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Crazy Bulks Anadrole

Anadrole: A Real & Effective Alternate for Anadrol

Anadrol is a name among many steroids that has been known and used by millions of people over the years.  While you are reading this than you might also know that, Anadrol is a synthetic steroid. Which is categorized as a controlled substance almost all over the world. Due to this reason buying Anadrol is quite hard and people have gotten themselves into serious legal troubles for buying and using Anadrol without prescriptions. Apart from this, there are many health-related risks also associated with this steroid. As it is an anabolic and androgenic steroid, it can hugely alter the chemical and hormone balance in the body.

Due to this reason, people are frightened of using this steroid, but they are forced to use it to get better bodies. To help people in staying safe Crazy Bulk produced a product named Anadrol. This isn’t just an additional “E” in the name. This is a completely different product. This product has been designed from scratch while keeping just two things in mind:

  1. Make Anadrole safe without any side effects of Anadrol.
  2. Make Anadrole a legal alternative for Anadrol.

Crazy Bulk was successful in this to a great extent, and their product has become one of the bestselling legal steroids over the last few years. Today the main reason behind writing this is to tell you that why you should be opting for a natural alternative rather than selecting the synthetic steroid. So read on, and you will surely be buying Anadrole to replace Anadrol soon.

Ingredients of Anadrol

Anadrol is a brand name for a steroid that is medically known as oxymetholone. Apart from Anadrol, there are many other names for this steroid. Anadrol has been sold in many different forms over the years. In all these forms the chemical formula for the basic steroid oxymetholone (C21H32O3) was always the same.

Ingredients of Crazy Bulks Anadrole

There are many different ingredients that as a whole act as a replacement for Anadrol. The essential components of Anadrol are:

  1. TribulusTerrestris Extract

This is one of the best natural herbs that can boost the testosterone levels in the body. This herb has been used for centuries to increase the muscle strength within a short period.

  1. Whey protein concentrate

It is one of the best combination of proteins. This concentrate can fulfill the needs of a bodybuilder’s daily protein intake. Its demand is quite high, and people have been buying and using it in massive quantities.

  1. Soy Protein Isolate

This is a protein that has been extracted from the soybean. It has been considered one of the best options for people who look forward to increasing their muscle mass.

  1. Shilajit (Asphaltum)

It has not been popular due to many different reasons. It is an amazing natural ingredient that can provide the body with an energy boost to develop muscle mass and strength. Apart from this, it also increases the recovery speed of the muscles after intense workouts.

  1. Acetyl L-Carnitine

It has been known as a natural fat-burning steroid. It’s presence in Anadrole helps in burning the fat and turning it into muscle mass. It increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. This enhances the speed of metabolism. To fulfill the need of calories for this metabolism the body is forced to burn fats. As fats are being consumed the protein synthesis in the body is also increased which helps in strengthening the muscles.

  1. Proteins & Sodium

Sodium is one of the most important things for the muscles. Without sodium, muscles can’t develop. So Anadrole contains a good quantity of sodium so that the muscles can develop properly. To assist sodium, there are many other proteins also present that also help in muscle development.

Side Effects of Anadrol

The list of side effects that are caused by Anadrol is quite long. There are hundreds of different side effects that have been experienced by people who have used Anadrol. So to make the picture a bit clear we are just mentioning few of these side effects.

  • Stomach ache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Rapid and irregular weight gain
  • Acne
  • Baldness
  • Swollen breast
  • Restlessness
  • Mood Swings
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Changed voice
  • High blood pressure
  • Liver toxicity
  • Suppression of testosterone production

These are just few of the side effects of synthetic anadrol that we thought were worth mentioning.

Side Effects of Crazy Bulks Anadrole

If you take a look at all the ingredients that are present in anadrole, you will see that they are natural or herbal. As it has been known for a long time, there are no side effects from herbal products. This statement only holds until someone is using herbal products correctly. To stay safe from any adverse effects caused by anadrole, you will need to take it in proper doses. Still, if you somehow overdose, you will not face any serious consequences that you might face after using synthetic anadrol. So when you are using Anadrole by Crazy Bulk, you are safe from side effects in all possible ways.

Legality of Anadrol

Anadrol is a controlled substance. If you are looking forward to purchasing it, you will need a prescription from a physician or professional trainer. This is almost impossible. As a result of which people resort to illegal means of getting this steroid. Many people have gotten into serious legal troubles after purchasing steroids from illegal sellers. So avoid this practice if you wish to stay safe. Apart from this, many vendors are selling fake anadrol pills that can be harmful to the body, and these pills can cause permanent disability. This is the main reason why you should just say “NO!” & “Good Bye” to anadrol.

Legality of Crazy Bulks Anadrole

Anadrole is completely legal. All the ingredients that are present in Crazy Bulk’s Anadrole are FDA approved and safe for the use of humans. For this, you won’t be needing any prescription or permission from someone. All you will need to do is get online and purchase it from the Crazy Bulk’s website. There you can buy this natural alternative to steroids at any time, in any quantity without any problem. They will be shipping the products to your door making the process much easier.


Anadrol is no doubt a robust and effective steroid, but at the same time, it has some serious side effects and issues related to legality. While on the other hand, Anadrole by Crazy Bulk is relatively safe and its purchase is also legal. If you are tired of active steroids and their side effects, then there is nothing better than Anadrole.

If you have concerns about the effectiveness of the completely natural anadrole than rest assured because it has almost everything that your body will need to grow better, stronger and bigger muscles.

The effectiveness is almost on par with both the products but regarding health, and proper safety Crazy Bulk’s Anadrole is way ahead. Apart from all this, you can get amazing discounts if you buy anadrole in bulk from the Crazy Bulk website and save some bucks.

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