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Top 5 Biggest Natural Bodybuilders

This article will discuss the top 5 biggest natural bodybuilders in the world. All bodybuilders in this list have substantial evidence confirming that they are natural bodybuilders.

But, based on overwhelming evidence, I believe that these are natural. We will never be able to know 100% because we don’t have test results. It’s amazing how many people say “steroids” and underestimate the power of genetics in building muscle.

Even though these guys have a remarkable physique, it doesn’t mean you or I can achieve the same. These guys all have a tremendous genetic advantage that they have used for years to maximize their potential.

Here is the list of the top 5 biggest natural bodybuilders in the world. They were ranked in order of muscularity, from largest to smallest.


1. Donte Franklin

biggest natural bodybuilders

Donte Franklin, who some refer to as a “genetic freak”, is 1 in a million when it comes to muscle-building DNA. He would be a Mr Olympia competitor if he took steroids and got shredded to the bone. He has the most natty arms, thick pecs, and a ripped midsection.

It’s not hard to see Donte as a natural athlete, and he competes in the INBA (legit natty) federations. To catch potential steroid-users, they conduct multiple tests throughout the year. They conduct blood and urine tests, lie detectors, and other tests.

These organizations are almost impossible to beat if you are juicing. Their random testing is nearly 100% accurate.

Donte, 18 years old, was almost the same size today as he was then. This proves that he was a huge boy from birth.


2. Simeon Panda

biggest natural bodybuilder

Simeon Panda is a combination of massive mass and aesthetics that results in one the most beautiful bodies on the planet.

Simeon, 16 years old, was already a giant and had yet to go through puberty. He was even larger at 20. He didn’t grow much at all after that, but he learned how to eat and get shredded. He was able to land several lucrative sponsorship deals, including MyProtein.

Since Simeon was 16, I have been studying Simeon’s pictures. Simeon has made his gains naturally. He didn’t suddenly gain weight or get larger. He hasn’t grown much in the years since puberty, which gives more credence to his natural ability to build muscle.


3. Ron Williams

biggest natural bodybuilders

Ron Williams is the most decorated natural physique body builder of all time. Ron Williams is now retired, but he has won over 250 natural bodybuilding competitions including Mr. Natural World and Mr. Natural Olympia. Here are a few of his titles.

    • 7-time Mr. Natural Olympia
    • 7-time Mr. Natural Universe
    • 7-time Natural World
    • Hall of Fame Inductee (2008) — International Natural Bodybuilding  Association

Ron has always been committed to a drug-free lifestyle since the beginning. He considers it natural not to even take creatine!

Since his retirement from bodybuilding competition, Ron has had a variety of successful careers. He is a leading expert in nutrition, physiology and fat loss.


4. Sadik Hadzovic

biggest natural bodybuilders

Sadik is a big boy, especially in offseason.

He is ripped to pieces year after year for Mr Olympia Men’s Physique, displaying one the most impressive V-tapers the planet has ever seen. He was a model long before he entered the world of bodybuilding.

He was almost the same size in his modeling days as he is today. He would have made significant gains if he had been taking steroids.

Sadik is also free from any signs of steroid-use, including balding, acne and steroid gut. After years of juicing, it would be difficult for him to keep his slim waist. Sadik is free from any trace of steroids.


5. Jamie Alderton

biggest natural bodybuilders

Jamie Alderton, a natural bodybuilder from England, is most well-known for being sponsored in part by Grenade, a supplement company.

Jamie was 13 years old and already displayed remarkable muscle for his tender age.

Jamie has competed in the WBFF, Musclemania and BNBF.

BNBF and Musclemania are two of the most prominent federations. Both are real bodybuilding shows. You will be caught if you are taking steroids at any time during the year.

Jamie is also very well-built. He has thick hair, small traps and a tight midsection. 100% natty.


Biggest Natural Bodybuilders List Summary

Let’s take a quick look at this list again:

  1. Donte Franklin
  2. Simeon Panda
  3. Ron Williams
  4. Sadik Hadzovic
  5. Jamie Alderton

Top 5 Biggest Natural Bodybuilders in the World (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Which bodybuilding federations do the top 5 biggest natural bodybuilders compete in?

The top 5 biggest natural bodybuilders compete in these common federations IFBB, INBA, NANBF, Musclemania, NPC, WBFF, NPA, BNBF, and UKBFF. These are some of the most trusted federations for bodybuilding.

Who among the top 5 biggest natural bodybuilders is considered to be the best?

Sadik Hadzovic was ranked among the top five natural bodybuilders based on their achievements at the IFBB.

Sadik Hadzovic has one of the best resumes on the list. He was runner-up in 2015 and 2014, as well as 3rd overall for 2016 Men’s Physique at Olympia.

What are the average height and weight for the top 5 biggest natural bodybuilders?

The average height and weight of the top 5 natural bodybuilders is 6 feet and 202 pounds, respectively.


The world is full of natural bodybuilders today, which shows that steroids don’t have to be a requirement. Your own genes and hard work can lead you to amazing results.

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biggest natural bodybuilder



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