size of breasts

These side effects are quite rare and not even confirmed. Most of them occur when other supplements and medications are taken along with methandienone without consulting an expert.

Is Methandienone A Legal Athletic Steroid?

Legality of this steroid or supplement varies around the world. You will need to get in touch with the local authorities to know about the usage of this steroid. It is prohibited to use this steroid in most of the international level competitions around the world. In some countries and states of United States, there is no issue if you are using this steroid. You can easily take part in any competition without facing any troubles. Click here to read more about legal alternative to methandienone.

Methandienone Pros & Cons

Methandienone has many pros and cons like other supplement. We will be mentioning few of them so that anyone reading this can correctly understand this supplement without getting confused.

Pros of Methandienone

One of the biggest pros of Methandienone is that body builders have used it for a long time and almost all experts have proper knowledge about it. You can easily get help regarding its usage from professionals around you.

  • Quick Weight Gain
  • Boosts Strength
  • Increases Stamina
  • Quick muscle growth
  • Less side effects

Cons of Methandienone

There are some cons of this supplement and they are also well-known. These cons under any circumstances cannot outweigh the pros. Here are some of the pros that are associated with it:

  • It suppresses the natural testosterone production in body.
  • Excess usage can cause gynecomastia popularly known as man boobs.
  • Damage to liver with prolonged use

If you see these cons are not so serious and can easily be neglected to get the benefits.

How To Buy Methandienone?

Methandienone can’t be bought openly from the market as it is considered a controlled substance. There are ways through which you can easily purchase it online. Methandienone is easily available on online stores that can ship it to a customer’s doorstep. This saves customers from a lot of hassle. Still, you need to be careful if you are using Methandienone after purchasing it online. You should use it in proper quantities, or you can suffer from side effects.

There are many legal alternatives for methandienone in the market today. But the most prominent is D-BAL – DIANABOL. It provides every benefit of methandienone, but it does not have any of the side effects. It is 100% effective, safe, and legal.


If you take a look at Methandienone as an expert, you will know no doubt rank it as one of the best muscle building steroid available in the market. Athletes have used it for decades, and everyone knows almost everyone about it. If you use it in proper dosage, you will not have any trouble at all. Purchasing it can be a bit of hassle from a shop, but if you go online, this hassle is also eliminated. This steroid is the father of all steroids as it was the first one to be made available in the market.


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