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10 Hottest Female Bodybuilders: Insane physiques to inspire you!

Looking for some fitness inspiration? Look no further than the top 10 hottest female bodybuilders! These women have worked hard to sculpt insane physiques that are sure to motivate you to hit the gym. Whether you’re looking to build muscle or just get in better shape, these women will show you that anything is possible with enough dedication and hard work. So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired by the hottest female bodybuilders today!

Our Top 10 Hottest Female Bodybuilders

1 – Oksana Grishina

Oksana is a popular Russian beauty and professional female bodybuilder. She entered the arena in 2007 with her IFBB pro card.

Number one on our list is Oksana Grishina. She was born in Russia and is a popular fitness model. Oksana Grishina is one of the hottest female bodybuilders in the world. She has an insane physique that is sure to inspire you.

She’s a female bodybuilder who enjoys bodybuilding and has a degree in physical training and sports science.

As a young girl, she was involved in competitive gymnastics but decided to transition to female bodybuilding. She found herself instantly hooked on the competition.

She is one to keep an eye on in future competitions.

2 – Cory Everson

The oldest woman on this list of the top ten hottest female bodybuilders is Cory Everson with an amazing physique and inspiring passion for fitness.

Her achievements in comparison to other women are recognized by both her physical appearance as well at Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award!

Cory continues to inspire women everywhere with her passion for fitness and her amazing physique.

She is a very successful bodybuilder who competes in many competitions.

3 – Pauline Nordin

Next, we will talk about Pauline Nordin. She is a 39-year-old female bodybuilder.

When she was 17 years old, she started competing in bodybuilding competitions. But by the time she turned 20, she was very competitive.

In recent years, she has helped many people turn their lives around as the trainer and diet coach for the Swedish version of The Biggest Loser.

4 – Debi Laszewski

It is hard to believe that this beautiful woman started weight training at 20.

For four years she was taking part in bodybuilding competitions and has achieved so much!

She’s won second place for Ms. Olympia 2012, worked as a fitness model for different sports brands etcetera – it’s clear how to fit these ladies are the portrayal of their bodies reflects not only what they can do but also shows off an incredible balance between muscles/tightness which gives us all something worth striving towards.

5 – Sharon Bruneau

Sharon’s story is an interesting one.

She started as a fashion model and then switched things around to bring her attractive physique into the bodybuilding world, which we know can be tough for some women because it requires hours of dedication every day – but not only did she succeed on the first try (and make lots more money), eventually Sharon was able to find success with both careers!

6 – Brooke Holladay

Brooke Holladay started as a dancer and gymnast but soon realized that she was able to build muscle mass quickly.

She won many competitions, including Ms. Olympia.

She is one of the most beautiful female bodybuilders. She has a great physique and a cute face and smile.

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7 – Larissa Reis

Larissa Reis is one of the hottest female bodybuilders out there.

She’s got an incredible physique that’s sure to inspire you.

Larissa started her career as a college student and quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

But she wasn’t satisfied with just being beautiful. So, she started training with weights and quickly figured out that it was a hidden passion of hers.

She also gained sponsorship from a supplement company early on in her career. And you just need to follow her Instagram feed to see the hard work she puts in at the gym to maintain her attractive physique.

Her passion for fitness is evident in every post, and she frequently shares tips and tricks with her followers.

8 – Sarah Backman

Sarah is one of the female bodybuilders who transitioned from a professional wrestling career to bodybuilding. She is well-known for her incredible transformation.

She is best known for her time in arm wrestling, where she was a two-time women’s champion. Sarah has since retired from wrestling and now focuses on her bodybuilding career.

The former wrestler was known for arm wrestling many people and winning. She was strong, which helped her compete effectively in her first competition.

9 – Erica Cordie

Erica had an interesting start to bodybuilding. She started strength training at 17 after injuring her knee in a skiing accident. Erica is now one of the hottest female bodybuilders and has an insane physique that is sure to inspire you!

Even though she was involved in sports from a young age, she didn’t give up. She decided to become a female bodybuilder and fitness model.

She also has a charming personality that shines through in interviews. And you can check her out in her favorite superhero outfit Wonder Woman.

10 – Eva Andressa

She is the first from Brazil on this list of female bodybuilders. Some people argue that she has the most striking looks of all the female bodybuilders in the world, and I would tend to agree. She is a dark-haired beauty that is sure to inspire anyone who sees her.

Women bodybuilders are an inspiration to many people. They have achieved a level of physical perfection that most of us can only dream of. And they make it look so easy!

But there is more to these women than just their looks. They are also incredibly strong and determined. They have worked hard to achieve their goals, and they are an example to all of us of what is possible if we set our minds to it.

We hope our list of some of the most accomplished female bodybuilders has motivated you to achieve your goals or just to begin your fitness journey.







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