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Boost Testosterone

How To Boost Testosterone Level Safely For Muscle Growth?

Testosterone is known as a hormone that gives men their manhood. This testosterone is crucial for men as it gives them their sex drive, muscular body, and strength. Without testosterone bodies of men won’t be able to grow properly and they could face many different problems. At the same time, there are many men who suffer from various medical conditions that suppress the testosterone (Testosterone Deficiency) production in their bodies. In such cases, lives of such men are almost ruined as they aren’t able to enjoy the actual perks of life.

While on the other hand, many men wish to increase the amount of testosterone over the natural limits in their body even though they are fully fit. Bodybuilders are the most common among the people who willingly wish to increase testosterone levels in their bodies.

How is Testosterone Produced in the Body?

Testosterone production is a normal process in the human body. Many different organs in both males and females produce this hormone. There is a huge difference in the production of this hormone in men and women. A women’s body just produces merely 2% of the testosterone as compared to a man’s body.

In men, 97% of the testosterone is produced by the testes. This is a huge amount of this hormone, and most of it is just used to fulfill the sexual needs of men, and almost none of it is used for the muscle production. Testosterone produced by the adrenal glands is what matters in the muscle building process.

So if someone wishes to boost their muscle building process, they will need to target the adrenal gland. Many different agents can increase this process, but most of these agents can be harmful to the body. A bit of extra amount of this hormone can trigger side effects such as the growth of unnecessary body hairs. So you should be a bit careful if you are planning to boost testosterone in your body.

How To Boost Testosterone In Body?

There are countless ways of increasing testosterone and majority of these methods are useless for most of the people. In general, there is no particular method from which everyone can benefit. So we will be discussing the methods that have proved to be beneficial for the majority of the people. We are pretty sure that you will find something that will work for you among these methods.

Here we have tried to keep one thing in mind, all the ways that we will be introducing will be safe, natural and legal. You will not get any problems from anyone if you use any of these methods to build a muscular body for yourself.

1. Eat Fish & Use Fish Products

Fish is one of the best sources of testosterone for the human body. There are many different ways to get benefit from fish in the form of testosterone. For this, our recommendation is that you should make fish such as tuna part of your daily diet. Consuming this fish or any other fish in small quantities every day will slowly boost your testosterone level. Apart from this fish have a lot of protein that can be helpful in the muscle building process.

Here you should know that eating fried fish is not beneficial as eating steamed or roasted fish. Frying the fish will break the vitamins. Specifically, Vitamin D. Vitamin D is the most important vitamin that is required for the testosterone production.

Among fish products, fish oil is the most famous among the bodybuilders. Bodybuilders have been known to drink large quantities of this oil to boost testosterone level and muscle growth. This oil has been considered as one of the strongest alternatives to steroids. It should be remembered that fish and fish related products have omega-3 fatty acids. Increased level of these fatty acids has been known to cause prostate cancer. So take some care with the fish it can cause problems such as ADHD if eaten in excessive quantities.

2. Egg Yolks

It has been a known practice among millions of bodybuilders for centuries to consume eggs to fulfill their body’s needs. Eggs of different birds have been eaten by men to help their muscles develop. In today’s world, most of us just stick to the chicken eggs, so we will need to do with them. Eggs are an ultimate source of calcium, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Most of the bodybuilders have been seen eating or drinking egg whites and wasting the yolks.

As per our research, this is not a good practice. Egg yolks contain high quantities of Vitamin D and other nutrients that are beneficial for testosterone production. There is a little problem with the egg yolks. They can force cholesterol levels to increase. So if you are already suffering from cholesterol related problem, then you should avoid the egg yolks and stick to the whites. If you are fully fit than just mash the eggs and drink them or eat them. They will be beneficial in all forms.

3. Oysters & Shellfish

Most of the sea creatures have been eaten by men to boost testosterone levels. As we have mentioned about fish earlier, here we would like to justify the difference. Most of the fish are rich in Vitamin D and contain other nutrients in limited quantities. While Shellfish and Oysters are high in zinc. Zinc is an essential metal that helps the human body in many different ways. Benefits of zinc are known to all health and fitness experts. One of the main benefits is that it helps with the blood flow in the body. This allows the excess amount of proteins to be transported to the muscles.

On the other hand, it also increases the blood flow to the testes and the adrenal gland. As a result of which both these organs can produce excessive amounts of testosterone. So you should be eating oyster or shellfish a bit more often. Many researchers have considered oysters to be a much better alternative to male enhancement pills. So skip the illegal steroids and try this for once.

4. Excessive Workout

The most natural method of increasing the testosterone production is by working out. If you are sitting idle on a chair, your body will automatically decrease the testosterone production. The reason behind this is pretty simple. While you are sitting all day, you won’t be needing any extra strength from your muscles, and if the body keeps of producing testosterone, it will start causing different problems.

So don’t sit idle all day long you should try to spend some time at the gym and do some hard exercise. Then your body will automatically start producing testosterone. This amount might be small in the beginning, but it will undoubtedly increase as your workout routine gets harder. Many bodybuilders have built their muscles without using any steroids. They were able to increase the natural testosterone production in their body. Many people are unable to do this due to natural reasons so that they will need help from steroids. Here we are only referring to legal steroids not illegal or prohibited steroids.

5. Legal Steroids

You surely have heard about steroids, and you also know that they are illegal. Have you ever considered that there might be legal steroids somewhere out there? Well, these steroids do exist and finding them is pretty easy. These legal steroids are made from different safe ingredients that are mostly natural. Some people have been using these supplements for years and have benefited a lot without any side effects.

These steroids are made from things such as D-Aspartic Acid, Tribulus Terrestris, Ginseng, and Fenugreek. Along with this, these supplements have other nutrients such as sodium, cholesterol, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, calcium, Vitamin-D, Selenium, and Zinc. All these ingredients are beneficial for the muscle growth and can fulfill any bodybuilder needs. You might get confused looking for such supplements so Testo-Max or Spartagen XT is a recommendation that you should use. Apart from that, you can find many other such legal steroids if you consult your gym trainer or some other professional.


These are just a few of the things that you could use to boost the testosterone levels in your body in a safe manner. There are many other ways that you could use, but they have higher risks involved. So you should try to avoid such risks as minor risks can get you in critical conditions. Apart from this, you will be saving a lot of money by using these methods as they don’t cost anything extra.

Naturally boosting your testosterone levels is always the best idea and you can just add these things to your daily routine. All these foods and supplements contain excessive quantities of nutrients that are required for muscle development.

You will just need to give proper time at the gym to pass the benefits of all these things to your body. Else you won’t be able to notice any advantage from all the things that we just discussed.

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