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foods that can be helpful in muscle gain

Foods that can be Helpful in Muscle Gain

Are you all set for gaining lean muscle mass? You may have gathered the latest equipment’s or registered yourself for the workout sessions and may have got the bulking stack but what about the food? Do you know which food you must be consuming to compliment your workout regime and supplements? Do you know the right food for yourself? Let’s take a look at the ten best foods that can help you gain lean muscle mass. Some of them will be surprising while others will be drooling for. Before you start any workout whether for gaining or losing, you must know that your workout, supplements you take and the food you eat goes hand in hand. All of them must be taken properly so that they can complement each other. So, let’s take a look at the food that you must be taking while you are bulking up.



Beans, pulses and chickpeas belong to legumes family. In the gaining process, they can prove to be magical fruits. During your workout session, you need lots of energy and for that you must be taking right amount of fuel. And these legumes are filled with proteins, fibers and other nutrients, and are a great source for fueling up your body.



While you are gaining lean muscle mass, the first thing that you need in high quantities apart from energy is high proteins. And when you think about proteins the first food that clicks your mind is meat. Lean meat is mostly preferred as it is high in proteins but low in fats. Meat has nutrients like vitamins, iron and zinc, and proteins in them. You can take it in any form you like. Moreover, they are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids which increase your metabolism rate and helps in losing extra fats from your body.



Nuts may be small in size but they are full of nutrients, oils and proteins. They can be taken as a snack or as a whole meal. They can be taken as it is or you can roast them to release all its flavors.



While you are using legal supplements, you have to make sure that you are taking proper diet and workout, so that you can see effective and efficient results. Lentils can also prove to be great foods that can help you bulk up. It contains lots of fibers that no other food have. You can take them alone or can combine them with any other food depending upon your convenience and taste buds. They have no fats and are available in variety of colors. So, try the ones that you like.

Protein shakes:

Protein shakes

Mostly people think that protein shakes are a cheat. But don’t judge them until you try them. You can take fruits or vegetables with them to get more nutrients from it. You can add different things like: soy, pea, rice protein, egg or whey to include proteins in it. You can find some amazing high protein shake recipes online which you can try to gain lean muscle mass.


Vegetarians who want high protein but can’t have meat can rely on soy. You may have heard about tofu and soy milk, they are the most used soy products. But tempeh is also becoming quite famous in vegetarians who are trying to bulk up. Products made from soy are full of dietary fibers and nutrients like: magnesium, manganese, vitamin B2 and copper.


Another great source for proteins is eggs. Though the opinion about cholesterol related to eggs changes from time to time but everyone is well aware about the benefits of eggs. They have little fats in them but are full of vitamins and proteins. You don’t only have to rely on chicken’s eggs but there are varieties of eggs available in the market that you can try from. You can have them in different forms as you like.


Grains have always been part of the vegan diet. They are famous for their slow releasing carbohydrates that help you feel energized throughout the day. Moreover, they also contain proteins that can help you stay energized as well as bulk up. You can take them as whole grain or refined. You can make some amazing meals from them which will not only taste delicious but will also help you bulk up.


Seeds are also another source for proteins. They contain omega 3 fatty acids, iron, fats, carbs and proteins. You can either sprinkle them on your food or can eat them as a snack to get energy boosts while you are feeling low. Moreover, they also help in lowering your body’s cholesterol levels.


Dairy products are also a good source of proteins. They contain proteins, nutrients, healthy fats and vitamins. You can have full fat cheese in your meals, as it contains proteins and healthy bacterial cultures that help your gut flora work properly.

There were some foods that can help you gain lean muscle mass. You need to take these foods along with your workout regime and bulking cycle to see effective results.

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