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boosting testosterone herbs

Boosting Testosterone With Herbs

For centuries people have been using different herbs to help them in getting better muscular bodies and an improved sexual life. Most of the people just knew about the beneficial effects of these herbs but no one knew the science behind these benefits for a long time. When researchers looked into the composition of all these herbs they were able to discover that these herbs contained chemicals that increased the testosterone levels in the human body. This was further confirmed by thousands of trials on people all over the world. Yet there are many people who think that herbals method to increase testosterone in the body are useless. These people usually put themselves at risk by using steroids instead of trying natural herbs.

Today we will be taking a look at different herbs that have proven to be effective when it comes to increasing the testosterone levels in the body. We will try to analyze as many herbs as possible so that you have a wide variety of these herbs to choose from in case you are looking forward to a testosterone boost. Finding some of these herbs could be challenge and even if you are able to find them then it could be a bit hard to check if they are original. So we will also be guiding you a bit about identifying the original herbs but it is always a good idea to consult with an expert before buying such herbs. So by the end of this abstract you will surely find an herb that will work as a testosterone booster for you.


It’s one of the oldest herbs that has been used by people to get stronger bodies. At first it became popular in Asia where people had been using it for thousands of years. Almost everyone in China was well-aware of this magical herb when the Westerners stepped onto their soil. Slowly it started becoming popular all over the world and at one stage it became quite rare as it was only growing in China. Many men valued this herb much more than gold and it was traded widely for decades until its growth was commercialized.

Currently most of the Ginseng that is being sold all over the world is grown on farm. It is not as beneficial as the wild ginseng but still it can work for most of the people. Currently the best ginseng is considered to be produced in Korea and it is usually referred as the Red Korean Ginseng by most of the people.

Ginseng can be consumed in many different ways but it is always a good idea to boil it an eat it. Ginseng can highly boost the testosterone in the body which will give you a better sex drive and at the same time it will help you in building better muscular bodies.

Basil (Tulsi)

This herb (tulsi) also hails from Asia. This herb has been used by people of India for a long time. It has a unique status in their culture and religion. All this is due to all the amazing benefits of this lesser known herb. This herb has countless benefits as per all the claims as per the Indian religions. Yet we will stick to some of the proved benefits of this herb.

Basil leaf or tulsi leaves are one of the best anti-inflammatory agents in the nature. Soldiers and warriors have used these leaves to get maximum strength in their muscles. Apart from this it also helps in keeping the skin and mind fresh. You can learn a lot about these leaves from any Indian around you, as they use it quite often.

You can easily find original tulsi leaves around you. Yet if you are unable to find them you can order them online. The best practice is that you should grow a tulsi plant of your own and it grows quite easily in most parts of the world.

Rhodhiola Rosea

It is an herb that has been called the golden trophy b most of the adventure seekers. It is an herb that grown in the harshest climates in the world. Only mountaineers and adventure seekers are able to go to places where this herb usually grows. It has been labeled as one of the best herbs that can help in treating many different medical problems.

One of the main benefits of this herb was that it decreased the mental stress and boosted the testosterone in the body. As an overall benefit of this people were able to get better stronger bodies with calm minds.

Finding this herb could be a great challenge nowadays. There are many online herbal stores selling this herb but their sourcing is a bit questionable. Our recommendation is that you should ask someone to bring it for you from Sweden. There it is labeled as a herbal medication and it can easily be found in pure form.


It is one of the most mentioned herb in Ayurveda. For those who are not familiar with Ayurveda, it is traditional Indian medication. Most of the Ayurveda medications are made from different natural herbs and ashwagandha is one of the most used herb in Ayurveda. There are countless proven and unproven benefits of this herb but we will stick to the benefits that actually matter to the people reading this.

There have been many different researches into all sorts of benefits of this herb. According to one of these researches this herb can easily boost the testosterone levels in men by 40%. This is a huge number and such an increase is cherished among the bodybuilders.

You can easily by this herb in Indian stores around you. Yet the purest ashwagandha can only be found in India and you will either need to travel to India to get it or ask someone to bring it for you. No matter how you get it, but once you have it you are surely getting testosterone in large amounts pumping in your body.

Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed)

It is one of the most popular herb for increasing the sexual powers of men in China. It has many different names but horny goat weed is one of the best names. This names tells almost all about this herbs. This herb can increase the testosterone in the body quite rapidly and most of the other herbs are not as effective as this herb.

This herb is a bit rare in the markets but you can easily find it at any china Town near you. One of best things is that it can easily grow in all sorts of different climates. For this you can easily get some seeds from china and grow them all on your own. Just make sure that the seeds that you are getting are original and they come from a good place.

You should consult someone who knows about herbal medications before using this herb. Excessive use can be a bit dangerous in some cases as you can start feeling extra horny.


We tried to keep things as simple as possible so that you can easily understand these herbs. The reason behind keeping the list small is they we wanted you to get familiar with the herbs that have actually been proven in increasing testosterone.

The only problem that you could face with these herbs is that you might not find the original ones. If that is the case then you have many different options in the form of natural supplements. Supplements such as Testo-Max contain extracts from different herbs can boost the testosterone levels in the body efficiently.

Yet the decision is all yours just make sure that you know about the herbs and supplements that you are using to avoid any problems.

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