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Gain weight and muscles together

Gain weight and muscles together

The unlimited ways to change your body:

There are many directions you can choose from when you are working out and training hard through the days and nights. You can either exercise to lose weight or you can decide to tone up your body. Some people prefer doing training to lose weight and gain muscle while others are in a severe need to gain weight while they are also increasing their muscle mass. If you are in the category of the latter and you are wondering how to gain weight and build muscle then you are at the right place. Here is how.

How to gain weight and build muscles?

The very first step: decide your end result

Now we all know you are reading this because you are wishing to gain some pounds and muscles but it would be ridiculous to go for an impossible goal. Try to set a goal that is achievable and realistic so you are not pushing yourself too hard and you do not stand disappointed after a few months. It would be an ecstatic feeling to know you have actually gone to achieve your goal when you do. Do not start without setting a target as that will affect the motivation. Your inner motivation only comes when you have somewhere to be and you never want to settle for anything less so make sure there is a target weight and body shape you are aiming for. Surround yourself with people who would be able to push you and support you on your journey instead of forcing you to eat that McDonalds burger which definitely is not healthy even when you want to gain weight.  Start by making a diary about your journey, you will feel the push to fill it with your progress. Make sure you are not only jotting down your starting weight but also all other measurements. From your thigh size to your biceps, every part should be measured so you can really know where you gained the most. Once you have set your goals and know where you are starting from and where you need to finish, it is time for the next step!

Plan your diet:

When you are aiming to lose weight, your first priority is to take fewer calories than you are burning in a day. So when you are trying to gain weight and muscle mass, your calories intake should be more than what you are burning in a day through training. It will be hard for a while to eat more than you are used to especially if you have been skinny thin your whole life but baby steps help. Make sure everything you are eating is calorie dense food so less food can check off your daily calorie requirement. Full fat dairy products and fruits like avocado top the list of food you should be eating at a time like this. Olive oil and dry fruits help as well! You should not only be aiming for calorie rich diet but also for healthier options. Eating unlimited amount will help you gain weight but that will be considered very unhealthy.

Ideas to plan your meals:

You can be creative while deciding what you want to have for breakfast or lunch or dinner. In breakfast, with a full glass of milk, you can take a slice of bread with a thick layer of peanut butter as peanut butter is calorie rich. Make an avocado salad for your lunch and dress it with a lot of olive oil. Your snacks could be a handful of nuts every now and then during the whole day. Dinner should be a big piece of steak with mashed potatoes or sea food with boiled eggs. You need to add more fruits and vegetables to your daily life if you are looking towards a healthier body. Leefy, green vegetables should be used in each salad and fruits should be taken as snacks every now and then. Protein shakes help the protein synthesis as well.  You need to make sure you are not only focusing on calories but the type of nutrient you are ingesting as some nutrients are more important to our body than the others.

Target the nutrients most needed by your body:

Protein is one of the components of food that is absolutely necessary for the process of building and gaining muscle. You do not only require protein to get your muscles bulky but it also helps you gaining weight overall so protein is a must in your diet plans but that does not mean it is the only nutrient you require. You also require healthy carbs to get you going through the process of building muscles. It has been researched and proven that taking a snack full of carbs before and after your workouts helps minimizing the muscle breakdown and loss and instead it helps you gain more muscle in long runs. Fruits and whole wheat bread can be the snacks you can choose to eat pre or post workout.

Workout and training:

If you are following proper diet plans then you are probably halfway there with gaining weight but what about the part where you are supposed to build muscle? Now you cannot build muscles alone on the fact that you are taking enough proteins. You need to break those muscles with your training so they can build again with the extra protein you have been feeding them. When they repair and get themselves renewed, they are stronger, bigger and obviously better. But what kind of exercises you can choose to break those muscles and which areas you should be targeting most?

Be versatile:

Sometimes you think you know the best when you only want to gain muscles of your arm of upper body but you could not be more wrong. You need to target each and every muscle group to bring about the overall change in your muscle mass and body weight. Targeting one set will only hurt that part more and you would be tired and resting in the time you could be working on the other muscles. Now to make things easier you could always assign days to a set of muscles. Like Tuesday could be your legs day while Wednesday is designated for arms only. While you are planning your weekly routine, do not forget to add a rest day.

Types of exercises:

Weight lifting is known to be the best to build the muscles of your arms so it should be a must in your list on an arms day. To include your upper body in the process, you can spice it up a bit and go for overhead press or dips and pull ups. The best exercises for lower body muscles are lunges and dumbbell step up. Compound exercises are proven to work better on your body than ordinary isolated sets. In isolated exercises, you are targeting one set of muscles at a time but with compound, you can target multiple sets while doing the same exercises. Squats are the best example for compound exercises so do not forget to try that.


People probably realize how important it is to exercise and follow a proper diet plan but they do not know the requirements of training for a better body. You need to rest as muscle building is the kind of repair process that happens once you are in the state of rest or sleeping. Do not forget to breathe through your exercises! People mostly focus on getting through a set and forget to breathe adequately which pushes our body in an alkaline body environment which definitely tires us before time. Take deep breaths while going through your specific sets and drink a lot of water. Water is as important as breathing and should not be taken for granted.

Supplements: the catalyst to the whole process.

Now you realize the importance of diet and exercise but what if there is a way to make the process even faster with a little something that requires no effort! People have painted an image in our minds that make us feel steroids are dangerous and should not be part of our lives. But now there are legal steroids available in all our markets that have maximum benefits and zero percent of the side effects. Legal steroids like D-Bal or Trenorol not only help you gain muscle mass but obviously show you results when you stand on that weighing machine. Take legal steroids while you are training is very important as it gives you your goals results in a very small amount of time!


Everyone questions how to gain weight and build muscle at the same time and the answer is very simple. Take proper diet and nutrients every day while you exercise! Plan your work out days and push each of your muscle to grow instead of opting and focusing on one. Legal steroids are known to catalyze the whole process of muscle building so take some help and reach your goals faster!


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