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5:2 Diets

Eat and Lose Wight – Diet “5:2”

The concept of diet is generally fasting for two days by limiting 500 calories per day and then you eat normally for the rest of the week. There’s no forbidden food according to the popularity of diet that has contributed. There’s still another one best way by which you can lose weight and can eat as well. It’s so amazing and good to hear that you can still lose weight while eating anything that you want. This reduction in your body weight is possible by the “5:2 Diet”. Many famous celebrities have used this “5:2 Diet” to look smart and fit. Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston are one of them.

The principle of “5:2 Diet” is quite simple and it’s very easy to adopt. This principle says that the women should limit and reduce their calorie intake to 500 maximum per day, and same is the case with men who should limit the calorie intake to 600 as per day. For the rest of the week, you’re suggested to eat normally according to “5:2 Diet”. But, you must focus on eating “normally”; you must not “overeat”.

The “5:2 Diet” says that for the women the calorie intake must be 2,000 per day and 2500 per day for men. This diet is very effective and amazing, and was designed originally in the United Kingdom. It became famous there and spread quickly to the rest of America and Europe due to its effectiveness and positive results. The reason behind the popularity of the “5:2 Diet” plan is that it is worshiped by the gourmets and that it doesn’t include any prohibited ingredient. In this diet plan, you don’t have to prepare and cook special meals as you do in the rest of the diet plans. This diet is very simple and easy to follow. Moreover, it is the cheap way of reducing the body fat and doesn’t leave your wallet empty, like all other diet plans. Thus, you find no reason to reject this diet plan as it provides the most effective and long-lasting results.

The “5:2 Diet” is quite amazing as it will benefit you in a way that you lose one pound every week and is strongly recommended by the nutritionists and dieticians. While, in all the other kind of diets, you gain back much more weight after losing some weight. Thus, “5:2 Diets” is preferred over all other diet plans. Like every diet plan, this plan also has its opponents. These opponents say that it is too difficult for them to completely fast for two days. This difficulty was solved by Dr. Michael Mosley who is one of the most outspoken proponents of the diet. This well-known dietician says that “5:2 Diets” not only makes you lose a lot of body weight, but it also improves your health and can result in prolonged life.

Dr. Michael Mosley explained a lot of benefits of 5:2 Diet plan and proved that this diet is better than any other diet plan. The benefits that he explained were that this diet lowers the cholesterol and blood pressure of human being. It also relieves the digestive system of the body. This diet is also amazingly responsible for reducing the risks of premature aging and some types of cancer by decreasing the level of growth hormone.

You can take the information of Doctor Mosley with reserve as these studies were done on the animals. Fasting always results in a lot of great benefits to the human body. That is why; many religions of the world have included the fasting in their traditions as it is good and healthy for the human body. These religions are practicing the fasting since the ancient times and are following their forefathers. Even Plato also used to practice Fasts saying that it strengthens the mental potential and physical health. Mark Twain used to say that even the best doctors and medicines don’t do any better to human health than helping the man by a little more starvation. This is also a matter of fact that by limiting the intake of calories to 500 per day, that is just a quarter of the daily dose that is required, you may increase a lot of inconveniences.

The limitation of calorie intake to 500 can result in a lot of health issues. Lack of concentration, dizziness, sleeplessness, fatigue, irritability and lack of energy are some of the consequences of inadequate calorie intake. It is vital to choose the nutrient rich food to reduce the side effects of any diet plan and to maximize the positive effects of diet. You should focus on eating vegetables, meat, soups or salad that are rich in calories and are good for health instead of a slice of pizza or pastry products. For instance, you take two eggs with ham for breakfast, white chicken meat with low-calorie food like vegetables as cauliflower, broccoli, and green beans, fish or steak for lunch or dinner, then that day you wouldn’t be hungry as you would have eaten the permitted amount of calories in a day. Just to ensure that you’re taking all the hidden calories in the sugar and milk, drink as much as possible tea and water, and even coffee.

You must keep one thing in mind that you should avoid all the strenuous exercises during the days of fasting. As fasting itself is quite tough and requires a lot of human energy, so you must not exhaust your body. In order to help you survive the hours without food, it would be best for you to choose the non-consecutive days in a week. You must make a scheduled timetable of how you will manage your diet with time. Keep in mind that you do not overburden your body with fasting and exercises. It is necessary for you to consult your doctor to start “5:2 Diets” as all the other diet plans, so that they may give the essential guidelines and the precautionary measures for the pregnant women, people with diabetes, teenagers and chronic patients.


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