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hormones of happiness

Food that stimulates and boost the production of the hormone of happiness, the hormones of happiness

Feelings and emotion are all the result of the chemical reactions taking place in your body. All the reactions are responsible for making you feel negative and positive emotions, like anger, sadness, happiness and love. Each and every little emotion we experience is the result of the release of certain hormones in our bodies. Hormones that stimulate through your bloodstream have so many ways to stimulate the production of happiness. There are many examples like when you go for a walk in nature with the person whose company you enjoy, or when you take your dog for the walk in order to give up these recommendation it’s enough sometimes to just look outside through the window. But these are only for the brave ones. Only laugh as much as it is possible.

Just laugh at yourself or watch the comedy movie or read a good book. It is for sure. But if that is not an option there is always another way. Like there is always food. You need to take care that you can’t take all kind of food. You need to take serotonin which is hiding in unexpected areas and places. Serotonin is the mood-boosting neurotransmitter antidepressants. It also increases your brain’s serotonin level. And the most effective way to boost your serotonin level is to exercise daily. Another option is to eat more green food.

Sauce and shortly cooked meals with the olive oil are the best. If you really desire to satisfy all of your cells in your body you can take a raw green juice. You can also take some fruits, especially banana. If you want something else like snacks you can go for the nuts which are rich in omega three fatty acids or almonds which are rich in magnesium. These nuts will surely be grateful for your brain and emotions.

If these things are not enough, then you can also go for other spicy things which can boost your life like cayenne paper (chili) which you can use with different things like whatever you want with. The production of a hormone of happiness that is serotonin is stimulated by this activity. We can also move the decadent way that is taking the handmade, best and organic chocolate designed by Mr. Josef Zotter who is the absolute chocolate freak. This man is similar to Australian Willy Wonka who never writes down his chocolate recipes but invests imaginative and crazy chocolate recipes. He also directs the rules and techniques by which the chocolate is produced.

White chocolate with pieces of crunchy honey, nougat cream with whole pistachios, or chocolate filled with marzipan or pistachio cream and cream of pumpkin seeds are one of the amazing combinations of chocolates. These are one of the best and mouthwatering combinations you will ever find.


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