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Best Supplements for muscle growth

Choosing The Best Supplements for Muscle Growth

Best Supplements for muscle growth are not doubt made by the nature for the use of humans. Muscles are one of the most important things for any man or women. These muscles are necessary as they provide people with the perfect looks and strength they want. It is a known fact that men and women are attracted towards opposite sex only if they have great bodies. For this purpose around a century ago, men and women usually went to gyms or worked out hard to get themselves in shape. This process was long and required a lot of hard work. Due to this reason people usually skipped in between and decided that they are better off with the ugly looking body that they hate.

This entire scenario changed when steroids were made available on the market shelves in the mid of 20th century.In the 1960’s dozens of anabolic steroids were synthesized by researchers and later introduced by pharmaceutical companies in the markets. All these steroids helped people in developing great muscles at an incredible pace without harsh workouts. These steroids no doubt had many benefits for the bodybuilders, but at the same time, there were many drawbacks. Side effects were the top problems that people had to deal with, while they were using steroids. Due to these side effects, steroids were categorized just like prescription medications and controlled substances.

In such environment, where people are confused and afraid of steroids we have created a list of some steroid alternatives that don’t possess side effects. These steroids are usually natural supplements that have the same benefits like original steroids. The only difference is that these natural supplements are not injurious to the health. So take a look at this list, and you will surely find something to fulfill your muscle building needs.


HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone. It is a natural hormone that is produced by almost all animals and humans. It is responsible for the development of the human body from the very first day. It helps the cells in the body to regenerate and develop properly. If a person suffers from a deficiency of HGH, their body will be unable grow properly.

It is required by bodybuilders in high quantities if they wish to develop stronger bodies. The bodies of bodybuilders are only able to turn proteins into muscles if there is an excessive amount of HGH present in their body. There are many different supplements available in the market that contain this steroid. The best thing about HGH is that it can easily be found in natural supplements. You will have no problem in the search for a supplement such as HGH-X2 online.

Korean Ginseng

Benefits of ginseng are known all over the world. It has been regarded as one of the best plants in the nature that can be used to get better health. It became popular a long time ago when the world started discovering the benefits of the traditional Chinese medication. Ginseng was the magical herb that can treat an extensive list of health problems. Apart from treating health problems, it can also act as a natural alternative to steroids.

Ginseng contains many different chemicals and compounds that help in strengthening the body. One of the best thing about ginseng is that it reinforces the joints and provides the muscles with the required strength. Bodybuilders can use this strength to lift weight and get better muscles that are stronger and bigger in size. The effect of standalone ginseng is not so strong, but if it is used in a combination supplement such as DecaDuro than the benefits are increased many folds.

Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey has been produced and used for many centuries. It is a byproduct that is left behind after the milk has been curdled and strained for making cheese. Bodybuilders and athletes all over the world have been consuming whey to get the proteins that their body needs. Apart from this whey has also been used in many different foods for a long time. It is present in many baked products. Whey in its natural form is not so ideal for bodybuilders.

So it has been synthesized into much finer versions called concentrates. In these concentrates, most of the extra things like water and fat are removed from whey. The remaining concentrate is usually a solid powder that is rich in proteins. This concentrate has been used in many different bodybuilding supplements. Its presence in supplement pills can fulfill a bodybuilders protein needs for an entire day of body building. D-Bal which is considered to be an alternative for the strongest steroid Dianabol contains Whey Protein Concentrate. Only due to this concentrate a natural supplement can compete against a strong steroid like Dianabol.

Tribulus Terrestris

This plant grows all over the world. The properties of this plant are quite different all over the world. This plant flowers once every year. These flowers are used in many different herbal medications in different parts of the world. In some recent studies, it was found that these herbs can boost the testosterone levels in the body. Due to this property, it became a quick hit and bodybuilders all over the US were looking for this herb. Its original form became rare in the market as fake tribulus terrestris became available in the market.

Many companies have been producing tribulusterrestris extracts. You can easily find a good company that is producing the original extract. Testo-Max is one of the most popular natural supplements that contains this extract. You can easily buy it and start using it without any fears. Just be careful, or you can face problems such as unwanted erections.


Clenbutrol is a powerful supplement, so it is usually mixed with different proteins and sold in the form of tablets and capsules. You will find it in the pharmacies quite easily but buying from the drugstore can be a bit costly. Our recommendation is that you should buy it from websites such as Crazy Bulks. This will help you in saving money, plus you can even get three bottles for the price of two in different promotions.

Some Steroids That You Should Avoid

You should avoid almost all steroids. There are some steroids that are a bit better than others. So we have listed some of the steroids that you should steer clear of in any circumstances. So don’t listen to anyone who is recommending any of these steroids to you.

  1. DNP

It stands for dinitrophenol. It is famous among bodybuilders as a rapid fat killer. It increases the metabolism to an extreme level due to which body burns all the fat. It is dangerous as it can increase the heartrate putting stress on lungs, liver, and kidneys.

  1. Mibolerone

It was initially a medication for dogs, but then people started using it to build stronger and bigger muscles. It can destroy your life so never even get close to it.

  1. Fluoxymesterone

It is also known as halotestin. It suppresses and hinders the natural testosterone production in the body. This can make sexual lives of men and women miserable.

  1. Anadrol

Provided in the market in 1960’s era, Anadrol is one of the most abused steroids. So try to avoid this steroid as it can lead to liver failure quite quickly. Never take this steroid from someone as it is a controlled, illegal substance.

  1. Winstrol

It has been labeled as the king of illegal steroids. So don’t even think about using this. It is available in many different forms, and in all these forms it is dangerous. There are much better and stronger alternatives that you can choose instead of Winstrol and avoid all the side effects.


If you have been using steroids for a long time, then you might need to switch now and start using something safe. If you stick to your old anabolic steroids due to your steroid obsession, then you will be dealing with hard health conditions in the near future. Your body’s immune system is entirely destroyed by the steroids. If you start using the above-mentioned herbs and natural supplements than you can save yourself.

Apart from this, the muscles that are gained with steroids don’t last long. Most of the steroid users lose their muscles within a few weeks once they stop taking them. While on the other hand muscles gained with natural supplements will surely last longer.

I have seen many people using natural supplements that helped them get muscles faster. You can also benefit from these steroids. If you are a starter, then the natural steroids are the best option for you. If you adjust your body as per these natural steroids, then you can surely benefit from them without needing any help from anabolic or androgenic steroids. If you are planning on trying an entirely natural supplement cycle than Crazy Bulks Growth Stack is the best package that you can get online. Three months on it and you will see how dramatically your body changes and it all happens naturally.


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