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An Overview of Steroid Laws in California

If you are a bodybuilder or athlete, you may have heard that the use of steroids is illegal in California. This is true in some cases, but understanding the nuances of these laws can be tricky. Let’s take a look at what steroids are legal and what aren’t legal in California.

What Are Steroids?

Steroids are drugs that mimic hormones produced naturally by our bodies. They have a variety of uses, from medical treatments to increasing strength and performance for athletes and bodybuilders.

Some types of steroids, such as anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), are specifically designed to increase muscle mass and strength quickly.

Are Steroids Legal in California?

The short answer is yes, but there are some caveats. In California, it is legal to possess and use certain types of steroids as long as they are prescribed by a doctor for legitimate medical purposes. However, it is illegal to possess or use AAS without a prescription from a doctor.

AAS are considered Schedule III controlled substances under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Possession or use without a prescription can result in imprisonment and/or fines up to $1000. It is also illegal to sell or distribute AAS without a license from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

In addition, it is important to note that most professional sports organizations have banned the use of AAS for their athletes and any violation can lead to suspension or expulsion from the sport.

Furthermore, many colleges and universities require student athletes to submit drug tests before they can participate in any competitive sports programs on campus. Any positive test results will likely result in disciplinary action ranging from suspension to expulsion depending on the severity of the case.


All in all, it is important for bodybuilders and athletes in California to understand that while certain types of steroids may be legally possessed and used with a valid prescription from a doctor, possession or use of AAS without such authorization carries serious legal consequences including fines up to $1000 and possible imprisonment if convicted.

As always when dealing with controlled substances like AAS, it’s best to consult your doctor first before making any decisions about using them for performance or muscle building purposes—even if you live in California where some forms of steroid use may be legal with proper authorization. Taking the time now could save you money—and possibly even jail time—down the road!

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