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burn some fat while you build muscle

Burn some fat while you build muscle

Burning fat while you are working your body to build muscle is one of the hardest thing you have to do. Many people believe it is impossible to do so but other are still wondering as they ask how to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. To those asking, you have come to the right place. As difficult as it is, it is not impossible to do the both side by side. But to understand the complexity of both the processes, you need to understand how the processes work. Muscle building and shedding fat are two of the difficult systems of our bodies which seem even difficult if wanted to be run simultaneously. We can start by discussing the easier one.

How our body loses fat?

The process of losing fat is very easier as compared to the building of the muscles. Fat is shed by a simple math equation. You need to take in less energy than what is required of your body. This means, you need to count each calorie as you digest it. If you are taking more calories than you are burning in a day, you my friend are in great, great danger.

It is very important to keep track of what you are eating when you try to reduce your fat and weight. If you cannot take fewer calories and you are used to eating more, then you will have to compensate that through your vigorous work outs and burn all the extra calories through training.

What happens when we take fewer calories?

When our body realizes it is not getting enough calories in a day, it starts the compensatory mechanisms inside. The first thing it does is decrease the amount of anabolic hormones in our body. You can just imagine how difficult it would be then to gain muscle. Then secondly it decides to reduce the production of proteins as well. Now we will later find out how important the protein synthesis are to building muscle, but for now understand it makes the matters even worse. Gratefully, there are ways to fix all this. But first, we need to know how we can plan our diet to take just enough calories while ticking out all the essential nutrients we require in a day.

How can we get leaner?

After we understand the process of burning fat, we have to focus on our own bodies. Everyone has different type and shape and the time it takes to get to the goal may vary accordingly. We do realize now that the simple equation to get leaner is to eat fewer calories than our body burns in a day. But how can we enable it?

The answer is simply hidden behind your diet plan and how you manage to draw it around the daily requirements of each supplement while you keep in check the total number of calories. Make sure you are eating enough proteins but do not forget to reduce the carbohydrates in your diet. For muscle building we need the proteins, but carbohydrates have little role in making your muscles bulkier. Also make sure you eat at the right time. It’s recommended to eat every three hours. Keep your frequency high but the quantity less. Make sure to have a snack before you work out as well, as the researchers say it stimulates the whole process. You need to be very sure of all the nutrients you are taking. It is important to have your knowledge clear about the nutrients your body needs and the nutrients you should be avoiding at all times while you work on your body to shed fat. Once we know about the kind of diet we need to be digesting to get leaner, we can believe there is a way to lose fat. Now comes the second part, how to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. For that, we would need to know how muscles build.

Building of our muscles:

Muscles are one of the most complex parts of our body. Almost every person training nowadays wants their muscles to get bulkier. We all wish it was that easy to get what you want but there is a lot that goes behind building those muscles up, for example, science. The science part says for building your muscles you need to increase the protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is the production of proteins in our body. And because the muscles are made up of protein, we need more of it to increase the size of them. When we train, our muscle cells get damaged and rebuild themselves stronger and larger. This means there is a lot of protein required to make up for all the new cells of new sizes.

Now if we realize we need to take fewer calories and we need a lot of proteins to do the job for our muscles, we find ourselves tangled up in the situation of what to eat, how to train and how to lose fat and build muscle together. Worry not; the answer is itself in the question. The complexity of the whole question is explained below to help you realize what you need to be doing to lose fat and build muscle at the same time.

What can help you most in losing fat and gaining muscles?

Like we said before, you can take fewer calories but still make sure you are getting enough protein for the day. It will work to an extent if you train and work out really hard with it. There are no muscles or getting leaner without work hard coming from difficult exercises. But following a strict and correct diet plan may only lead you to a point and after that you would see your body not changing even if you try really hard. That is when you realize the importance of legal steroids. Legal steroids are really compulsory for gaining muscles and help you reach your body goals without increasing your fat. Trenorol is one of the steroids that can help you check off your goals as it provides the right amount of nitrogen for your muscles. Nitrogen is the building component of amino acids which join up together to form large protein molecules. In short, with a steroid like Trenorol you would not have to worry about taking in enough protein. Another legal steroid is D-Bal which works more or less in the very similar manner to Trenorol. Many other bulking stacks are available in markets to help you in your journey to a better body which is leaner as well as stronger!

Which cycles to follow?

As you train, you can either set your diet plan on the bulking cycle or the cutting cycle. If you want to lose fat, cutting cycle should be your priority but for muscle build up it is important to follow the bulking cycle. The question is what to do if you are aiming to do both at the same time? You need to alternate between the two cycles and go to extremities as you follow them to see the results in your body.

What kinds of exercises are required to build muscle fast?

The researches show that simple cardio is never enough to stimulate your muscles to get bulky. Nor is weight lifting the simple way to get your muscles big. You need to get creative while you work out and focus mainly on compound exercises. Compound weightlifting has been seen to be very effective to tone your muscles as you get lean. Squats and bench presses should be a must in your routine and you can team them with deadlifts and military press. Compound exercises target more than one set of muscles at one time so you reach your pinnacle sooner than later. Do not forget to warm up before each session and cool down after it. Pushing yourself too hard while weight lifting can never be too good for you so take it slow and ease yourself into if you are a beginner. It is better to be patient than to hurt yourself while training or working out. Make sure you are well rested each day and you are getting enough sleep to get you through the next day. Remember, our body starts repairing once we are resting or sleeping. As we talked about, muscles get damaged when we train and get repaired again to be stronger and better, we need to rest to let the muscles repair.


The only way to leaner body and bulkier muscles has been explained. Now you all know how to lose fat and build muscle simultaneously by keeping your calorie intake in check while you eat a lot of protein. Do not forget to try and add new compound exercises in your training schedules and it is never too late to start taking legal steroids to help you get to your goal.



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