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The end of 1950’s and the beginning of the 1960’s was the time when people started using muscle building steroids for the very first time. This was the time when most the currently famous steroids were discovered. At first, they were used as research chemicals but later on they were introduced as muscle repair drugs. Later on, it was noticed that all these medicines and steroids could also boost muscle growth. As a result of this, these chemicals became popular among bodybuilders. There was a wide variety of these chemicals available in the market, and one of these chemicals was Anadrol.

Initially, anadrol was introduced in the market for the treatment of problems such as osteoporosis and anemia. Once people noticed that it could increase the speed of muscle building in people, they started using it as a supplement. The main benefit of this steroid was that it helped in building muscles with very few side effects. In the later years, researchers also noted that this supplement was helpful in the treatment of HIV. Due to such broad variety of uses, demand for Anadrol is quite high all over the world. Due to this reason finding, it can be a bit of a hard time for some people.

What is Anadrol?

Anadrol is labeled as a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid that is usually taken orally. It is comparatively stronger than most of the natural steroids that are sold in the market. The chemical name for Anadrol is oxymetholone. The chemical formula for oxymetholone is C21H32O3. It has been used clinically for a long time for the treatment of many muscles related problems. It is sold in many different forms ranging from powder to tablets. Most of the people use Anadrol in its tablet form. Most of the people use it in the shape of the 50mg tablets that are easily available at many pharmacies.

What makes Anadrol Different from other steroids?

Anadrol is quite different from many other steroids available in the market. It is categorized as a raw steroid because it was among the dominant first steroids every to be made. It is known that the binding affinity of Anadrol with the androgen receptor in the body is quite small, yet it yields effects better than some other steroids. The weight gain with Anadrol is quite quick. Most of the people who use Anadrol gain weight quite fast. Within a month a person can gain the required weight if doses of Anadrol are taken correctly.

It increases the speed of protein synthesis in the body. Due to this reason, bodybuilders can highly benefit from it. The synthesized protein helps in increasing the size of the muscles and at the same time provide them with proper strength. Many people say that Anadrol can induce side effects, but they don’t say that what causes these side effects. These side effects are not produced by proper usage of Anadrol. These side effects are mostly caused by the excessive usage and overdoses of Anadrol. So if you wish to get maximum benefits then you should use it for a limited period under the supervision of an expert.

How Anadrol Works?

Anadrol works like most of the other steroids that are available in the market. It is first dissolved in the blood and from there it activated the androgen receptors. These receptors in return produce testosterone and other such chemicals. These compounds assist in converting the calories and proteins into muscle mass. The speed at which this steroid works is quite fast. There can be many drawbacks of this. People can get many different side effects if they take even a small extra dosage. Many people have gained more than desired weight due to these problems. Apart from this, there are many other side effects that can be caused by abusing this supplement.

It is highly recommended that one should take as many calories as possible while taking Anadrol. If someone doesn’t make proper food, they will face weakness and as a result of this side effects will inevitably appear.

Is Anadrol Safe?

All medications are safe if people who need them only take them. Even then one needs to take some extra care while using a medicine or steroid. If you are thinking about using it all on our own, without an expert’s supervision than you should do proper research. You should go to as many websites and blogs as possible before you start taking Anadrol. These blogs contain almost all sorts of information about using all kinds of different steroids. This information can be helpful for anyone looking forward to building their bodies and muscles.

The recommended dosage for Anadrol for an average healthy person varies. Most of the people need a minimum of a 50mg dose of Anadrol if they are looking forward to building their muscles. This dosage is increased up to 150mg for some professional bodybuilders. This dosage can be split into smaller doses through the day to spread the effect through the day. A single dose of 150mg can be harmful, and it should be avoided unless or until recommended by a doctor or a professional trainer.

Are There Any Side Effects of Anadrol?

There is a huge list of side effects that have been related to oxymetholone. The majority of the side effects that have been listed are caused by awkward interactions and doses. Most of the athletes mix Anadrol with other supplements as a result of which reactions occur within the body. Thus the side effects are not just caused by Anadrol but also buy other steroids that are taken along. Some common side effects that have been popularly known are as follows:

  • Depression
  • Headache
  • Swelling on body
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Change in skin tone
  • Mood swings
  • Hair fall
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Acne
  • Loss of appetite

These are just a few side effects that are attributed to this supplement. They can be avoided by managing doses and taking proper diet. If you experience any other side effects try to consult a physician as soon as possible to avoid any serious damage to the body.

Is Anadrol Legal Athletic Steroid?

Some sporting bodies around the world have prohibited the use of Anadrol like many other such steroids. So one should know the rules and regulations of the sporting body before using this steroid. Apart from that in some countries, its use is prohibited by the law. In such countries using or purchasing this steroid without a valid reason can cause serious problems.

If you are unable to buy it locally, then you have the option to get it from many different online stores. These stores sell it at lowered rates, and these rates can get reduced even more if one purchases it in bulk. If you are a bodybuilder then you should buy it in bulk and save some money. These sites will ship them to your doorstep, as a result of which you will not need to go out looking for it on shops.


Anadrol is listed among the oldest steroids available in the market. It has been used by millions of athletes over the passage of time. Many have benefited a lot from it, at the same time some have suffered grave consequences after abusing it. So if you wish to use it then, you need to know about it. You can get this required information from a physician or a trainer. Once you have the information you can benefit from it. You can build amazing muscles that are almost impossible to achieve with workout alone.

It has an extensive list of side effects so be careful about them. These can get serious within no time. People with heart, liver and respiratory problems should avoid it. Apart from that, it is a safe steroid than you can use to build some big muscles.

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