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build your muscles with the right diet

Build your muscles with the right diet!

There is a proper diet and food that you need for any kind of significant change in your body. It could be getting leaner, gaining fat or achieving for bulkier muscles; each of these require a specific type of diet which is definitely very different from each other. For example, to get leaner you would need to consume less calories but to gain muscle mass you will be required to digest a lot of calories. This means you need to be very certain about where you want your body to go and be very thorough with the specific diet you are following for best results in lesser amount of time.

If you are looking forward to gain muscles and want to know about the best food to build muscle in less amount of time, you have come to the right place. This article will focus on the diet plans you must be following while you train and exercise to increase the bulk of your muscles. Everything seems like a struggle and it will be probably take a lot of effort to stick to the same bland food for a very long time but you can start getting creative with your food to make it better. To realize what you need to be taking and what is right for you, it is important that you know what components of your food is required for muscle build up. Each food is made up of different nutrients and we will be discussing the one that is most important for you muscle building.

Nutrient that is most important to ingest from our diet:


Our muscles need every protein molecule we can provide it with as it is in the process of getting bigger. As you will require more bricks to enlarge a building made up of bricks and there is no other alternative, muscles are made up of proteins and protein is what is required to get them bigger. The proteins are made up of small units called amino acid joining together and amino acids are made out of nitrogen. Now legal steroids can also help us maintain proper nitrogen and protein levels so that is the only alternative. But even if we have one alternative, we need to understand that legal steroids would not work without us taking a proper protein filled diet. We also need to keep in mind that 3 meals a day full of protein are not the only option or answer. We have to give our body a constant supply so make sure you focus your diet plan around the snacks as well.

Now that we know the nutrient that is most important and required for building muscle we can discuss what food provides the bulk and most quantity of proteins.

Food with maximum amount of proteins:

White Meat Poultry:

All type of meat is loaded with protein and should be the first priority when designing or planning a diet schedule but if you are looking for a low fat diet than white meat is the answer. The dark meat is known for having high fat content so stick to the white meat for high levels of proteins and low levels of fats.

Sea Food:

Sea food has been known to be the best source of proteins because while providing us with optimum amount of proteins it also gives us the best fat that exists. Like Salmon for example, is very high in protein as well as fats but it provides us with omega 3 fatty acids which are very good for health. This means it is a win- win situation for you.


Eggs are so important in this list because foods like meat and sea food is known to be expensive and not everyone can eat them all day every day. Eggs are gratefully a very cheap alternate for meat and sea food. It is a very good source of protein and is in affordable range to everyone.


Milk is not only a good source of protein but also is the best supply for calcium. And the world has changed and developed so much that now you can get so many more healthy types of milk as well. For example, if you want to lose weight and cannot drink the full cream milk, you can choose the low fat or skimmed version of it.


Soy is another great source of protein. But with its capability to provide us with loads of protein, it also lowers our body cholesterol levels and that can be great for heart patients!

These were the foods with maximum amount of proteins in them that is the best food to build muscle. But knowing about the food is one thing but knowing what to eat when is the proper key to the door that leads us towards a better body. If you are working forward and training for a body which has bulkier muscles then you need to have a diet plan that can constantly provide your muscles with proteins. You need to what is best eaten before exercise or what is preferred after doing a rigorous work out.

Diet tips and best food to build muscles:

Now we are going to start with discussion over pre and post workout snacks. If your workouts are long with heavier exercises then it really is recommended that you take a snack about 45 to 50 minutes before you start. It gets your body in to working mode and starts the processes inside. But you should be very specific over what you are eating right before exercising. Try taking yogurt or smoothies. Like we said before, milk is a preference for protein source then try teaming the milk up with different fruits to get you going. You can also go for apple and peanut butter. Try taking a handful of nuts or a steak of meat.

Your post work out snack could be a banana or a bowl full of salad. It can also be boiled eggs or humus with whole wheat peeta bread. Be creative with your food and opt for options that provide the maximum amount of protein for your muscles.

What kind of exercises you should be doing while building muscles?

The hard training and vigorous work outs are a must for building muscle and if you team it up with perfect diet plan you will be able to achieve your goal in absolutely no time. But you must be wondering there has to be a trick or tip to do better while working out.

The best exercises recommended to build muscle are compound exercises. Weight lifting is an infamous best known as well. For compound exercises you can do bench presses or squats. You should also be opting for strength training rather than anything else and do not forget the use of legal steroids that can help you achieve your goal better.

While you are at it, make sure you relax and sleep well as muscle building process goes on in our body like usual repair processes. The repair only starts while we are resting and do not push yourself too hard.


Try to eat anything that provides you with a good supply of protein and do focus on the frequency of food intake rather than the quantity. Increasing frequency and squeezing in small snacks before and after work outs can bring about a huge change in your body shape and size. Also focus on taking in legal steroids to stimulate, enhance, and fasten the process of muscle build up. Legal steroids act like catalysts to the process and can help you in a great way. Do not forget to do compound exercises!


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