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Beware of the Cancer-Filled Food Substances!! You’re taking Cancer for Breakfast!

There are a lot of foods that contain substances that can increase the risk of cancer in the human body. Being unaware, we’re taking up the cancerous substances in our routine diet and we don’t even have any idea about it. These foods are playing vital roles in increasing the amount of cancerous products in our body. We should have a detail study in order to get the least idea of the food substances that are healthy and cancer-free. This article will provide you all the information you need to know about the food substances that contain cancer articles and about how to be aware of that.

The first food substances that contain the cancerous substances are the meat products. In some meat products, there are substances known as prohibited polyphosphate that can be the cause of colon cancer, due to badly affecting the mutagenicity of the people in the second and the third generation. The animals that are ready for slaughter in five months are actually grown up by the swine feeding. In swine feeding, they feed the animals with so-called sano food that contains antibiotics and sedatives and is full of hormones. These swine fed animals are the major reasons to cause cancer in humans.

The meat of the swine fed animals is used in the burgers that are enriched with tallow, soy and polyphosphates. These substances can be the major cause to produce the genotoxic substances in the human body. These substances are strictly prohibited all over the world because it can cause the gene mutation that can alter the genes in their children or children of their children. When the whole analysis is taken, they declare that meat does not contain any cancerous substance but it is the additives that caused cancer. Such activities are not even prohibited by law.

In addition to meat, there are several other food products that can be the reason to cause cancer in the human body and we’re not even aware of it. These include Ham and “Pizza Ham”. Both Ham and Pizza Ham are the food products that are extremely dreadful for our health. These food products, if taken for long period, can cause one of the most dangerous forms of cancer known as colon cancer. In the Ham, people add carrageenan and emulsifiers that are actually derived directly from the seaweed and are termed as hydrocolloids (the substances that bind with the water). Thus, this Ham also becomes carcinogenic.

Cancer is a disease that cannot be prevented once it is produced in the body. There are no end limits for the carcinogenic substances. Even the small amounts of cancer can grow, develop and can be the cause to influence the whole body with cancer. Thus, cancer cannot be prevented by taking medicines; it will only spread largely in the body. All we can do is to avoid eating the food substances that contain carcinogenic substances.

Even one of your favorite foods that are the hot dogs is not safe for your health. They’re the same carcinogenic as the Ham and their meat is half cheaper of what it is made of. These made of back, neck, bones and rump from the chickens that are enriched with hormones, antibiotics, bacteria as well as heavy metals. All of these are the major ingredients that can be a way to enter carcinogenic substances in the human body.

Ham – A Cancerous Food

Ham contains all the ingredients that are unhealthy for the human body. Even some of the ingredients are the reasons to cause cancer. When a person takes in Ham, it is decomposed in the digestive tract of the human body. The inflammation or colitis occurs, when the carrageenan of the Ham sticks to the mucous membrane of the colon. One of the symptoms of the colon cancer is constipation.

When the colon empties, wounds are created on the walls of the colon that can cause ulcerative colitis. The Ham also contains the nitrate salts that combine with the proteins from the soy and meat. Both of them combine together to form Nitrosamines, which when come in contact with the wounds can lead to cancer of the mucosa of the colon. There are uncountable people who are taking Ham everyday as their favorite food and they’re not even aware of what they’re eating. Thus, there is no confusion left to wonder at the increasing number of cancer patients.

Life-Threatening Emulsifiers

The industrially produced foods are added to the emulsifiers that are the substances that increase the odor, taste or color of the substance. Emulsifiers also play an important role in acting as preservatives. It is important to note that the long-term intake of the emulsifiers is harmful to the human health.

We’re not even aware of the regular substances that we’re using on our daily basis. These emulsifiers can be found in almost every fridge. Every Energy Drink contains sodium benzoate (E211) maximum 0.012%. Similarly, the emulsifier like mild ketchup contains the same preservative maximum 0.1%. Thus, we should avoid taking the food substances that contain emulsifiers as it can lead to Cancer.


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