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anavar side effects

Anavar Side Effects

Having a great muscular body is a dream of almost each and every man and many women. The natural method to have such a body is to work out for regularly for months and eat a lot of meat. This is a hard thing to do and most of the people in today’s world will be unable to achieve muscular bodies with this method. Around half a century ago researchers discovered many different chemicals that enhanced the body’s muscle building capabilities. Initially, people used testosterone to get better and stronger muscles. By 1965 many other steroids had been developed, and the list included one steroid called Oxandrolone, which was marketed under the brand name Anavar.

When Anavar was initially introduced in the market, it was sold as a prescription medication for malnourished and burned people. As time passed people discovered that it was also a great steroid too, that can build muscles at a fast pace. Within no time it was being used by people in gyms all over the United States. If you are a bodybuilder, then you might have heard about it. There are high chances that someone around you might have suggested you use this steroid.

Most of the people around the world are afraid of steroids due to the side effects. If you are a starter than Anavar is the best option for you and you surely wish to know as much as possible about this steroid. To make the decision about using Anavar for you, we have researched and created a detailed list of side effects that are related to Anavar. It is not necessary that everyone using this steroid will suffer from all these side effects but still knowing about them is a necessity to be careful.

Side Effects

Side Effect Details
High Blood Pressure High blood pressure is a common side effect that is caused by almost all steroids. When a steroid dissolves into the blood, it increases the testosterone level in the body. As a result of this, the protein synthesis in the body is increased. This extra amount of protein that is being generated needs to be carried around the body in the blood. For this, the heart has to work harder and pump blood at a faster pace.

As a result of the blood pressure can increase quite rapidly. Apart from this if someone is working out after taking Anavar than their heart rate will be automatically high. So if you have ever suffered from a heart problem in the past, then you should avoid taking this steroid. Apart from this, you should also consult a doctor if you have any pain in the area around your heart while working out.

Oily Skin or Acne Acne and oily skin are quite common among young people. Even in adults, these are severe problems. When someone starts taking an oily or heavy diet, their skin starts producing oil, which in return can also cause acne. Steroids are hard substances, that out stress on the entire human body especially the digestive system. As a result of these, the body produces many different toxins that are gathered in the skin.

These toxins can produce acne and pimples in both men and women. Acne is common among people who are using steroids for the very first time. After using steroids for a few weeks, things such as acne and oily skin will automatically be eradicated. So don’t worry about them just keep on working out and wash your face as often as possible to keep the pores clean.

High Cholesterol Cholesterol is produced naturally by almost every living being. If the level of cholesterol in the body stays reasonable, there will be no issue for anyone. If the degree of cholesterol increases beyond a certain limit, it can cause many different problems. Steroids tend to increase the production of cholesterol in the body.

The increased amount of cholesterol can be a huge problem. It can block the veins in the body and put stress on the heart. As a result of this people can suffer from high blood pressure and heart strokes. So if you are using steroids then you should be careful and keep a check on your body’s cholesterol levels.

Suppressed Testosterone Production Testosterone is an essential compound that is produced by the human body. It is called the sex hormone or natural steroid that the body produces. It is critical for men because they can only have an amazing physical appearance if they use testosterone.

When someone starts taking steroids, the natural production of testosterone is suppressed. This isn’t an issue while someone is using another steroid, but once they have stopped using these steroids, they will face problems. Their muscles will stop developing, and muscles mass will also decrease. Apart from this, there would be a substantial impact on the sexual performance of men.

Mood Swings Mood swings are usually produced by crazy hormones in the body. Taking steroids can alter the level of different hormones in the body. This impact is not usually visible to most people, but it can be severe for some.

In women, these mood swings will be much intense and frequent especially while they are menstruating.

So if you ever suffer from such mood swings than you should try to consult your doctor as soon as possible. Any imbalance in the hormones can cause different neurological problems. These problems can further develop into stress, anxiety, and depression if not treated properly.

Hair Loss This is not so common but still it can appear. This isn’t a serious issue for most of the men, but it can be a serious problem for women. So if you ever notice that your hairs are falling while you are using this steroid, then you should start using some good supplement for the hairs. In most of the cases hair, fall stops once someone stops using the steroid that initially caused it.
Nausea & Vomiting Steroids put stress on the stomach as breaking  the steroids require a lot of energy in the stomach. Some people have a weak stomach, as a result of this, they can have many problems. In some people, it might cause nausea and vomiting. If you experience any of them, then you should consult your physician for more guidance on the problem.
Body Hair Growth This is not common among men, but it has been noted in women. This steroid increases the amount of testosterone in the body, which is usually not present in bodies of women. Testosterone can increase the number of body hairs and make them thicker. This can be a serious problem for women and make them look gross.

If as women you see hairs growing thicker than normal on your body after taking Anavar, than you should consult a professional. You should also avoid using Anavar or other steroids if this has happened to you.

These are just a few of the side effects that are common. If you observe anything abnormal happening in your body after using Anavar, then stop taking it. Consult your physician and only use it again once you know the extent of problems that can be caused by this steroid.


There are many legal alternatives for Anavar in the market today. But the most prominent is ANVAROL. It provides every benefit of Anavar, but it does not have any of the side effects. It is 100% effective, safe, and legal.


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