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Dianabol also known as Methandrostenolone is one of the most famous and most used anabolic steroid that is available in the market. It is the most renowned oral steroid of all times and is popular in all its forms. Though they are available in injection and oral forms but mostly oral tablets are used. You may be pondering why this steroid is necessary? This steroid has given birth to modern performance improvement. Though it is not the first tablet that is being used for this purpose but Dianabol has open helped bodybuilders take their performance to the new levels and to get more than their expectations.

Dianabol is one of those steroids that was developed for the performance enhancement. Though this steroid has many other therapeutic uses as well but it was given life only because of its performance enhancement feature.

In the 1940’s and 50’s the use of drugs was on the peak. Soviet Union dominated the Olympic Games as most of their athletes used this testosterone and left all the other athletes behind. As soon as Dr. John Ziegler, Dr. of U.S. Olympic Team, realized about the use of steroids, he aided his athletes ensuring that they are not left behind and can compete with the Soviet Union athletes. In 1958, Dr. Ziegler helped Ciba Pharmaceuticals and together they released the first batch of Methandrostenolone under the name of Dianabol.

This steroid was designed in such a way that it consumed all the anabolic properties of testosterone but they made sure that there was androgenicity in it but it acts fast and is powerful. This steroid was a big hit and become famous in just a few days after its release. The release of this steroid allowed the U.S. athletes perform better than the Soviet athletes.

Afterwards, this steroid was being used in all sorts of sports that one can imagine of. In combination with exogenous testosterone, this steroid gave birth to a newlevel of performance which the world would have never dreamt of. Gradually this steroid become essential for competitive bodybuilding and is one of the favorite steroid till now. But after its huge success U.S. FDA started pressurizing Ciba to mention the true benefits of this steroid.

FDA approved its use for curing oestoprosis in post-menopausal but in early 1980’s the letter was withdrawn. FDA again pressurized Ciba for the actual medical benefits of this steroid and in 1983 due to the continuous pressure from FDA the manufacturing of Dianabol was stopped. And all the brands of methandrostenolone were removed from the market. After that day, Dianabol is not manufactured legally in United States but is illegally manufactured around the world.

Purposes of Dianabol:

Dianabol is a derived anabolic steroid. It has been altered from the male androgen testosterone. Dianabol is a testosterone hormone that has a double bond at one and two carbon positions. This alteration diminishes the androgenic nature of this hormone. At the 17th carbon position, this steroid has a methyl group which allows the oral absorption of Dianabol. It shares a weaker relation with serum binding protein that results in dominant anabolic steroid. This is quite a powerful anabolic steroid that has an anabolic nature.

Understanding this anabolic steroid is quite easy. It provides its anabolic assistances by increasing protein synthesis, glycogenolysis and nitrogen retention. Protein synthesis is the rate by which cells build the proteins that is the building block of muscle. Nitrogen Retention is necessary as most of the muscle tissues are embraced of nitrogen. The more the nitrogen intake the more muscle you will gain. On the other hand, if there is lack of nitrogen in the body, it will lead to loss of muscle tissues. Glycogenolysis helps in the better use of carbohydrate ingesting. Though these traits are very simple but they are enough strong that they Dianabol a powerful anabolic steroid.

Properties of Dianabol:

Some of the properties of Dianabol are:

  • Fast and effective
  • Can help gain at least 20 lbs of muscle mass
  • Best bulking steroid
  • Enhanced strength
  • Efficient results
  • Enhanced power and speed
  • Quick recovery from injuries due to workout
  • Enhanced endurance
  • Is also used in cutting cycle
  • Protect lean tissue

Dianabol Side effects:

There are many side effects one can have while using Dianabol. Though it is not a dangerous steroid but it can carry some serious problems. One can control these side effects but before that they have to know them. Here are the side effects that you can face while you are using Dianabol:

  • Water retention
  • Gynecomastia
  • High blood pressure
  • Acne
  • Baldness
  • Hair growth on body
  • Reduced androgenicity
  • Deepening of voice
  • Enlargement of clitoral
  • Increase in cholesterol
  • Destroy natural testosterone
  • Hepatoxic in nature
  • Can damage liver

These were some of the side effects that you can expect while you are taking this anabolic steroid. If you see any uncertain thing in your body, you must immediately quit the use of Dianabol. These side effects can be neglected if you are taking Dianabol according to the proper instructions or are combining Dianabol with other medications.

Supervision of Dianabol:

The dose of Dianabol varies from individual to individual and experience to experience. A 15mg Dianabol tablet can bring tremendous results. However, most of the users get satisfied by taking 20-25mg per day. But remember that every time you increase the dose the chances of side effects also increase. For the positive results, one must go with 20 – 25 mg per day and in extreme cases one can apt 30 – 35 mg per day.There are very rare cases that experts recommend taking 50 or 100 mg per day. Taking higher doses of this anabolic steroid is not recommended. Higher doses will not produce side effects but there are chances that your body may also not adopt such high doses.

The half-life of Dianabol is 3 to 5 hours. Its dose is divided in three portions means that one must take each tablet of Dianabol with every meal, this practice will help maintain blood levels. It is very important that you must keep a check on when you are taking it and how. If you are using it in a cycle try to take it with slower steroids. Try to take it with plenty of water. The best practice for taking this anabolic steroid is to take it at least 30 to 40 minutes before you go to the gym. Take the steroid on the days you are going to gym as well as on the days on which you are not going to the gym.

Dianabol and Its Accessibility:

Dianabol is one of the most effective and efficient anabolic steroid that is available in the market. There is no supplier present who is not having this steroid. This include the local gym dealers as well online suppliers. Moreover, this powerful anabolic steroid is affordable and anyone can easily buy it. Though the demand of this anabolic steroid is quite high but the availability and competition among the suppliers is also high.

Due to its high demand, there are many manufacturers who are selling fake Dianabol steroids. While buying this anabolic steroid you have to ensure that the product you are buying is from a reliable source and the tablets are genuine.

Precautions Before You Buy Dianabol Online:

There is no doubt that buying Dianabol online is the easiest way as well as affordable. If you buy Dianabol from a dealer, he will charge you higher. Most of these gym dealers are buying Dianabol online and then sell you. Though buying Dianabol online is easy but it comes with potential difficulties. If you buy it online you may face scam, low quality products or end up absolute fake products. Due to this, it is very important that you buy this anabolic steroid online very wisely.

Before you buy it online, you have to make sure that you search a reliable dealer. There are many countries like U.S. where this steroid is illegal, so before you buy it make sure that it is legal in your country. Before you buy it, you must have a prescription. Without a prescription you can’t buy Dianabol. Though you can buy Dianabol online without prescription but this can be risky until or unless you find a reliable source for this.

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