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Bodybuilding and benefits of Creatine

Bodybuilding and benefits of Creatine

Use of creatine has always been one of the topics discussed among bodybuilders and weight lifters. It is due to the side effects that are associated with it but in today’s date there is no such evidence to prove it.  Creatine has many benefits but before we know them, you must first know what creatine is and why is it used.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is a substance produced by the body. It is found in brain as well as muscles. In muscles, it is found in the form of phosphocreatine which is basically a form of energy that is used during the muscular contraction.

Though our body naturally produces enough creatine which is used for normal muscular activities but while you are weight lifting or are bodybuilding, extra creatine is required for more energy and stronger muscles. Extra creatine can be added to your body through supplements.

Benefits of Creatine:

Here are 5 renowned benefits of creatine which you can expect while you are using it.

Fortifies Muscles:

One of the main purposes of craetine is to strengthen your muscles during the contractions. The process take place in this way: while you are performing intense workout, ATP produced energy. Energy released by ATP is in the form of phosphocreatine and when it is released it is turned into adenosine diphosphate (ADP).  ADP that is produced is not enough to provide your body with enough energy. So, to gain your desired levels of energy one has to take creatine supplements. These supplements help you produce phosphocreatine at faster pace as well as helps ADP to convert back to ATP so that you can gain energy.

Moreover, if you have creatine in your muscles, you can perform more intense workouts without any fatigue. It helps in sustaining the energy in your muslces.

Enhancing Recovery Time of Muscles:

Creatine is known for strengthening muscles but it also helps in reducing damage to muscles, in simple words you can say it decreases the recovery time.  Along with it, this supplement also reduces muscle inflammation which allowed athletes to perform bodybuilding workouts as well.

According to a study done on two groups of athletes, athletes of one group were given creatine and the other group was given nothing. They then perform their workout and ran as per their schedule after which they all went through proper experiment. And it was found that group of athletes that were on creatine have lesser muscle damage as compared to athletes of other group.

Enhanced Muscle Mass:

Though creatine helps in gaining energy and reducing recovery time but if you are taking it for increasing your muscle mass it won’t show your desired results. If you want to take it for gaining lean muscle mass, you have to combine it with other supplements. According to different studies, it has been proved that athletes who have taken creatine were able to gain at least 5 lbs of body weight after 6 weeks of its use.

Increases Brain Functioning:

As mentioned earlier that creatine is found in brain and at least 5% of total creatine is found there. Though it is a small amount but when supplements are used for increasing it this percentage is also enhanced.

While it is in the brain, it works as a neuroprotectant which means that it protects the cells of brain from getting damaged. In cases when patients are suffering from trauma or any disorders that can affect their brain, these neuroprotectants strengths the brain cells which reduce the damage to brain and combat these disorders.

Decreases Blood Sugar Levels:

There have been many researches on creatine and its benefits. And one of the benefits found was that it helps regulate blood sugar levels. Craetine helps in the production of GLUT4 which is a molecule that carries sugars to the muscles. Due to it, your body has a higher tolerance level against glucose.

These were some of the benefits that are associated with creatine. If you want creatine supplement, you can look at the wide range of legal steroids supplements. All their products are legal and safe. They are made from natural ingredients and mimic some of the best anabolic steroids. Though their supplements are best alternates and mimic the benefits of anabolic steroids but eliminates all their side effects due to which they are safe to use. You can buy these legal steroids from their official website.



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