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Masturbation & Testosterone Deficiency

Masturbation & Testosterone Deficiency

Testosterone has a great role to play when it comes to the sexual life of men. The sexual life of men almost entirely depends on testosterone. Without this hormone, no man will be able to have any sexual life at all. There are many different functions that testosterone has when it comes to sex. The most important of them all is an erection. Men cannot have proper erections until their testicles aren’t producing the required amounts of testosterone. There are many examples from the history where men have abstained from sexual activity and ejaculations to boost the testosterone in their bodies and use it to generate strength in their bodies.

How Is Testosterone Used During Sex?

During sexual activity testosterone has to be supplied to the reproductive organ and all the muscles in the body. Men can only get complete and strong erections with the help of testosterone. If there is even the least bit of deficiency the male reproductive organ will be unable to function properly. The testosterone that is used during the sexual intercourse is disposed of by the body once the male has ejaculated.

It is usually considered that this testosterone goes waste once men have ejaculated. At the same time, many people argue that this testosterone goes waste while some say that it stays in the blood. After going through some research papers we were able to decide that this testosterone is just used for the sexual activity and it is not used by the body to develop muscles. Muscles are only produced by the testosterone that is produced by the adrenal gland. Yet there is a direct connection between the sexual performance and testosterone levels in the body.

Importance of Zinc

Zinc is a really important mineral in the human body. It has been referred as the sex booster for men. It has been seen in multiple studies that men who have good quantities of zinc in bodies are able to have a better sexual life. Zinc basically helps in keeping the testicles healthy. If a man has strong and healthy testicles, he will surely be able to produce more amounts of testosterone that will give better erections.

After every sexual intercourse, the zinc reserve of the body is depleted a little bit. So when men masturbate their body will keep on using this zinc. If a person is not taking proper amounts of zinc on regular basis and masturbating then they can suffer from zinc deficiency. As a result of this, the testicles will be unable to produce the required amounts of testosterone.

There have been many different studies in which men suffering from sexual problems were given zinc on a regular basis. As a result of this within a few days, these people were able to have a much better sexual life. This also resulted in a boost in testosterone level in the body. There are many different supplements that contain zinc, and they can be used by men to boost the testosterone levels in their bodies.

Does Masturbation Cause Impotency

Yes, it can cause impotence in some serious cases. In most of the cases, this only happens when people masturbate more than normal. As a result of this, their testicles have to work more than normal. This can damage the testicles and also cause a deficiency of different nutrients in the body. As a result of this men would be unable to get stronger erections and even if they are able to get one they will be unable to maintain it for a long period of time.

Most of the youngsters don’t understand this and they masturbate regularly without any limits. In such cases, they suffer from serious problems later on in their lives. It is advised that men should abstain from porn and other such things to stay away from masturbation. If they have started noticing any problem then they should start using some good supplements such as Testo-Max to boost testosterone. It will help level the testosterone in the body so that the body can develop muscles properly and reproductive organs too.

Does Masturbation Abstinence Actually Boost Testosterone?

There have been thousands of people who have abstained from masturbation and sexual activities for months or even years to boost testosterone in their bodies. In most of the cases, these people have claimed to have benefits that seem to be almost impossible. As per the claims, these people say that once they stopped masturbation they were able to force their bodies to use all the excessive testosterone to get strength. This has been a really common concept among many athletes.

Recently some of the boxers claimed that they tried to have as much sex as possible before their bouts. As a result of this, they were able to perform in a better manner during different competitive events. Testosterone levels in these people can get as high as 200% over the normal limits. Yet there could be many drawbacks of such practices.


One of the main drawbacks is that you will suffer from hormone imbalance. This can cause serious mood swings and cause many problems. In some cases, it can happen that people could suffer from painful erections that could be unbearable. Sex is an essential part of the human life and it will keep on producing chemicals for this purpose no matter if someone is having sex or not. If these chemicals are not removed from the body they can cause serious problems. The only method of removing these chemicals in most of the cases is to have sex or masturbate.


Testosterone is a really important hormone in the body. Excess amounts of this hormone in the body can do miracles for men. Men will be able to get better muscular bodies with this testosterone and at the same time have an amazingly better sexual life.

Abstaining from sex and masturbation completely can be a bit harmful to the body as it will cause a buildup of harmful chemicals in the body. Yet over masturbation can also cause many problems, especially testosterone deficiency.

If you are planning to abstain from masturbation, just make sure that you don’t stop it completely. You should try to masturbate once in a while so that your sexual organs can keep on functioning properly.

Channeling the testosterone produced for sexual purposes to get strength is a really hard task but not impossible. You will need to adapt in order to achieve this goal. Meditation is one of the best options and people have been doing it for centuries to kill their sexual urges to boost the mental and body strength.

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