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Dianabol: the best steroid

Dianabol: the best steroid

The breakfast of the champions, also known as Dianabol has managed to stay popular and in demand among all the new and old bodybuilders even with all the competition going on with new legal steroids coming to markets. This famously used steroid is also called Methandrostenolone and is known for its effects in gaining muscles while training.

Where it originated from?

Even though most people prefer and depend on cycles and compounds, it had not stopped them from buying this steroid as it is very effecting for enhancing muscle strength. What is even better is that it is very cheap and affordable; its widespread has enabled the users to buy it anywhere. But where did the name first came from? There was a Swiss pharmaceutical company that decided to name the chemical Methandrostenolone as Dianbol many, many years ago. The company ended but the production stayed so did the name. All the users still refer to it as Dianabol and many more companies have started its production and synthesis.

Why use it?

The reason it is so famously used and liked comes from the benefits it provides to our body, muscles and workout routines. Our cells need proteins to build the muscles and proteins need the very vital nitrogen for its synthesis. Dianabol retains that nitrogen in our muscle cells for the formation of proteins. This helps in gaining lean muscle mass as well as gaining physical strength that comes with increased stamina. It quickens the process of muscle development and build up by enhancing the protein production.

What can be the adverse effects?

Although there are less side effects of steroids available now a days but still everything comes with a price. Dianabol may affect body hair growth and cause acne by affecting the skin and causing oil formation. Even though the researches show that male pattern baldness is not as severe but in some cases it seems like it increased it.

What is the right amount of dosage for this steroid?

25 to 30 mg of Dianabol each day can help you see improvements in your body in as less than 4 weeks. At this amount of dosage, there are minimum or negligible side effects and that is why this is the recommended dosage for this steroid. Even though, some studies prove that increasing the dosage amount to 70 mg per day can accelerate the benefits but because the side effects also get accelerated, this amount is usually inadvisable.

The side effects can be avoided by the use of other steroids being stacked with Dianabol like Nandrolone or testosterone. Many builders have agreed that no serious or severe adverse effects have been seen if D-bol is stacked with other base steroids. Stacking helps in keeping the dosage of Dianabol to the optimum level that can generate more muscles with least amount of toxic effects. It is preferred to take Dianabol with proper meals.

The half life of a drug determines the number of times it is required by our body. As Dianabol has a short half life, it is required by our body at least four times each day. But this is only the recommended usage guide as most of the users who have been doing this since a while prefer taking the entire 30 mg of dosage at the same time as their pre workout routine. They have this routine because it provides the great energy boost needed right before the work out so you can train properly.

If you are a newbie though, it is very much recommended to give your body a proper period of time to adjust to this steroid and you should follow the right dosage routine. People who have never taken any steroid in the past have experienced their blood concentration levels to rise or fall at once. It can also increase the load on your liver.

Dianabol effects on your muscle mass:


First of all you need to be very certain with what you goal is. If you are looking forward to shed fat from your body then Dianabol is not for you. Dianabol has the capability to retain the water in your body and it is very efficient at this job, so avoid its usage if you are going for losing fat.

This is only effective if your result is to gain the muscle mass in less amount of time. The usage of Dianabol is supposed to be coupled with daily work outs and calorie intake of 5000 or more at least. You will only see the results if you comply with all three.

What you should do while taking D-Bol?

D-bol would not work if this is the only thing you are taking and expecting the magic pill to work. Even though it is very beneficial but its effects will not start until you train with it. Hard training and workouts help you gain muscles and without weight lifting or exercises, you cannot be anywhere near your goal body. While exercise and D-bol are very affective when done together but diet is another important component that should be taken care of.

Point to be noted:

Before starting on any drug or steroid you should be very certain about its directions and affects produced if you do not follow them. Over dosage of Dianabol can cause face bloating or bloating of other parts of your body like neck due to its mechanism of retaining the water levels in our body. This can also increase your weight but this weight is lost with time without much effort.

Another complication of Dianabol overdose is Gynecomastia which occurs due to the increased levels of enzyme Aromatase. This starts some estrogenic type effects in our body and can be treated at an instance with proper medication. They are drugs that cause anti-estrogenic effects like Arimidex, Proviron or Tamoxifen. Keep in mind, all these drugs should only be used after a proper prescription from a doctor.

How to stack D-bol with other steroids?

Usually, bodybuilders like to stack the D-Bol pills with other related steroids as it has shown and proved to bring the best results in building muscles. It can be stacked with Testosterone or Oxandrolone but increased Testosterone uses has been seen to reduce the effects of D-Bol , hence decreasing its efficiency. Even though it can be stacked with both of these, people still prefer injectables over Oxandrolone to reduce the stress on their livers.

The best replacement with no side effects:

There is a supplement available in market called D-BAL which is the perfect alternative for D-Bol as it has least side effects with best results shown. Its use is appreciated all over the world because of it efficiency and ability to produce appreciation worthy results in a very small amount of time.

D-Bal (Dianabol)

The mechanism of action for D-Bal is similar to that of Dianabol in that it also retains the nitrogen in our muscle cells. Without the proper quantity of the nitrogen, our protein synthesis cannot go on which is essential for muscle gain. Every time we weight lift or train, we put our muscles through stress to a point that small tears appear in our muscles. We need the protein production to repair the cells or build up new ones to compensate the tears. The more protein you have at the time of muscle repair is directly proportional to the gain in muscle mass.

D-Bal is very easy to use unlike other steroids that you need to take by injecting them in your veins. It comes in tablets form and it is advised to take 3 tablets each day with water. Like the other steroids, D-Bal is also recommended to be taken pre workouts or you can take it post workout about 45 minutes after you finish your training.

Our body can get used to the D-Bal usual dosage and will stop showing any results after a while; this is because more amount of D-Bal will now be required to get the results but again, this would mean more side effects. To solve this problem, D-Bal should be taken for 2 months straight before taking at least 10 days off your routine. This helps you start all over with the cycle without letting your body get used to it.

Tell me more about D-Bal – Dianabol

The endless list of benefits:

If what you have read already does not satisfy you or makes you realize the importance of D-Bal then here is the list of many more benefits to convince your mind:

  • The gain in muscle mass is massive and it helps you achieve your goals in no time when you train.
  • It provides you with phenomenon strength to keep you going while you train. The heavy weight lifting and vigorous training helps you to apply greater stress on your muscles so after getting tore, they are repaired in a very bigger size.
  • It brings you the energy boost needed during work outs and enables you to do more reps. It keeps you going for longer and helps you in increasing the time you work out for.
  • It is probably the most efficient one out there because it has proven to show results faster than most. The results start to show as soon as the first month ends. This motivates you to train harder when you see how good your body has begun to look.
  • It helps you focus more on your workout routines. People tend to keep getting distracted while not only workouts but usual workplace activities so it benefits your concentration levels.
  • It is very much accessible to everyone around the world as it can be bought online. This is because it is a legal steroid and you do not have to go to different lengths to get to your product. Users can easily find it in markets.
  • You are not breaking any law when you buy it because it is completely legit. You can be proud of the product you are using and do not have to hide it from your colleagues.
  • Anyone can buy it because of its affordability and cheap price. It is not one of those expensive steroids that look fancier than their results; instead it is affordable to most people.
  • When you use Dianabol, you have risk of damaging your liver or experiencing increased heart rate, hypertension and cholesterol levels in your body. With D-Bal, all these side effects are eliminated and what remains are the benefits. It doesn’t affect your skin or cause acne and has no past of developing man boobs in men. It doesn’t affect your libido or cause extra sweating.

Let us solve the most asked queries:

While we tried to cover most of the questions which are mostly asked by the users or newbies, here is still the list of questions that people frequently ask.

1.     Will Dianabol show results without training or working out?

We wish it was a magic pill but it is not and so it cannot generate any results without you working out or exercising. It can help you in doing workouts properly and for longer time as it provides the energy boost. It increases the muscle mass faster if you plan it with proper exercises and diet.

2.     What are prohormones?

Dianabol is an anabolic steroid! This means that Dianabol works by mimicking the role of a hormone like testosterone but the fact stays that it is a synthetic steroid hormone. Prohormones are precursors to hormones in our body. They are very similar to anabolic steroids because of their role in increasing muscle gain but they cannot be characterized as hormones. They were developed years ago to resolve the issue with legality of the anabolic steroids. Then, they were defined like hormonal substances but later on, in 2005 they were again characterized into the same group as anabolic steroids.

3.     Is Dianabol legal?

Dianabol despite its benefits and good effects has been classified as illegal to use without a proper prescription from a doctor. It is also banned for use during various sports competitions around the world but that is all because of its side effects and concern about the possible liver damage. But all this does not take it out of the group of best steroids available.

It is so popular in use because of its many benefits in enabling our body to gain all the muscle mass we have been dreaming about in a very little time. It also produces the energy boost needed right before our work outs. It is also so widely popular because it is available in tablet form and you can take it with water rather than going through the trouble of injecting it in your body. Its affordable price has made it accessible to everyone around.

4.     What is the proper use of Dianabol?

The proper use of Dianabol is during the bulking cycles. Bulking cycles are done to increase your muscles mass and build them. This is followed by the cutting cycle in which your main goal is to get rid of the fat you gained while you were on the bulking cycle. This also helps you retain the amount of muscles you have build during the bulking cycle while it reduces the amount of water from your body.

5.     How long before the results start to show?

You will be able to see the results a month or a month and a half after you start taking Dianabol on your bulking cycle. This is the quickest you can get the results because other steroids take even longer. It also makes sense to get off Dianabol for a while after 6 weeks to relief your liver of all the damage and to reduce the stress.

6.     How long will the muscle gain last?

One of the problems with Dianabol is that the effects vanish as soon as you stop taking this steroid. This problem is solved with the use of testosterone and is one of the many reasons why testosterone is stacked with Dianabol. Testosterone and its affects start to show a while after the Dianabol’s effects are finished and it makes sure that your body has enough amount of testosterone to keep the muscle gain and growth even when you are off the Dianabol.

7.     Is Dianabol available online?

If someone is promising to sell this product online then there is a 90% chance that it is a scam and that is why you should not bother wasting your money like that. As been said before, this is because of the illegality issue with Methandrostenolone. What you can buy online is the best alternative for Dianabol like D-Bal or D-Bal Max. The alternatives are available in markets and are very popular in their benefits among bodybuilders.


Even though, Dianabol has unlimited benefits but because of its severe side effects, people needed to find a better alternative. This is why D-Bal is available in markets to provide you with a ton of benefits without the risk of causing any toxic or adverse effects. Its affordability and legality makes it the best alternative. It has been medically tested to be called the best and safe alternative.




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