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Oils For Boosting Testosterone

Best Oils For Boosting Testosterone Levels In Body

Different oils have been used by men and women for centuries to help them in getting better bodies. It is a known fact that until an almost century ago people used different oils. These oils were extracted from different natural plants, fruits, trees and many other such things. In order to extract these oils all these things were usually dried and then they were pressed to extract the oils. As a result, the oil that was extracted contained really high nutrients. People used to drink these oils or rub them on their bodies to get different benefits. The practice has almost become extinct nowadays as people have turned to synthetic oils.

In most of the first world countries, people won’t even think about massaging their entire body with natural oils regularly. The only time they will opt for it is when they will get a body massage from a costly spa. They could have attained all the benefits on their own at home. On the other hand in countries like China and India, it is a common practice. People regularly massage different essential oils on their bodies to make them stronger and beautiful. This fact has been proven by scientists that essential oils are beneficial for the body and yet people avoid them.

Do Essential Oils Boost Testosterone?

One of the lesser known benefits of some essential oils is the testosterone boost that the body gets from them. When a person massages these oils on their body different vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the body through the skin. These nutrients reach the muscles directly as they don’t need to go through the digestive system and the blood vessels. As a result of which the body is able to get more benefits from certain oils as compared to some supplements. In the same way rubbing some oils that contain testosterone boosting compounds can be really helpful for many men.

What Are The Best Essential Oils For Testosterone Boost?

There are many different essential oils in the market that you can easily purchase and use. Yet there is one small problem with all these oils. The oils that are being sold in the market under different brand names are usually not pure. Preservatives have been added to these oils for different reasons. One of the reasons is to increase the quantity of the oil. As a result of this these oils lose their potency and they aren’t as beneficial as they naturally are. So it is a recommendation that you should do a bit of research and try to get your hands on some pure essential oils if you really wish to benefit. Else these branded oils can also be ok to a certain extent.

We will not be discussing all the essential oils as that will be useless and a waste of time. We will just stick to some of the best oils that can actually give people testosterone levels higher than normal. So the list begins

Fennel Oil

Fennel oil has been used for a long time and it has countless benefits. We came across dozens of such benefits and we almost got confused about which ones were the best. So we will start with mood improvement. Fennel oil has been known to improve mood quite rapidly. People usually start feeling stress-free as a result of which their body is able to relax and develop properly. Above all, the human body can only produce sufficient amounts of testosterone if it is free from all sorts of mental stress.

It will help in removing all the toxins from the body. These toxins usually build up in different testosterone producing glands lowering their efficiency. This oil will also relieve spasms and help muscles in recovery after workouts helping them in growing rapidly. While rubbing this oil on male reproductive organs has also shown proven results especially when it comes to increased testosterone for sexual purposes.

Tulsi Oil

More commonly known as Holy Basil Oil in many countries apart from India. Holy basil has been known as a miracle herb in India and many other parts of the world. It has a significant place in Hinduism just because of all the benefits it has for the human body. There have been many different types of research in which it was proven that frequent use of Holy basil can increase testosterone rapidly. While the effects are quite stronger when it comes to the oil.

Pure oil is hard to find in countries such as USA and UK, so you will need someone to get it from you from India. One of the people I know asked their Indian friend to get this oil for them. That friend of theirs got the oil specially extracted from their native village. The oil was a million times stronger than the one being sold in the USA. This oil was so strong that my friend almost gave up steroids once he started using the oil. Yet the oil can cause a bit of swelling if not used in limited quantities. So try to keep the usage under control and your testosterone levels will be skyrocketing soon.

Peppermint Oil

This oil is really common and can be found in many shops all over the USA. Yet most of these companies are selling synthetic peppermint oil. This oil is not as beneficial for the body as pure natural peppermint oil. So try to get pure oil to get some benefits. Peppermint can help in relaxing the body. So when it is used by people suffering from testosterone deficiency their body will get relaxed. A relaxed body is able to produce hormones in higher quantities and testosterone is one of these hormones.

The method of use for this oil highly varies from person to person. Some people have consumed this oil with food and some have rubbed it on their bodies. Many men have also rubbed this oil on the area around their reproductive organs to get maximum benefits. This experience can be a bit chilly and slight feeling tingling feeling could occur. The amount of oil should be kept minimum for starters to get the maximum benefits.

Sandalwood Oil

Usually, this oil is used in different fragrances but it can be really helpful in increasing the testosterone levels. This oil works in a bit different manner as compared to all the other oils that we have discussed till now. One of the main benefits is that this oil doesn’t need to be absorbed into the skin by rubbing. All you need is smell it a little bit. Pheromones in this oil will play with the neurological system and force it to start producing testosterone. This oil has been used by many men for centuries and you can easily find dozens of different ways to use this amazing oil.

Fenugreek Oil

Fenugreek is a really popular herb in the Arab region and like all the above herbs it has been used for centuries by men to increase testosterone levels. Fenugreek is an amazing herb and coming across pure fenugreek oil is pretty hard. Most of the supplements such as Testo-Max use extracts from this herb. This single herb has made many different natural supplements stronger than steroids.

Fenugreek has countless benefits and one of the main benefits is that it increases the metabolism of the body. As a result of this the body is able to convert more fat and at the same time use the energy to produce higher amounts of testosterone. You should consult an expert before using this oil to know appropriate doses and get the maximum benefits.


Essential oils can be really helpful for the body and some of these oils can actually boost testosterone. While many others are just useless when it comes to testosterone production. So be careful and don’t go after great names and brands. Try to get the purest natural oils and use them. Only then you will be able to get the maximum benefits. Just make sure you are not allergic to the oil that you are planning to use, otherwise use them as per your discretion to get the maximum benefit.

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