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There is a huge variety of steroids available in the market. These steroids have different forms and properties. People of different bodies use these steroids to get bodies they desire. These people have been using different natural and synthetic steroids for a long time. At first, there were natural steroids in various forms but over the passage of time stronger and better steroids were synthesized. These steroids became popular in the 1960’s when steroids became available on the market shelves.

Most of the earlier steroids that were available in the market were derived from testosterone. They just dissolved into the body and increased the testosterone level. These steroids were quite raw, and they caused many different side effects. As a result of this steroids were synthesized and made into much better and powerful steroids. By the mid of 1960’s the synthetic steroids being sold outnumbered the natural steroids. As a result of this number of people using steroids increased to a whole new level. One of the very first such steroids that were sold widely was Oxandrolone which has been sold under many different brand names, and one of them is Anavar.

What is Anavar?

Anavar is a steroid that contains Oxandrolone which has a chemical formula C19H30O3. This steroid has been sold under many different brand names that include Oxandrin, Lanavar& Anavar. Initially, it was made available in the US market in 1964 as a prescription medication. Originally it was prescribed to people who were suffering from different muscle problems. It was used for treating medical conditions such as Turner syndrome. Apart from that, it was also administered to burned people who had lost their muscles. In these people, Anavar promoted regeneration of muscle tissues. Apart from this, it has been a famous among bodybuilders, who use it to build buffed muscles.

How is Anavar Different from Other Steroids?

Anavar has been used for many different purposes ranging from its use as a medical drug to its use by the bodybuilders to get big muscles. Most of the steroids that are sold in the market are known to produce different side effects, yet at the same time, side effects of Anavar are quite less. Anavar is termed as more androgenic than an anabolic steroid. Its muscle building effects are quite less as compared to other steroids. Due to this reasons, it can be used by almost anyone who is looking forward to getting a smart and in shape body.

Due to this very reason, women and starters are recommended Anavar. These people can gain extra mass and irregular muscles from other stronger steroids. So they are given this steroid due to less potency. Once their body has settled towards the steroids, they are given more powerful steroids that their body can manage. So if you are planning to hit the gym for the very first time to build some muscles, then there is no better option for you than Anavar. Just take it in proper doses, and you will see your body get in shape within no time.

How Anavar Works?

Anavar works in a much similar manner as most of the other steroids available in the market. Oxandrolone, which is present in Anavar activates the androgen receptors in the body. As a result of this effect the protein synthesis in the body. The increased amount of protein being produced in the body in return is used for making muscles tissues. Apart from this it also helps in increasing the body mass, which is effective for lean people.

Above all Anavar also increases the bone mineral density, this helps people in getting stronger bones that are a necessity with stronger and bigger muscles. It produces much less testosterone as compared to other steroids, due to which it is a great option for women and children for whom testosterone is not beneficial.

Is Anavar Safe?

If you compare it with many other steroids being sold in the market, Anavar is considerably safe. Most of the other steroids available in the market put stress on the liver. This can lead to liver failure, if someone uses those steroids for a long period of time. So if you have had some liver problems than Anavar is a great option for you. While Anavar aromatize or convert into estrogen. Due to this property males using it for bodybuilding are safe from problems such as gynecomastia and water retention. These two problems are really common among most of the bodybuilders all over the world.

Are There Any Side Effects of Anavar?

No steroid or medication doesn’t have any side effects. Although the number of these side effects is much less, as compared to many other steroids. Some side effects do exist. We have listed some of these side effects so that you can have a bit of idea about them.

  • Acne
  • Change in Cholesterol level
  • Hair Loss (Not so common)
  • Mild Liver Toxicity
  • Testosterone Suppression
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Virilization (in women)

These are just some of the side effects that have been associated with Anavar. It is not necessary that everyone using it will suffer from these side effects. Knowledge about these side effects is a good thing. If you experience any other side effects apart from these, then you should consult your physician and avoid using this steroid.

Is Anavar a Legal Athletic Steroid?

In USA Oxandrolone has been categorized as a Schedule III controlled substance. While in UK and Canada, it has been labeled as a Schedule IV Controlled Substance. So you should only use it if it has been recommended by a physician or a professional trainer. Many sporting bodies have prohibited the use of this steroid and athletes who have been disqualified for using it. So consult a professional athlete to know as much as possible about the rules and regulations related to this steroid. Using it in limited quantities is always a great thing, and it will keep you safe from many different problems regarding health.

How To Take Anavar?

The dosage of Anavar varies for both men and women. Usually, smaller doses are recommended for women. Women are advised to start with small doses of 5mg daily and with the passage of time this dosage can be increased up to 20mg daily. The overall daily dosage is divided into two or three smaller doses. Women are recommended to take a high calorie and high protein diet while they are using Anavar.

On the other hand men, the starting daily dosage of Anavar for men is 20mg. This dosage is increased considerably over the passage of time up to 50 or 60 mg. This dosage is further split into smaller doses throughout the day, and each dose is scheduled to be taken after around 8 hours. Using this steroid over this limit can cause side effects that can be harmful to the body.

How To Buy Anavar?

Anavar is a prescription steroid or medication. It can’t be purchased without a physician’s prescription. Its purchase without a prescription is almost impossible and illegal in most parts of the world. There are some places from where you can easily buy Anavar legally without any problem. For this, you will need to shop online. Many different websites are selling Anavar and many other bodybuilding steroids. These sites ship these steroids from overseas. Which means you will not be breaking any laws in your country. These sites deliver it to your doorstep relieving you from all sorts of hassles. So opt for these websites rather than getting this steroid from the streets.


There are many legal alternatives for Anavar in the market today. But the most prominent is ANVAROL. It provides every benefit of Anavar, but it does not have any of the side effects. It is 100% effective, safe, and legal.


Anavar is one of the most popular steroids among the women. The main reason behind this is that it doesn’t have testosterone as compared to many other steroids. Due to this women can safely use it without getting any strong body features. Apart from this, it is one of the best options for people who are new to steroids. These people can start with Anavar and switch to some other steroid after some time. So if you are concerned about side effects of steroids, then just go for Anavar as no other steroid has side effects lesser than Anavar or Oxandrolone.


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