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Enhanced HGH Levels and Depression

How HGH hormones can be helpful for me?

HGH supplements help improve the natural production of human growth hormone, which allows elderly people to have better bone density, muscle mass and to slow down their anti-aging process. Though mostly people take this supplement to enhance their physical appearance but studies have shown that it also put a positive impact on mental health. In fact there are many studies that have shown that HGH supplements can lessen depression.

Evidence of HGH supplement lessening Depression:

Many countries like England, Denmark, U.S. and Sweden have conducted several studies which showed that using HGH supplements can reverse the symptoms and effects of depression. According to a study published in American Academy of Anti-Aging in December 1996 by Dr. L Cass Terry showed that people who used HGH supplements 67% of them have improved emotional stability and 80% of them had an improved attitude towards life. This was a huge clinical study composed of 900 people among whom 300 were doctors.

Another study was conducted by Dr. Thierry Hertoghe which showed that HGH supplements can reduce anxiety and low self-esteem. In 1998, another study was conducted which showcased that HGH supplements improves sleeping pattern among depressed men. During the study, it was found that men who had depression secreted lower levels of HGH during the first three hours of sleep as compared to normal men. In the second trial, depressed men were given HGH supplements and it was deduced that their sleeping patterns were improved and when they woke up, they were more relaxed.

How HGH fights depression?

A study in Sweden was conducted in 1996 in which it was found that HGH supplements interact with the brain in the same way as traditional anti-depressants do. It increases the level of neurotransmitter B-Endorphin which gives a feeling of well-being. Moreover, it was found that human growth hormone supplements decreases the level of dopamine in the brain resulting in lower levels of anxiety and tetchiness.

Many studies were conducted to find out how these supplements help in mental health and it was found that these supplements can produce the following benefits:

  • Reduction of stress
  • Enhanced concentrations and better focus
  • Enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem

The other physical benefits of HGH supplements showed that it can fight with depression. As people grow older, the chances of depression are also increased as they are not able to perform physical tasks like different sports, sexual activities are decreased and they can’t perform their daily routine works the way they use to perform. By using HGH supplements, one can easily slow down their aging process, can restore their vitality and can engage themselves in different physical activities. Once they will start to perform physical activities, their depression will reduce and their self-confidence will improve.

You can naturally increase your HGH levels by using the human growth hormone supplements. These supplements are way better as compared to HGH injections. You can take them orally so there is no need for needles or injections. If you want to naturally increase your HGH levels, visit


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