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Depression Caused By Low Testosterone

Uncovering The Depression Caused By Low Testosterone

Depression is a really common problem and almost every man and women have to suffer from this problem at different stages of their lives. There are countless things that can cause depression. In most of the cases, people think that depression is usually caused by bad relationships. Yet they never try to look at all the other things that can cause depression. Most of the men think that they can’t suffer from depression but the truth is that men can also suffer from this problem and in men it could be really devastating. Testosterone deficiency levels are one of the most common causes of depression among men.

What Causes Testosterone Deficiency?

There are many different things that can cause testosterone deficiency in men. In most of the cases, it happens because testosterone producing organs in men get weak. In such cases these organs are unable to perform properly and produce the required amount of this hormone. This can be a really serious problem as it can stop men from enjoying a healthy sexual life. At the same time, it can also stop them from getting better muscular bodies.

On the other hand, some men can suffer from the deficiency due to neurological reasons. There are many cases where the brain doesn’t transmit proper signals to the glands that produce testosterone. As a result of this most of the men could face a lot of problems as most of the common medications won’t help them in dealing with the situation.

These are just a few of the causes of testosterone deficiency. No matter what the reason is, it can overall make the situation really bad for men as they will suffer from all sorts of different problems and depression is one of these problems.

How Testosterone Causes Depression?

Many people will be confused that how can the deficiency of one hormone cause depression. Well, the reality is that lack of this hormone can not only cause depression but many other problems too. For the time being, we will just be looking at all the different things related to testosterone deficiency that can cause depression.

Skinny Body

Slender bodies are hated by most of the women. Women wish that the men they love should be in perfect shape. Even men consider themselves to be handsome only if they have a good muscular body. In order to get a muscular body, men will need to work out. They will need to run, jog and lift weights in order to get the desired muscular body. Yet men will be unable to get this muscular body after spending days at the gym if their body isn’t producing the right amounts of testosterone.

Testosterone is the main component of the muscle building process. It helps the muscles in break the proteins and turns them into muscle mass. As a result of which men with lower amounts of this hormone will be unable to build muscles.

As a result of this, these men look down upon themselves. These men usually undermine themselves and lose their confidence. Over the passage of time, all this can turn into depression. Things can get even worse when these men get rejected by women. In such cases, men have to suffer from serious depression that could force their lives to become really hard.

These men have many different options to fulfill the deficiency such as steroids, testosterone injections and supplements such as Testo-Max. The first two options could be a bit harmful to the body while the third one has proved to be a bit safer.

Overweight/Fat Bodies

Testosterone plays a vital role in the fat-burning process in the body. It helps in increasing the metabolism of the body so that your body burns fat to get the extra calories. If your body runs low on testosterone it will not burn the calories that you take and store all the unused calories in the form of fat.

This is the main reason behind many people staying smart even after sitting in front of a table whole day long and eating burgers, donuts and everything they get. While of the other hand their counterparts get fat even after eating fewer calories and spending some time at the gym. So if you have started getting fat suddenly, then you should try to consult a physician and get the testosterone in your body checked.

If you have low testosterone then you should get the tested to see the reason behind it. After that, you can bring changes to your diet or start taking medications to fix the issues.


Testosterone is a really important substance when it comes to general movements of the body. It not only forces the fat to burn, muscles to grow but also provides the body with all the strength it has. Testosterone helps the muscles in converting all the energy that is present in the body as carbohydrates and proteins into strength.

Without proper strength, one will be unable to do anything and people might be unable to even move properly if testosterone levels in the body drop dead. So keep your body healthy and take extra care of the testosterone-producing organs so that you are able to do all sorts of work easily without feeling tired of lazy.

Lazy people are usually prone to get depressed. These people usually spend a lot of time sitting idle due to which they feel their lives to be meaningless. So if that is the case then you need to take some action and get some testosterone running through your veins. This will make you feel better within no time.

Low Sex Drive

Sexual intercourse is an essential part of the human life. It is required that men and women enjoy it to the fullest in order to stay happy. Lack of testosterone can leave men in a really hard situation. Men stuck in such situations can easily get depressed. These men usually face problems such as erectile dysfunction and low sperm count.

As a result of this, these men will be unable to enjoy their sexual lives to the fullest and have problems in reproductions. On the other hand their women will stay unsatisfied and over the passage of time things could get rough and cause breakups and divorces. All this can be really depressing. Men have taken their lives due to depression caused by such things because they never considered these things to be treatable.

So next time if you are having problems with your libido just consult a professional because mostly it is caused due to low testosterone in your body. You can even get it treated all on your own with the help of many different supplements that are easily available online.


Testosterone might seem to be an ordinary hormone but it really matters. Its deficiency in the body can have really serious effects on lives of people. It can make lives of men miserable and filled with depression quite easily.

It has been noted in dozens of different studies that testosterone levels in the male body are sort of inversely proportional to depression. In simple words increase in testosterone means a decrease in depression, and a decrease in testosterone means an increase in depression. This is the simplest way to put all this together.

So never let these levels drop below a certain limit or you will be just left to live a life filled with suffering. Try to take excessive Vitamin D and meats to keep these levels high. To further assist the process you can use legal steroids like Testo-Max.

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