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Testosterone injections

Dangers of Using Testosterone Injections

Men need testosterone. There are men who are willing to go to the limits in order to get a boosted amount of testosterone in their bodies. Some of these men will eat food that will are known to boost testosterone in their bodies. Some will start taking different steroids that usually force the body to produce extra testosterone. At the same time, some men just take extraordinary measures. These men use testosterone injections to inject this hormone directly into their bodies. This is common among the bodybuilders as they are usually looking forward to getting muscles from this injectable testosterone. Today we will be discussing the dangers and side effects that are associated with testosterone injections.

What Is Injectable Testosterone?

Testosterone is a natural hormone that the body produces. It is usually used to build muscles and provide them with proper strength. These injections are not easily available in the markets but getting them is almost impossible without a prescription. These injections are meant to be administered by health professionals only to people who need them. If anyone else uses these injections, they can suffer from many serious problems. Yet some athletes and bodybuilders have been using these injections for a long time.

Testosterone injections are basically not made for bodybuilding purposes. The main aim of these injections is to help patients suffering from different chronic diseases deal with the pain.

These injections help the muscles in the bodies of these people to gain strength so that they could cope with injuries. Apart from the injured, these injections are also given to people who are getting different cancer treatments. In these people, this hormone boosts the regeneration of tissues that are damaged by cancer.

These injections are not made to be used by athletes. There have been many instances where athletes have been banned from different sports for using these injections. So if you are related to any competitive sports, then you need to stay away from these injections and should never consider using them under any circumstances.

To make the picture a bit clear we now take a look at the very few benefits of these injections before we move on to the side effects.

What Are Benefits of Testosterone Injections?

The benefits of these injections are very few, and you won’t find any benefits apart from these very few. Even after spending hours researching we were unable to find any benefit of the injectable testosterone apart from these few. So don’t waste your time looking for more benefits as we have done all the research before writing this down.

Improved Muscle Health

This is the most sought benefit of the testosterone injections that forces athletes and bodybuilders to use them. Testosterone is the building block of the muscles. It helps the body in the process of building muscles from the proteins. As a result of which if a person’s body suffers from a deficiency of this hormone, their muscles will be unable to develop. On the other hand, men who have higher levels of this hormone are able to develop muscles easily.

These injections are only used by people who are aiming to get extraordinarily bigger muscles. The muscles that you usually see in old movies are the result of testosterone injections. Those were the times when people used them really often as they weren’t aware of the side effects and the times have changed now. These injections can give you bigger, stronger and meaner muscles but at the cost of your health.

Improved Bone Density

Bones are the most important thing in the human body and stronger bones are necessary if you have stronger muscles. It has been seen that people nowadays are unable to keep their bones strong due to less activity during the day. On the other hand, testosterone has been known to increase the bone density of people who have been using them.

Testosterone injections for this purpose are only recommended for old age people. The reason behind this is that the bodies of these people are usually unable to produce sufficient amounts of testosterone naturally so injections really help them out. So don’t take these injections for this purpose if you have normal bones. Your bones wouldn’t get any stronger even if you use this steroid.

Stronger Heart

Almost all people know that the human heart is basically a set of muscles that pump the blood around the body. Testosterone is quite necessary for a stronger and better heart as it strengthens the heart muscles. Here it has to be noted that the natural testosterone that is present in the body is more than enough to keep the heart working properly. The extra amount of this hormone is only required in people who are suffering from different heart problems.

If an average person injects this hormone, they can suffer from complications. Increased amount of this steroid can put a stress on the heart muscles and even increase the blood pressure. So it is necessary that you never use these injections as you can suffer from seizures quite easily. You should consult a doctor before using these injections if you have suffered from any heart-related medical problems in the past.

Side Effects of Testosterone Injections

These side effects are the main reason behind writing this entire article. We wish to tell people about the dangers they put themselves to while they are using steroid injections. We will be mentioning a just handful of these side effects here as the complete list is too long and you won’t even know about some of the side effects. We have tried to explain them in the simplest possible manner without adding any extra details or medical terms so that everyone can easily understand all the risks.

Pain, Swelling & Redness

This is the most common side effects. As soon as you inject this hormone into your body you will see these side effects. The muscles in the area where you inject this hormone will start swelling. This usually happens because you are giving muscles this hormone in excessive quantities and the muscles aren’t used to it. This can get really painful as the muscles try to absorb and handle this hormone. In many cases, the area can swell a lot causing immense pain. This also makes the skin go red as the skin cells also have to deal with this hormone which isn’t made for them.

Respiratory Problems

The most important organs of the respiratory system are the lungs. When a person takes a testosterone injection they actually increase the speed of the muscle building process in the body. This process usually requires normal amounts of oxygen but once it speeds up the body will require more oxygen. For this, the lungs have to work hard to keep the oxygen level in the blood as per requirement. Secondly, this hormone also interferes with the absorption of oxygen in the lungs which can be a huge problem for people with problems such as asthma.

Blurred Vision & Slurred Speech

This is also common. Many people have to deal with blurred vision once they have taken a testosterone injection. The reason behind this is the lack of oxygen in the blood. Most of the blood is used by the muscles after the injection as a result of which very less is left for the eyes and other organs in the body. The reason behind the slurred speech is that the brain is unable to handle so much of this hormone and it induces hyperactivity disorder. As a result of which people are unable to speak properly and judge things happening around them.


Seizures are really common among people who use testosterone injections. Seizures are usually caused when people overdose on this hormone. Once in the blood, it will travel to the heart which is a set of muscles that pump blood around the body. The heart muscles become stressed once they receive this hormone in high quantities. This forces the heart to stop working and causes seizures. Testosterone in normal quantities is good for the heart, but high quantities can induce heart failure even in healthy people. This could be avoided by using legal steroids such as Testo-Max which are made as per the directives of FDA and other such agencies to keep people safe.

Manly Body and Looks in Women

Testosterone can be a killer for the looks of women. High amounts of this hormone are usually meant for the bodies of men as they require bigger muscles. Along with that men also require this hormone for a better libido. On the other hand, women just require this hormone is really small amounts. An increased amount of this hormone can make faces of women look like men. Apart from this women can also grow facial hairs after using these injections. It is advised that women should look for safer alternatives which are much safer and suited for the female bodies.

Decreased Fertility

These injections can highly suppress the natural testosterone production by the testicles in men. This can be a huge problem as it will interfere in the production of sperms by the male body. Along with that men will be unable to have proper sexual activity if their bodies aren’t producing this hormone in required quantities. So don’t use these injections to keep your reproductive organs safe. Once these organs are damaged, there is no possible way to fix them and get them back to normal.

Neurological Problems

Many people can start suffering from different neurological problems after taking these injections. The reason behind this is that quantity of other chemicals in the body is also altered once someone has taken these injections. As a result of this people can suffer from mood swings. Along with that hormone imbalance can also cause acne, Oily skin, the growth of body hairs, gynecomastia and unwanted hair growth.


This is of the most serious problems. This hormone can charge the muscles in the body as a result of which they will have a lot of energy. A person will be unable to fall asleep unless all of this hormone has been used up by the muscles. The body will stay in a state of stress, and the one will be unable to fall asleep no matter how hard they try. In such cases, people usually try to take sleeping pills, and that can cause many other side effects apart from the ones that have already been caused by these injections.

Prostate Enlargement

Like all muscles grow with the help of this hormone so does the prostate gland. This can be a huge problem as an enlarged prostate can be a huge problem. Above all, it can be really painful. Along with that, it can also stop people from moving around. Along with that, this enlargement can also turn into prostate cancer which is quite common among people who have been using testosterone injections for some time.

Increased Amount of Prolactin

Prolactin is an essential hormone just like testosterone. The body naturally produces this hormone in limited quantities but once the amount of testosterone is increased the body starts producing this hormone in higher quantities. Once a person stops using the injections the body keeps on producing prolactin in higher quantities. This can be a huge problem as prolactin is not a good hormone for the males.

It is a hormone that helps women in producing milk, and excessive amounts of this hormone in men can cause their breasts to grow. Along with that it can also suppress the sexual desires of men and force their reproductive organs to underperform. So try to manage prolactin if you are considering testosterone injections.

Safer Alternatives To Testosterone Injections

There are many different alternatives being sold in the market that claim to give the same benefits as testosterone injections but with fewer side effects. The truth is that very few of these alternatives actually work because nothing can take the place of pure testosterone. Try to do your research before you make any decision about buying and using any of these alternatives.

It is advised that you should try to take a protein filled diet and consume Vitamin D in excessive quantities to boost testosterone naturally. Apart from that, we would recommend that you should stay away from illegal steroids as they are just as dangerous as steroid injections. Yet, you can opt for some safer legal steroids such as Testo-Max which are safer. You will find many such supplements online and you might need to try many different supplements before you find the one that works for your body.

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