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gain strength and build muscle

Gain strength and build muscle!

The world is running on new trends and styles joining the race each day.  It’s hard for people to keep up with each trend they see or admire over the social media but keeping fit and getting active is the most important one that shouldn’t be ignored. Various Instagram pages or Snapchat accounts are dedicated to teach people how to build muscle or strengthen it. Everyone needs to understand the complexity of muscles before trying to work on it.

What is a muscle?

Muscles are basically soft tissues containing protein filaments. Muscles are the basic requirement for any force or movement in our bodies. The stronger the muscles are the better strength a person can inflict. There are various ways to strengthen those muscles and one way is to build the muscles properly. According to science and medicine, signals derived through hormones, diet and strength training can help you if you need to build your muscle. The important thing to keep in mind is the fact that muscle fibers never increase in number but increase in size in which protein is a necessary component that is needed. With this in mind, we can revolve all our efforts around the factors that make up the muscles.

How to build muscle faster?

There is never one factor involved that can result in something happening. Same is the case with muscle build up. To know how to build your muscles, we all need to realize all the factors that could be involved in the complex process. To strengthen the muscles, we don’t only have to work by exercising but also a great effort is required in controlling the diet. The first step should always be the realization of what is good and bad food. Most of the times the quantity doesn’t matter but the content do. Same goes for exercising; we need to realize what muscles we are targeting or what exercises are best and most efficient in our situation. Compound exercises are also the answer to most of problems. Compound exercises are made up of different exercises connected together to form one. As we said earlier, there is more than one factor involved in building up the muscles and that is why we need to work on all the factors when we try work on our muscles rather than only focusing on one.


Changing your diet could stimulate the growth of your muscles faster than you can imagine. Increasing the amount of calories intake with each day can be the first step that should be taken. People should keep in mind that eating clean should be the first priority even when increasing the amount of calories. As we talked about the protein being the basic content for muscles, we should make sure to make proteins the main constituent of our diets. Drinking enough amount of water should be the next step! Water is needed for the building of any muscle. Increasing the frequency of the meals rather than quantity is the better road to build any muscle. Taking in healthy fats is a better option than ignoring fats at all. Fat always enhances the flavor of the food as well. Unsaturated fats are considered the good type of fats and can be found in olive oil, canola, nuts and avocados. Omega-3 fat is the most beneficial fat that should be made a priority in our diet. Vitamin supplements should be taken regularly in diet; also there are other supplements that help in growth of muscles. Supplements like Trenolol and Testo-Max are available in market that are famously used by people working on their muscles. If a person starts to surround his or her diet around all these factors then half of the work is done. The other half could be done by exercising.


Diet helps in the building of muscles but another important component is exercising. Muscles only get bulkier once they are broken down, after their break down they build up again. The newly formed muscles are known to be bigger in size and stronger in strength. But to start through the process, the most important part of your daily routine should be warming up. Warm up is essential before any exercise or the exercise could result in dangerous consequences. Not doing warm up results in abnormal breakage of muscles or muscles getting stretched. Do not forget to cool down as well. After you finish you exercise routine, you need to stretch and cool down the muscles. You need to ease them into the environment! Warm up and Cool down are the most important component of any exercise routine as missing any of it could affect your health.

The types of exercises can vary depending on what you are hoping to target. For example, to target or build the muscles in upper body you can start with the simple planks. Planks are a great way to begin the initiation of muscle strengthening. Plank targets the entire core in one go and are easier to learn for those who can do the pushups without any effort. For chest exercises, pushups and bench presses are most recommended. Upper body can also be target through pull ups, and standard or oblique crunches. For arms, dips are the best option available. Bicep curls and triceps extensions are also good for bigger and better arms. One of the most common mistake people do while they work on their arms is that they forget their forearms. Most of us have no idea how to build the muscles of forearms. Wrist curls help targeting this area and are known to be very efficient. Chin ups also help in effecting the arm muscles.

Leg muscles are another story overall as those are muscles that are in use all day long mostly. To strengthen them we have to work harder than we do on any other muscle area. Stiff legs should be a must have in everyone’s exercise routine if they want bigger legs. Stiff leg targets the hamstring muscle. To target you calf muscles, try doing calf raises with weights in hand. Sumo squats help with inner thigh muscles. Lunges are also a great exercise targeting your legs, but all these exercises cannot be remembered while you set up a routine and mostly a trainer is needed to guide us into action.

How much a trainer can help?

Trainers are available in most of all gyms but the question is that are personal trainers really required and what their advantages are. Trainers have more than the basic knowledge of how to build muscles and strengthen them. They have the complete picture of what muscles are and how they can be damages so they can guide you perfectly.

Some people argue that all this information is now available at internet and can be utilized without wasting the extra money on hiring the trainer. But trainers help you by looking at your body structure and situation. They reduce the chances of stress injury and also help you in achieving your goals faster because they have more information regarding targeting a specific area than you do. Sometimes while we believe we are doing everything just fine we still see no result at the end of the time and no visible change can be seen in us. That is when our posture and form comes to play the game. Mostly we don’t realize how wrong our form is while we are performing a single exercise but a trainer can observe and fix it instantly. While trainers are good to challenge your abilities, they also give you the advantage of choosing your own location for work out. A trainer can help you with exercising in your house or your garden and some people hire them for this reason itself. As they work around your schedule and keep you on a short leash with a time table and plan, they also make sure your goal is achievable and realistic. This is one mistake most of us make while setting a goal as we seem to imagine we can do the impossible. A trainer is like that teacher who helps by pushing you to work harder and then we also have someone to answer if we miss on any of our diet routines.

Trainers don’t only help us in how to build the muscles faster but also affect the mental health. They are also a good choice to discuss your diet and food routines with as they have more knowledge of what food is required for a better body. Trainers realize the unique requirements from people like bad knee or anything for that matter. They work around your health and rather revolve the exercise routine in a way that is best and easier for you. We might neglect those special requirements because we would not realize how to exercise while accommodating the specific flaws in us.


Another thing that is needed to be focused is the right amount of stress and rest. Pushing yourself too hard can never be too good for you. Try to rest and take 8 hours recommended sleep the day you exercise and try to avoid the extra use of those muscles you worked on. Trainers help with forming a routine for you that consists of diet plans, exercise schedule and as well as sleeping patterns. Also, keep in mind that someone can never achieve steroid like results without the use of actual steroids. People around you with great bodies are probably already taking the supplements like Anadrole or D-bol by companies like CrazyBulk so don’t feel embarrassed by taking some. It is always a good option to provide the right amount of nutrition to your muscles as you work on them. The end result that we all have been hoping for is a stronger and better muscle so we got to work accordingly and target all the needed factors as we plan on targeting our muscles. Never giving up should be a priority in our list as well because people try to find the result earlier than it appears and then give up really soon. Patience is a virtue that should be embraced and wait can only result in a better body.


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