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Anavar: The best steroid for women

Anavar: The best steroid for women and its alternative

Anyone who uses anabolic steroids or has even slight knowledge about the subject can tell you all about the side effects they can cause. What people do not realize is that all those adverse effects are even worse for women when they use it. Women usually avoid using anabolic steroids because of these severe side effects but we have an exception called Anavar.  Anavar is one of the rare steroids which has least side effects in women and provides maximum benefits. This is the reason it is more commonly known as “girl steroid” among the users and producers.

What is Anavar?

Anavar is an anabolic steroid that is also commonly known as Oxandrolone. This anabolic steroid is very popular for use because of its well tolerating nature. One of the best qualities of Anavar is that it is suitable for use among female as well as male which is very rare to be found among steroids. This synthetic steroid was made in late 1964 in the United States of America as a derivative of Dihydrotestosterone. Even to this day, its popular use has enabled it to be available online even after it got banned from some countries by FDA. It is available in different form which can be pills, injections, capsules or creams. Though, most athletes and celebrities prefer using it in oral form.

Why Anavar is called “girls steroid”?

The main reason women opt to use Anavar instead of any other anabolic steroid is because all the effects of Anavar are mild rather than severe. This means they do not develop obscenely larger muscles that take away their femininity. Another reason is mild effects means lesser side effects as well. This means that women experience less adverse effects or toxic effects compared to using other anabolic steroids.

Benefits that come with Anavar:

Any female looking for increasing her muscle mass opts for Anavar especially because it give the muscles increase without making it look excessive. That means it makes you look fit, sexy and healthy by also increasing your inner strength at the same time. Many women suffer with losing their breaths and not being able to complete any schedule of exercise but this problem is solved by Anavar. . It increases your stamina and helps you increase the time in which you train or work out. Anavar also makes sure you do not get too bulky or large enough to be not able to move quickly. It retains your agility and this is why female athletes trust Anavar before any important game.

Another benefit of the Anavar is that it imporves your cardiovascular endurance. American Heart Association has suggested that everyone should make sure to get at least 7 sessions of 30 minutes cardio exercise per week to improve their cardiovascular endurance. Anavar does the job of those 7 sessions.

What is cardiovascular endurance?

Your body needs a constant amount of oxygen at all times. From tiny muscle fibers to huge heart tissue, every organ of the body requires oxygen to keep going. The ability of our body, mainly heart and vessels, to deliver the required amount of oxygen to our muscles at the time of the need like during workouts and training sessions is called cardiovascular endurance. It helps you to keep going for longer without feeling muscle pain or fatigue. In other words, it increases your stamina and endurance capability. Increased cardiovascular endurance also reduces the cholesterol levels in our body. Other effects include lower our blood pressure and reducing stress to prevent other dangerous chronic diseases.

Anavar’s effects on appetite:

The simple formula to lose weight is to decrease the amount of calorie intake to a level where you burn more calories than you consume in a day. If you are a woman looking to lose weight and have been working out rigorously to reduce body fat then Anavar can help you do it. The whole diet plans designed to make sure your calorie intake is less gets so complicated and expensive that the better option is always Anavar. People usually give up on their diets because of the usual cravings and hunger episodes throughout the day but Anavar helps you suppress that feeling. Anavar decreases your apetite and helps you to stick to your diet plan.

All these benefits prove that Anavar has been called the best steroid for women with all the reason. Another benefit includes the fact its mild effects also make sure your body does not suffer the toxic and adverse affects.

What is the proper way to take Anavar?

Before starting any supplement or steroid, you need to make sure you have background knowledge about the product. You must be able to understand the benefits, the side effects and most importantly the dosage schedule. If you want least possible adverse effects with maximum benefits in least amount of time then you should follow the below given dosage method.

  • It is very important to know when to use a specific steroid. There are two cycles, bulking and cutting. Bulking cycle increase your muscle mass, body fat and overall weight while the cutting cycle does the opposite. Anavar should be used during the cutting cycles rather than the bulking cycle to shed the extra amount of fat you have gained during the latter. This helps you in losing weight as well.
  • Anavar should be taken only 10 mg for the first week of its usage to make sure the body does not have any severe reactions to it. This is the trial period only.
  • For beginners, this starting dosage limit turns out to be excellent and they do not need to increase it from here. If your body starts to look different and better with 10 mg then there is absolutely no point of increasing the dosage which can also increase the side effects.
  • You can increase the dose to 15 mg a day if you feel your body is not reacting in any way to the 10 mg dose and you find no visible changes in your physique. Again, make sure you are keeping close tabs on your health and body when you increase the dose to 15 mg. This prevents you to stop the dosage or to decrease it in case of any severe body problem.
  • Some women even decide to increase the dose to 20 mg. But 20 mg is called the hard limit for women and it is rather strictly instructed to not go beyond this limit as you can be at the risk of getting severe adverse effects. If even after going at 20 mg, you see absolutely no body change then you need to understand that Anavar is not doing the job for you rather than increasing the dosage again.
  • Women usually take the decided amount of dosage every day for 6 weeks to complete the Anavar cycle. To make sure your body does not develop tolerance to the steroid you need to stop using the steroid for at least 4 weeks after completing each 6 week cycle. Another advantage of stopping the intake of Anavar for 4 weeks after each 6 week cycle is that it relieves the stress off your liver. Anavar can have some effects on our vital body organ called liver and to prevent this happening we must take a break in between our steroids cycles.
  • If you are an athlete then you will have to be taking this steroid all year long on the above mentioned dosage and cycle schedule to get maximum effects. If you take Anavar all year long, then you should make sure that at least one of the in between breaks in your cycle is long enough to be 8 weeks rather than 4 weeks.

All the cons related to Anavar:

Even with all the benefits, Anavar comes with a lot of side effects as well. Most users taking the right dosage come out with no complaints but there are always exceptions. Here is the list of problems that may arise after you start using Anavar:

  • The first and foremost problem with Anavar is that it is very difficult to buy Anavar. You cannot buy it in simple markets but have to buy it online instead. This is because of its illegality issue. Buying it online is a long process as you want to find a reputable seller before ordering or you can be ripped off for something cheaper and lower in quality. Some people even bought placebos for the original price of Anavar online. So buying Anavar comes as the worst of all problems.
  • It is very expensive! Sellers have been seen to be taking advantage of the fact that Anavar is illegal and rarely found in markets. They charge you extra for it and the price is way more than the actual value of the anabolic steroid.
  • It is illegal to use this anabolic steroid in any kind of sports competition and you can be penalized if you are found using it. The best option for athletes is to avoid this anabolic steroid all together.
  • It causes various side effects in our body, some of them are listed below:
    • It can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal disturbances.
    • It can cause skin changes as well.
    • It may affect your skin by making it oily which will in result cause you acne and pimple problems.
    • It causes hair loss especially on the front side of your head.
    • If you are a woman, you may find new hair growing at the places where hair only grew in men. You may develop mustaches, beard or prominent hair on your arms, legs and underarms.
    • Your voice may become heavier and deeper. This means being a woman, you may start sounding like a man because of the effect Anavar has on your vocal chords.
    • It has been indicated that your clitoris size may increase with prolonged use.
    • You have facial changes which makes you face, mainly forehead and jaw, to look more like a man than a woman.
    • You may develop severe mood swings and changes. You may start experiencing depression, anxiety, anger episodes and difficulty in sleeping which is also called insomnia. You may start to snore really loud during the use of Anavar.
    • Men may see gynecomastia which means their breast size may increase and they may start having abnormal lactation. Their sperm count may also be affected. They can have trouble urinating.
    • It increases the risks of developing chronic heart diseases and may lead to heart failure.

What to use if not Anavar?

The question arises that if Anavar has so many cons and issues then is it even worth using? If not, then what is the best alternative instead of Anavar. Anavar may have given us a ton of benefits but it comes with its own price that is sometimes hard to be paid back. People suffering from even mild symptoms and side effects of this anabolic steroid always wanted an alternative. Luckily, the world developed Anvarol which is the best alternative for Anavar available in market at the moment.  Women can enjoy all the benefits of the Anavar without having to care about the illegality or dangerous side effects.

Anavar alternative
Tell me more about Anvarol

Why choose Anvarol?

Anvarol is the best alternative available to the anabolic steroid called Anavar which means it comes with all the benefits that the anabolic steroid provided. It can be found easily only or in markets and there is absolutely no concern of getting caught using an illegal substance as it is completely legal. It is also made from totally natural ingredients as compared to Anavar. Your liver had been a major target to Anavar but with Anvarol, there is no threat surrounding it. It has no effect on cholesterol levels and does not have stupid side effects like headaches, vomiting or oily skin.

Where can Anvarol be used?

  • It can be used to reduce body fat and helps you lose weight.
  • It works and helps you during the cutting cycle to maintain the lean muscles and helping you shred the extra fat you gained during the bulking cycle.
  • It gives you the boost of energy needed to have longer workouts and training sessions. It increases your body stamina and endurance.

How to take Anvarol?

When you start the dosage of Anvarol, you will realize there is nothing as complicated as the dosage of Anavar but instead it is easy and simple. All you need to do is to take 3 tablets of Anvarol every day. During the week, on your training days, make sure you take Anvarol right after you finish your exercise session with the help of water. To observe the best possible results in your body, you have to use Anvarol for at least 2 months straight. It will give you your desired looks of a leaner and better shaped body with toned muscles.

After the first two months of use, you should give your body some rest to reciprocate the adaptation that may have developed in your cells due to prolonged use. This prevents the legal steroid to cause improvement when the cycle starts again instead of keeping you on a plateau like phase.

How to stack Anvarol?

To get the maximum results, you always want to stack your legal steroid with other steroids. Anvarol has been known to show amazing results if used with Trenorol, Clenbutrol or Winsol. The ability of it being stackable really helps the users to achieve the maximum required results in least amount of time.


The anabolic steroid called Anavar is one of the best steroids made for women and has number of benefits. Anavar helps the users to lose fat and get a leaner body while helping them in retaining the muscle mass. It is perfect for women as it does not give them a masculine look. But like all good things, it comes with a bad side that means it has many side effects. There is a way to replace all the side effects of Anavar while compiling all its benefits and more in another legal steroid called Anvarol. Anvarol is the best alternative to Anavar available and it comes with absolute no side effects.


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