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High & Low Testosterone

Signs, Symptoms, Problems & Benefits of High & Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a crucial hormone in the human body. It is usually required for the proper growth of muscles and other organs in the body. Apart from this, it is quite necessary for men as men aren’t men without testosterone. In men, testosterone is required to build stronger and bigger muscles. Along with that, another major use of this hormone is to improve the sexual life of men.

Low levels of testosterone can cause many serious problems for men. This can make the personal and social life of almost any man miserable. Some of the people will keep on suffering from this issue without consulting anyone as they consider it untreatable. Everyone out there suffering from testosterone shortage has to understand that they can get their manliness back really easily.

There are many cases where the testosterone level in some people can go beyond the safe limits. In such cases, these people will also suffer from many problems. It is a known fact that excess of everything is dangerous and testosterone is one of these things. It can cause many different side effects including baldness, the extraordinary growth of body hairs, excessive muscle growth and other such problems. In most of the cases, people get testosterone to such high levels by using illegal steroids.

So we will be discussing testosterone and its effects on the human body. We will try to tell as much as possible without making things complex. So read on, and you will be a testosterone expert once you are done with the reading.

What Causes Testosterone Deficiency?

There is a medical term for testosterone deficiency in men. This is called hypogonadism. This is a medical condition that is common all over the world, and there are many different treatments made by various experts all over the world. Most of the testosterone in men is produced by the testicles. If the testicles stop producing this hormone than it could be a serious problem as these men will be unable to have any sexual life at all.

The second major source of testosterone is the adrenal gland. The testosterone produced by this gland is usually used for the growth of muscles. People who have a malfunctioning adrenal gland will usually have lean bodies with less muscle mass. These people are generally unable to develop their personalities properly by growing their bodies.

At the same time, some body builders with bulky muscles can also face this problem. In bodybuilders, testosterone deficiency is usually caused as a side effect of the steroids that they have been using. Illegal steroids will often stress out the adrenal gland forcing it to produce excessive testosterone, as a result of this, the glands can stop working properly and stop producing required quantities of testosterone. So it is advised that you should never use steroids in excess as you will inevitably suffer from problems once you stop using them.

What Causes High Testosterone Levels?

There are many different things that can cause the testosterone levels to shoot over the safe limits. No doubt high testosterone is beneficial for men, but there is a certain limit after which it can become a really serious issue. In some people, this is a genetic problem that usually kicks in during the puberty. It can be controlled pretty easily, but mostly people just ignore it. Men can easily ignore this issue but women can’t.

The high testosterone level in the body can be a nuclear bomb for the women. It can destroy their lives in every possible way. Women will start growing hairs on their body that resemble those of men. Plus these hairs can’t be waxed or shaved as they are much thicker than the hairs women usually have. Apart from this women can also develop facial features quite similar to men due to testosterone.

Apart from the natural causes, high testosterone levels can also be caused by steroids. There are many illegal steroids that can force the body to produce this hormone in uncontrolled quantities. This can render the testosterone producing glands in the body useless in many cases. People are taking this risk as they can only see themselves becoming muscular and stronger while ignoring all the facts and problems that they could suffer from.

Benefits of High Testosterone

There are seemingly no benefits of lower testosterone level in the body, but high testosterone levels could be beneficial to some extent. There are many different benefits related to high concentrations of this hormone in the body. Almost every man wants to have the highest amount of this hormone in their body for many different reasons. Here are some of the reasons that force most of the men to use products such as Testo-Max to boost testosterone in their bodies.

Muscular & Attractive Body

There is no man in this world, who wouldn’t want a muscular and attractive looking body. Testosterone has a significant role to play in giving men the body of their dreams. Testosterone is responsible for increasing the muscle mass in the body and at the same time burn away all the excessive fats. Mix these benefits with a bit of exercise and anyone can easily get great abs, biceps and other muscles.

Women love men with such bodies, and you surely have higher chances of picking dates with a smarter and muscular body. So if you think that you need a testosterone boost, then you should try eating some food that will force your adrenal gland to pump this hormone in right quantities in your body. Just make sure that you don’t go over the limits and suffer from side effects.

Fresh and Healthy Body

Health and freshness of the body depend entirely on proper blood circulation in the body. For this reason, it is necessary that your body has appropriate amounts of testosterones. Testosterone helps the body in keeping blood thin so that it can easily circulate the body. Apart from this it also breaks down the cholesterol that is responsible for blockage of the veins. This enables the body to pump more blood with less effort.

Apart from all this the entire process also boosts the delivery of nutrients and oxygen of different parts of the body. The effect can easily be noticed from the face as you will have a healthier looking skin. Apart from this, you will also have fewer chances of suffering from strokes which are usually caused by blood clotting which testosterone can easily prevent. All this has been proven by many different studies, but we would like to mention the study by the University of Tokyo which proves everything we just said.

Keeps The Mind Fresh

The freshness of mind is necessary. This freshness can only be achieved if your mind is free from all sorts of stress and anxiety. When you have plenty of testosterone running in your blood, you will automatically feel confident. Confidence can help anyone to fight away stress and anxiety. Once you are away from these two problems, you will see your life change. You will be able to seek things from a whole new perspective. Everything will be filled with positivity, and you would strive to achieve all your goals. Testosterone has also be labeled as a confidence building drug as it helps many athletes win by giving them a confidence boost before a competitive event.

Better Beard & Moustache

Beards are in fashion, and they can enhance any man’s personality. Many people who have been unable to grow proper beards suffer from different problems in their lives. These people have been labeled as being girly and degraded at many stages in their life. One of the main causes behind people not growing beards is that their body doesn’t have enough testosterone. So you should try to boost testosterone levels in your blood to get a bold look.

This hormone can help in giving men great beards, and they can also see an increase in their body hair. It all depends on choices. If you love body hairs and want them, testosterone can give them to you within no time. Just make sure that you don’t get too much of these hairs or you will end up looking like the Big Foot.

Problems Caused By Testosterone Imbalance

There are all sorts of problems that could be caused by testosterone imbalance in the body. We will be discussing some of the challenges that people usually suffer from increased or decreased testosterone in their bodies.

Neurological Problems Due To Low Testosterone

These are common among people who are suffering from testosterone deficiency. There are many different neurological problems that these people can suffer from. One of the most common problems is anxiety. Anxiety is no doubt common nowadays, but people suffering from testosterone deficiency suffer from extraordinary social anxiety.

These people are usually complexed as their mind is always worried. They are worried that will they find a good partner in life, would they be able to satisfy their partner and many other such things. This can destroy almost anyone’s life into bits.

Apart from this many people have also suffered from hyperactivity once testosterone in their body shoots over the safe limit. In such cases, people are just unable to understand what is going around them. You surely have seen bodybuilders getting angry suddenly and destroying everything around them. In kids, this issues is usually called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder but in adults, it is entirely different. For adults, there aren’t any ADHD medications available. So consult a doctor if you feel you are feeling hyperactive after using a steroid. It could just be the start of some serious problem.

Heart, Liver and Kidney Problems Due To High Testosterone

Testosterone is responsible for increasing the process of protein synthesis and muscle building in the body. Once the levels of testosterone are above the safe limits, they will force the body to produce excessive protein. This will put stress on the liver. After this, the proteins will need to be carried around the body for which the heart will need to pump more blood. Once the muscles have broken and used the proteins, they will also produce many harmful chemicals that will need to be removed by the kidneys. This entire process can also cause breathing problems especially for people with asthma as the body will also require more oxygen.

So if you feel a sudden rise in your heartbeats and breathing after using a steroid, then you should consult a physician to know if everything is alright. You can suffer from serious problems if anything goes wrong. We suggest that you should use safer legal steroids such as Testo-Max if you wish to get bigger muscles with steroids.

Uncontrolled Muscle Growth Caused By High Testosterone

Muscle growth is no doubt perfect for every man, but if the muscles keep on growing uncontrollably, it could be a serious problem. There are many people who have faced this issue. These people initially took steroids to boost testosterone in their bodies, but soon their bodies started producing testosterone in excessive quantities. This forced the muscles to keep on growing. Many people have developed imbalanced muscles in their bodies where one bicep seemed to be normal while the other one just looked like Popeye. So never abuse steroids, or you could end up looking like a real-life Popeye.

Unwanted Erections Caused By Testosterone High

This problem is only caused when the testosterone levels in the body are high. So if you are planning to use some steroid or supplement to boost your testosterone, then be ready for this. Once these supplements enter the body, they will force different testosterone producing organs to produce as much testosterone as possible. Testicles are one of these organs and once they start producing testosterone than you will surely have a tent on your lap any moment. These erections can be painful as they could last for a long time. So be careful or consult a doctor if you somehow have this problem.

Summing It All Up

Testosterone is one of the most praised hormones by men. They wish to get its amount skyrocketing in their bodies without knowing the consequences. This hormone can make any man’s life high within no time. High proportions of this hormone can give men muscular and attractive bodies without excessive efforts. While the deficiency can be a huge problem, as it can destroy any man’s social and personal life.

It is necessary that you should leave the testosterone levels to the natural limits of your body in most of the cases. You can easily boost these levels with the help of steroids. Here just be careful and try to use the safest possible legal steroids. These steroids will help you in avoiding side effects, and at the same, they will be safe to carry around. You can use Testo-Max which boosts testosterone in a bit natural manner.

Always try to consult a physician if you think that your testosterone levels are way over or below the safe limits. They will then tell the best possible treatments that you can opt for such as diet plans. If you wish to avoid the doctor, then you should do some online research, change your life a bit and get the testosterone back to normal within no time.

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