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bodybuilding steroids

Bodybuilding Steroids

The body has been a major sport for a long time. The man has practiced bodybuilding from the very first days. It is one of the most popular athletic activity around the world. People of different ages work hard, lift weights and take various supplements to build muscular bodies. Bodybuilding is a hard thing, and one has to dedicate themselves physically towards it. Just hard work is not the only thing required in bodybuilding. People have to use many different bodybuilding steroids and supplements to get a perfect body that they want.

Naturally, the human body produces its supplement known as testosterone, which helps in building muscles. The biggest problem that bodybuilders face is that their body is unable to produce the required amount of testosterone for muscle building. To fulfill this deficiency, bodybuilders have to take many different steroids and supplements that are readily available in the market.

What Are Bodybuilding Steroids?

Bodybuilding steroids are also known as anabolic steroids. These are certain different formulas that contain different types of androgens. Androgens are hormones that enhance the body’s muscle building capabilities. The most common androgen that is used by people all over the world is testosterone. It is taken by athletes in many different forms. Androgens have been known for nearly a century now, and in this time people have widely used them for many different purposes.

Steroids have been quite popular among all sorts of athletes as they can build their muscular bodies within a short period with the help of steroids. Most of the steroids allow athletes to make their bodies within two months with a good workout. While if someone does work out without steroid, they will require years to build bulky looking muscles.

How Bodybuilding Steroids Work?

Steroids are available in many different forms, ranging from injectable injections to oral pills. So athletes have a variety of options when it comes to the type of steroid they wish to use. Most of the steroids are available in the form of powders. These powders are packed in capsules that can easily be swallowed. In some cases, these steroids are mixed with proteins to fulfill the bodybuilder’s requirements.

Once the steroid enters into the body, it is dissolved into the blood. After this, the steroid increases the testosterone production in the body. Testosterone is responsible for turning the proteins and calories into muscle mass. Many people think taking extraordinary amounts of steroids will help those building muscles faster, but that is just a misconception. Taking other steroids will not increase the effects, it will just cause side effects. So if you ever get steroids for yourself, just remember that you need to take them in the proper dosage.

What Are Some Common Steroids?

There are hundreds of different steroids available in the market and listing all of them is impossible for anyone. So we have created a small list of some of the most common bodybuilding steroids that are available in the market.

Name Description
Oxymetholone It has been available in the market since the early 1960’s. Its chemical formula is C21H32O3. It has been sold under many different names all over the world including USA, UK, and many other countries. It has been popular, and people have preferred it over many other steroids for various reasons. The most common brand name for this steroid is Anadrol. You can either purchase it from a shop around your or through many different online stores.
Oxandrolone It was initially introduced as a prescription medication in the US in the year 1964. There is an adamant reason behind this. It is an adamant steroid and its use without proper care can induce severe side effects. The chemical formula for this steroid is C19H30O3. It can also be found easily in stores, but you will need to have a valid prescription to get this steroid for your personal use.
Fluoxymesterone Fluoxymesterone is a synthetic steroid or androgen. It was made available in the markets quite late as compared to the other steroids. The chemical formula for Fluoxymesterone is C20H29FO3. It is among the most abused steroids in the athletic world, so try to use it with care. Tests for the excessive use of this steroid are done regularly, and excessive use can result in a ban or strict action.
Methandrostenolone It is one of the very first steroids ever to be sold in the market. It has been sold all over the world for a very long time, and most of the athletes have used it at some stage. The main benefit of Methandrostenolone is that it increases the muscle mass and body weight quite rapidly. It is a controlled substance so be careful while you purchase it. Chemical formula for Methandrostenolone is C20H28O2. Dianabol is the most common brand name for this steroid, and almost every bodybuilder knows it.
Mesterolone It is a popular steroid that is sold under the brand names Proviron and Mestoranum in different parts of the world. Initially used for the treatment of depression, soon its benefits for bodybuilders were noticed. Chemical formula for this steroid is C20H32O2. You should buy it with care and use it under guidance from a professional to avoid side effects.

These are just a few steroids that are commonly recommended to people. There is a very long list of steroids, and you can find details about all of them online quite easily. It is a great practice to do proper online research before purchasing steroids.

Where To Purchase Bodybuilding Steroids?

There are many places from where one can easily purchase these steroids. Many body shops sell all sorts of different supplements. The biggest problem is that their price is a bit high and some of them demand prescriptions and other such stuff. Apart from these shops, gyms also sell these steroids. If you wish to purchase these bodybuilding supplements you can easily get them from many different online stores. The main benefit of these stores is that they sell supplements at low prices as compared to local markets. The biggest advantage is that one can buy these supplements in bulk and get it shipped to their doorstep. This will resolve a lot of hassles of going to shop and purchasing the supplement again and again.

What Is The Best Time To Start Taking Steroids?

The best time to start taking steroids is once you have begun doing a regular workout. Taking steroids without doing any workout can deform the body. The most common issue in this regard has increased the size of the breasts in men. So if you wish to avoid such problems, then you should only use steroids with a proper workout. You should avoid mixing different steroids and supplements together as that can cause severe reactions in the body. Always consult a professional before using any steroid.

Are Bodybuilding Steroids Dangerous for Health?

Well, it entirely depends on how you are using them. If you use steroids properly, then they are completely safe and beneficial for your body. Most of the people who get side effects are the ones who enthusiastically overuse and abuse these steroids. These people harm themselves in the hope of getting better results.

Some people try injecting potent steroids, and this is the most dangerous things. Overdoses are quite common while injecting a steroid. So avoid this practice and take proper oral steroids if you ever need them. Some people could be allergic to such steroids so everyone should try to take a test dose before using a steroid regularly. This will help them in determining if they are allergic. This can keep people safe from severe allergic reactions that can be life-threatening in some cases.

People who are suffering from heart, liver, and respiratory problems should avoid these steroids. Most of these steroids can increase the blood pressure and heart rate which can be fatal for such people. In the same way, diabetic people should also avoid these steroids as they are also prone to many medical complications. Always consult your physician before using any steroid or supplement.

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